How to make arm covers for a chair

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Welcome to this video on how to make arm pads for your chair. Brought to to you by wwe poultry course. Calm my name is william macdonald.
Im a. Ive been a pause for 42 years and im a master class upholstery. Im going to show you how to make a simple arm cap for your lounge.
So yet you can protect your arms and make your allowance week lasts. A bit longer weve already recovered this chair as you can see its a club chair one of the old fashioned flood chairs for a very good solid chair and you can actually get this dvd of how to recover one of these chairs or at a site. Which is ww.
Why course calm okay so first of all get your fabric and just lay. It over the arm. Now the whole basis of the fabric is to keep it even across here so you can line it up nice.
And even and you want this crops in the the chair goes straight down the middle of the arm as well now you may not better. See the stripes on the video. Because theyre only very faint.
But they are there so now weve actually got to fit this out so. What we want to do is get these things. Which are called skewers.
Okay and they just actually bring that and they just hold the fabric into place like so no dont damage your fabric and just keep them in position like that and hardy like that now we need a piece of chalk because weve got a mark. I said that so just choose a center. Which is pretty close to the to the center.
You can actually measure if you wish and then just put up a mark there and then just follow your chalk line around the edge of your chair. There it just gives you an idea. How the thing is shaped.
And okay just follow it around like that alright.

sofa arm covers bed bath and beyond-0
sofa arm covers bed bath and beyond-0

So now weve got that in place. Now. What i suggest you do is just mark with a cover finished here and mark with a fabric finish.
There okay. Now use chalk just normal soft chalk because it rubs off okay. So you can move this out away.
So we only want now. Its just a scrap piece of fabric that we have left over and what its the same deal. Which is putting one so and the skewer him on here okay wrap him around make sure you keep your lines.
Fairly straight across. There we dont want done with your lines like that all right like that okay you want them to be basically straight across get your skewer. You put it in the other side screw.
Matt kopp. Just mark actually where your center. Mark is because thats basically in fairly important and then you can just cure.
Him um around here like so okay. And yes may just mark around here like so right round the edge and then mark in the center. I said okay now all we do now is just follow that any of it about a half inch in know.
But twelve milk and just cut down your shape like that and then put a little nick in the middle. Here. So basically so this is actually a right arm facing.
So just put put a smaller underneath there. So you know its the right arm. Okay now we come to us facing.
Now theres where a fabric ended when we measured.

sofa arm covers bed bath and beyond-1
sofa arm covers bed bath and beyond-1

The other fabric. So you just want to allow for sewing and including up really stretches. Were using as you can see just scrap material here.
Which is good because you use up your fabric. Okay we just cut around wow for your sewing around the edge. Look like so put a small nick in your front.
So basically thats are facing. But i know its over to the sewing machine and well sort up all right so we sewed. The other side on now listen just get are both chalk marks.
Together like so and we come in and start sewing coming. But half an inch and then we just saw around like so okay hold like that just follow it around lets go come down. Now always double so at your ends flick them around and we sew back the other way now well start in the middle.
So we can even the fabric up the best. We can now when you start off make sure you sew over the over your original stitching line. And we just saw around like that okay.
Oh. There is sewn on alright. So once weve got in done.
There. Thats the shape of the arm. There so we want to do to make it look neater.
If you want to top sew. Along here. Now top sewing is just putting a stitch along the top here just its like a double sewing.
But it just looks a bit better a bit more aesthetic and it keeps the waltz going all the same way so just put your foot and machine.

sofa arm covers bed bath and beyond-2
sofa arm covers bed bath and beyond-2

It we just just saw around basically straighten up the fabric as we go around like that now just be careful when you sew around because you bet. We got this youve got to stretch the material you go pulling the tool. Apart.
So that you dont get any gathers. Underneath and just follow along the edge with your foot. Like that okay.
So now weve got in topside. Okay. Hes nice on top.
So now okay now just lay your fabric on your arm just square it up a little bit if you get your lines again down the middle. Theyre nice and straight movie. So you look down.
There youve got a straight line and we move around towards the back of the tv. Okay so to come in here all right so we look at this part here you see as it comes around the corner. There they can actually probably move it that way a little bit more like so mark down.
There to follow the shape. And weve got plenty cover at the back. There.
So we can just mark about an inch in okay. Now come back to the inside. The chair put all this on the inside.
Now you dont need all that so. Lets just mark a little bit just cut a little bit that bulk out of there like so just draw it with your chalk mark. So that you can cut that out so basically we just fitted this arm okay so back.

sofa arm covers bed bath and beyond-3
sofa arm covers bed bath and beyond-3

Lets just cut this bulk off like that lets come up here. Now dont forget youre still going on now for your sewing. So we want to compan inch selling on this one so these up there like that and then its cutting up there like that so basically weve got a fabric shape.
So now we just gotta sew around the edges. So just pick an edge to start on so well pick will start from from down down here. So with this fabric.
Youve got to actually roll it in like that then roll it again because you dont want this because this could fray so you roll your fabric in so. Youve got a nice edge like site good under your foot. And then we just just start the so ride around just keep pushing him in fold him over fold in the corners.
Just go fold. All the way along come to your corner. Always stop with your needle through the fabric.
So that it doesnt slip out on your cutting threads like that louies fold him in he needs a sole across here now we do all our work in our garage at home. This is we havent got a big fancy factory. We do all the work here so i dont never like to leave them leave home.
And its really quite handy now were nearly finished cut let this hold him under right at the end. Its already monday like that and there we go just expose a little bit. So it doesnt come undone on you and then pull him out okay so come back to your arm.
This is pretty mum soon just sitting in a sitting straight through the electrode. Again. These are a fully fitted arm pad.
So they dont fall off. When you get out of the chairs. Its the best type you can make so basically.
Thats how you do a and um. Um pads for your for your chairs. As you can see.
The two arm pads on here looks looks quite nice now and it will protect the top of the arms. So if you want to know how to actually do one of these chairs by yourself well our videos are or online at you .

sofa arm covers bed bath and beyond-4
sofa arm covers bed bath and beyond-4

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