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Guys what up itsuki stevie here again today today. Max. Thunderman.
Local video on my my channel. Not todays video guys we have a coin making guide now int done one of these in quite a while and a lot of you guys have been recommending it and need some coins or whatever. So i thought id make this video.
Today like i said havent done one of these in a while so im really excited. Ive got some really good methods. Some stuff that i really havent done before um.
Some brand new stuff from what i used to be showing you guys on top of some of that stuff so really the best way to make coins are in this video make sure to stick around for all these different methods. If you guys are new to the channel make sure to hit that subscribe button and turn my post notifications. So you never miss any of my videos.
Todays post notifications shout out goes out to john kruse. Be the first person to comment on a video for the next videos post notification. Shout out theres a stat on youtube that says about 80 percent of you guys that are watching my channel are not subscribed.
So if thats you make sure to hit that subscribe button. So you dont miss any of my content now guys i am going to be streaming today starting probably around 3 pm. Eastern.
Theres a youtuber tournament a bunch of us are doing a tournament. And i was hosted by fml and hes gonna be doing kind of a central issue dream on his channel. But everybody else is probably gonna be streaming there so i would really appreciate if you guys wanted to come out and support me and come watch ill probably be doing some other stuff on there as well cuz.
Were not gonna be playing drives the entire time so just want to let you guys. Know 3 pm. Eastern time thats when thatll start make sure to stop by and say hi.
But right into the video today. Were talking about how to make coins. Fast.
So um. Like i said having done one of these in a while and im really really excited i pretty much have 5 different methods that really work pretty well um. And you pretty much all of these i use not consistently.
But i definitely have used all these to make profits so lets kind of get into it so first. Im gonna address that i have a twenty eight hundred messages so i open pro packs constantly in my streams. So i have a lot of stuff on my bench.
As you can see twenty eight hundred things um. If you can you can have more items you know in your inbox or whatever if you just dont have them on your bench. So if i want to save space whatever i can just keep these and not claim these or whatever.
I will claim claim these right now. But i do want some bench space just in case. I buy some things in this video stuff like that so yeah.
So this is all from pro packs. And thats im just gonna start off with that method really quickly. Ive multiple videos on how to make coins with pro packs.
If you want to check those out more in depth. But im still gonna be talking about it a little bit pro packs are surprisingly a decent way to make coins in this game. And ill tell you why so first glance.

how to get a lot of coins in madden mobile-0
how to get a lot of coins in madden mobile-0

Youre gonna open your pro packs first of all my pro packs are cheaper because ive uh its from most feared. There was some sort of booster. If you completed multiple masters.
So my pro packs are a little bit cheaper than our other normal 7500 so at first glance you might you know you might open all your pro facts or whatever. And youre like okay. Im not making coins.
Nothing sells because barely anything sells on the auction house. If you notice my methods of posting things on the auction house are i post. Something that not diamonds you cannot do this with diamonds cuz diamonds.
Dont have a price floor. But i for all my silvers golds and elites. I post them like this in 100 bid and they buy sometimes for the bid price at theyre you know the floor price.
Which like said it barely happens as you can see most of stuff doesnt sell. But so people would be like oh yeah. It doesnt work like pro packs.
Dont work you cant sell anything whatever. But if you were to open a small amount of coins of pro packs and just wait a few days for everything to sell you will make profit. And thats what happened with me with my 1 million or bust.
And now my pro pack squad series literally. Its really its its cool. But it takes so so long it takes a lot of patience because stuff doesnt sell most of the time.
But its like i said if you were to open a small sample size and you open you know you waited like a week to try to sell everything that you open from that small sample size of pro packs. And you compare the coins. You would be making profits.
So. If youre willing to spend a lot of time posting stuff up and everything like that and waiting and waiting pro packs are a good way to make coins. Im not going to go too much more in depth.
But i have other videos and stuff on that um. This is a really obvious one and its so so easy and simple and literally anyone can do it. And its playing the promos and getting the masters so in the all decade.
Im not a biggest fan of the promo. I probably should be using my stamina right now although i really am not paying too much attention to this promo. Im playing my events when i can but im deaf.
Ive definitely missed over some so the way these some of these promo work or this especially a lot of the promos that have worked recently to be able to get a grandmaster you have to complete regular masters here like we have to complete four masters. If i want to do breeze. Obviously not gonna happen.
But what theyve done recently is all the promo masters are auction about so i could complete one of these masters right now sell it right away. And thats you know thats if i complete the promo and a lot of the times. Theyre gonna try to theres definitely different ways to be able to get the masters free to play especially.
The grandmaster you can definitely get it free to play for spending a lot of coins and gems. But one master is not that hard to complete its really not i definitely have all the badges. I need so far and theres still a couple days left in the promo.
I dont think im gonna get this i dont think im gonna trade in any my stuff. Im kind of saving up for like defensive players and stuff. But with my extra stuff i can trade in and get more players.

how to get a lot of coins in madden mobile-1
how to get a lot of coins in madden mobile-1

And more badges and everything like that so really um getting masters and promos. Its not that hard follow. The guides that youtubers make like myself go on pages like reddit in my head.
Where people post guides and theyre not hard to follow your stamina resets literally majority. These promos are literally just playing the events and trading in the items. Its really not that hard like i said follow other guides.
But complete some of these masters and sell them if you dont need them for mad. Max badges or put them on your team like said sell them these are going for over a million coins. So um super easy to get one of these players a million coins.
What even even every week. Is really good so um make sure youre doing this and itll make you a lot of profit. Now the next.
One is a lot of people have shown this its pretty obvious once again. But its really good if you with the fuel pass and everything make sure you buy the season. If youre gonna buy one of the two obviously i already bought the field pass so i got both the season and the gauntlet.
But if youre trying to decide with 4000 gems between the season and the gauntlet do with the season. It is one of the best ways to make coins in the game literally. I probably should have played a season game before this so i really apologize for that but youre gonna get some season win game.
Packs for each time you win and the games are very short theyre 45 second quarters. They take a couple minutes and you can do one season. A day which a lot of people do and thats a great way to be able to get the points for the kit to get the 100 overall masters in the field pass.
But um seasons give you a ton of coins so in each win pack. I think you get 385 plus players or something like that which is really good and youve pulled diamonds pretty constantly from those um and you can sell those obviously those are going for probably a minimum. Im not even sure what diamonds are going for anymore.
Were gonna get into and stuff like that but diamonds. Lets see what theyre really going further. We 30 k.
Right. Theres one up for 28 k. Probably.
More like 3540. I mean theres still like a decent price you like a 35 k you pole to from from one season gamer you pull out of the total 12 season games you end up pulling. I dont know pull six thats still like what a hundred eighty k profit just from playing a season.
That really doesnt take too much time so really season mode is good. But the another big thing with season is youre gonna get during the games. When you play them and end them in those same packs.
Youre gonna be gettin game collectibles and if you go to med mobile core and you scroll down to the bottom near the bottom. Theres gonna be these season record sets and this one does have a cool down. But it is insane if you can get if you win the super bowl you get four of these so every two seasons.
You can do these you need to get all these specific collectibles. I dont know exactly if you neatly how to get these. If its just random or what but this set gives you one eighty seven plus player or eighty six sorry and then one a choice of a 93 plus player and unless you get super unlucky.
Youre gonna be getting really good players out of these people pull 99s out of these all the time. I pulled a 98 campus here that goes for a couple hundred k. You can do the trade ends with all their collectibles for these sets.

how to get a lot of coins in madden mobile-2
how to get a lot of coins in madden mobile-2

So season mode is actually really underrated. But really good way to make coins. If youre willing to play the game and grind a little bit like i said the games are short.
It doesnt take too long. If youve got some time. So do your seasons.
And youll make some coins. Weve got two more methods to show you guys one of them is sniping. This has been you know this has been a staple in the game for a while and it actually still relatively works it depends exactly what youre doing.
But you know you can kind of make your own filters and im not going to show you any exact filters because i dont want to ruin the filters thats what happens when a lot of youtubers make videos that you have a method that works they show exactly how to do it in every step. And it ruins the method. If it has to do with sniping anything else anybody can make coins with so you can kind of make your own filters work with overalls.
Well see what different overalls are going for what r95 is going for probably under 200k for sure definitely under 200k. You dont want the evo cards necessarily some 95. So you might have to do some scroll sniping or whatever.
But for example you you have to know the market. So for me. I dont snipe a lot so i dont know exactly which cards are good.
But even if we go to like 98 or something like that for under under that price youre mainly singing and if i 100 quarterbacks right. But you can scroll to you know to the back whatever the back meaning the three hour and 50 minute mark because most people post things for four hours. So thats when its gonna show up now.
The auction house like i said is run like up with a auction house bot. So its a little bit weird. But i cant fully explain it i have other videos kind of explaining im trying to see if theres anything it looks like were not getting anything right now.
But if you look for other prices. And things you can kind of make your own filter. So if we look at 300k.
We might be able to find some more 98 maybe. There any arent evil or something were seeing. Mainly evo cars.
Maybe some different cards. But go to those sniping times and go to those 3 hours of 50 minute mark you can do this with any overall you can maybe filter out the quarterbacks in certain times. Like for this im seeing way too many quarterbacks so if i go take out quarterbacks.
Now were down to mainly wide receivers and stuff like that if you want to take those out you can wide receivers half backs. Im seeing a little bit of a majority like a variety here not a majority and you can scroll to the back. And see if you can find some snipes and it looks like you know we dont really see much here.
All you can do is you think. If you think you might see something that might be a snipe go ahead look at it look up the price. And if its you know good buy it and sell it simple as that and then i dont think they fixed the this right here.
Yeah. They still dont fix that if we look at like these players for 130 and theyre dying out. No.
Not that there are diamonds 90 plus or something like that theyre very theyre pretty expensive. I dont exactly know how much i dont think i think theres 500k okay theyre much cheaper than 500k probably more like 300k and theres still wow these are actually very cheap. I didnt know these were cheap shows you how much fun to help out these players on the market under 200k sometimes you can get lucky with this 178.

how to get a lot of coins in madden mobile-3
how to get a lot of coins in madden mobile-3

K. You might be able to make a little bit of profit off if you know how to sell it or sometimes. The 94 is will drop and you make some profit on that so like i said.
Im not showing any exact filters. But this is one way to be able to make coins. Now the last way to make coins is evo is set evo upgrading sets now i dont do this a lot either.
But i know this is actually a really really good method. So umm. What your the basis of this is you get you buy a 98 for cheap.
Now usually youre gonna have to bid snipe these youre looking for evoke cards that obviously you can ebo up to a hundred and youre looking for the ones that that will sell ill for a lot of coins. When there are 100 overall cards. Like i said they have to be evos so um.
Youre really looking for like i said are those 98. That are very expensive at a hundred overall which i dont exactly know and im not about to tell you to give away anybodys methods or anything like that but for your own. What you can do is you can like i said find out which cards those 98.
That you can upgrade up to a hundred are you know going to be worth it to upgrade and a lot of the times. You can make profit the 100 that are selling for like two million coins. I dont know which ones those are personally i dont know the auction house.
Too well so i dont use the auction house too much to make coins. But you can definitely do it. If youre playing the auction house a lot and everything like that so obviously youre gonna have to buy the 98.
Which can potentially be super cheap. If you know how to play the market and you bid snipe and things like that then the cheapest 99. Im guessing are the brand new 99 s.
That are going for about 850 k. I think maybe that was my on my other server. Theyre more expensive than that probably more like 900.
Uh yeah. So these are the cheapest 99. So you need a 99.
It cannot be an evo 99 s. On evil anyways. You need a 99 to upgrade a 98 to 100.
Then youre gonna need the rest of the gold players. And these silver players for that. But thats not a big deal the 99 and is really gonna be your biggest cost to upgrade.
And if you can bid snipe for super cheap bid sniping mean means rather than trying to snipe at the edge or whatever right at the end up at 3 our 15 minute mark to find the things that are bid. You know you can bid. Very low at and see if you can win win the bid or fight for people with the bid or anything like that so like i said.
Im not gonna give you any specific players and ruin methods or anything. And personally i dont do this very much. But its definitely a way you can make really solid profit with that as well so that is my quit making guide guys.
If you have any questions. Please let me know in the comments below. I will try to answer every single question every single comment and you know as i possibly can and if you have any other method you want me to showcase in other videos or any videos you want me to do let me know in the comments below anyways guys.
Thats just about it for this video. I hope you guys did enjoy it if you did make sure to like it and subscribe my channel. If you have no ready im goose tv and im out ill see you guys later .

how to get a lot of coins in madden mobile-4
how to get a lot of coins in madden mobile-4

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