How to Make Bullet Points in Illustrator

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Everyone and welcome to this tutorial today. Im going to show you how to to make a bulleted list and bullet points in illustrator. Now.
Since illustrator is a modifying program. Its not as intuitive as you might think so were going to create this style that we can apply to other documents now in the new document 500 by 500 pixels wide. Were gonna press t to make a text box and make a text box about that big and were gonna paste some text here i just have some text that i took from wikipedia at the beginning of every line.
Were gonna separate these into a bunch of bullet points like so alright now to create our bullet point. Its rather simple you press and hold alt 0. 1.
4. 9. If youre in windows or if youre in mac.
Its option or alt. 8. Additionally.
You can click on these points. And go to the glyph tool box right here. And if you dont have that just go to window text and youll see the bullet point just below the latin alphabet.
So were gonna create a bullet point in front of each one of these sentences now were gonna also tab in front of each one of these bullet points that great now were gonna select our entire text and were going to go to window type and tabs and were gonna control how much we tap it right here because its quite farts and natural. Lets put a two maybe 15 right here this is the control to click. We see now this is 15 points or 15 pixels good now we can close this box.
Weve controlled that and select all of our text and open our paragraph tool right here. I think. The command is a control shift t to open.
It as well and in this box right here we can control the left indent and right here were gonna control the first line indent so the left indent. Were gonna put it as 15 and thats gonna push all the lines 15 back.

how to add bullet points in illustrator-0
how to add bullet points in illustrator-0

But we want these lines here to to correspond to one another and so right here in our first line indent. Were gonna make it minus. Fifteen like so and you see it pulls back additionally.
Were going to add a line before each paragraph or some spacing. Before each paragraph. Lets make it maybe three points like so good so these points right here this fifteen fifteen you would just make sure that corresponds to whatever tab with that you put now with this already created and we want to apply to other documents.
We need to save it as a paragraph style. So we select at all we go to windows type and go to paragraph styles. And we have this box up here.
Were going to click on new style. We get this new style. We can double click on it and give it a name so ill just call.
It test. Three right now and press. Ok and you see it pops up there so now we can apply this to other other text.
But in order to do that im gonna show you what happens if we go to a new document right here you see that it doesnt show up here. Anymore. So we need to save this paragraph style and we do that by going to file save.
As and we just save the document with just this text by data. So were called test three save good now in the new document. You know just make put that in there and just quickly and other senses and the new document to load that style.
We click on this box and paragraph styles and we go to load area of styles and we open that illustrator file that we had before press open good and then to apply it we would just press that well click like that and as you see if i put in our bullet points all 0. 149 and a tap our textile is formatted just like it was below and thats all there is to it its its not as intuitive as you think. But thats just how it is so i hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
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how to add bullet points in illustrator-1

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