How to Merge Shapes | Illustrator Tutorial

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Everybody this is spencer from pixel bracket gonna be a pretty quick simple tutorial on on how to merge shapes in adobe illustrator so on my screen. I have a and a circle pretty simple you can have more complex shapes than this im sure you will but if you dont know how to make a square circle. Remember.
Theres a shape tool over here. Usually youll see the rectangle tool. The shortcut key for that is m.
And the shortcut key for the ellipse tool is l. So with the m shortcut key. There you can make rectangles whether theyre like this or squares by holding shift and then with the ellipse tool.
Shortcut key l. You can make ovals and circles.

how to join two shapes in illustrator-0
how to join two shapes in illustrator-0

Then by holding shift. So we can make our shapes that way so that we have that covered there you go all right so were gonna merge these two shapes so pretend like this circle is im on it right here maybe maybe well just line this up right. There.
And i want to merge these two shapes together for whatever reason now this works in a lot different cases. But i just want to show you how to do this okay there so theres a couple ways ill show you how to fake merge it and ill show you how to merge it in two ways. One be my favorite lets start.
With my favorite shape builder tool. Too much talking here we go select both shapes. So theyre over the top of each other and i have them both selected.
Now theres this tool over here. Thats got two circles and then a little pointer.

how to join two shapes in illustrator-1
how to join two shapes in illustrator-1

Thats the shape builder tool shift m. Is the shortcut key. So if i hit shift m.
Now. Ive got the shape builder tool and i can work with whatever i had selected so ive got these two selected notice the shape builder tool sees all of the different areas. All i have to do is click and drag.
And its like drawing this little dotted line and it selects the shapes that im dragging through and i let go and now theyre merged so theyre completely merged together now two shapes or one shape cant have multiple fills. So now that this is one shape. It took one of the fill colors from the two shapes that i merged.
I think the one on top. So now we just have the single color you can change that to whatever you want but those guys are merged.

how to join two shapes in illustrator-2
how to join two shapes in illustrator-2

I mean they are together alright the other way you can do that if i back up. I can select both shapes and then go up to window down to the pathfinder options. This is kind of the old way and in shape modes.
Theres one called unite and if i click that it just merges those together whatever i had selected it kind of looks like it already over here the unite icon looks like two merged shapes together. Now there are different things that you can do you can practice with some of these other other shape builder options like for instance front now that subtracts the front shape from the shape behind so you can get all kinds of different effects. You can do similar things with the shape builder tool by holding option or alt to subtract pieces of your two shapes.
Now the last part is like a fake merge so lets say you wanted to keep these two shapes editable right you want to keep them editable. But you want to move them around together. I would recommend grouping them together so if i select both right click and go down to group.
I can group those two shapes. Together thats also command or control g depending on if youre on mac or windows.

how to join two shapes in illustrator-3
how to join two shapes in illustrator-3

Now this group. If i just click on one of the objects its gonna act like a single object as i move it around so its stuck together like that but if i double click. I go inside the group notice.
This little bar up here. It says layer 1. And then group.
Im inside the group thats my isolated selection and because im inside of it i can now edit it right i can move this around i can scale this circle up and then when i double click outside of any of the objects. Its gonna go back to that top level layer so im not inside the group anymore and i can click and drag these around so if you want to keep them editable. But kind of have them merged and also keep the colors separate you can do it that way all right so thats a couple ways to merge objects and shapes in adobe illustrator.
If you were looking for more information comment down below and let me know and i can help you out thanks for watching subscribe for more tips and tutorials and ill see you next time music. .

how to join two shapes in illustrator-4
how to join two shapes in illustrator-4

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