How To Put Christmas Lights Around Windows Without Nails Or Glue

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Christmas like community today. I want to show you how to install light around a a window. Without putting screws into the brick damaging.
The wood around it with the nails and so this method yui will use no nails. No anything attaching it to the house. So when i was going to glue.
We gotta worry about getting the glue back home or stuff. Like that you can try suction cups. They wont last through the winter.
If you got any type of winter it just will not last so what you will need is this is half inch pvc pipe. Ten feet long two sections. We mean were gonna actually put seen ions on it and you will need four elbows per window and they will go on there like so im not going to glue this so that way at the end of this season.
We can take it down we can take it apart and we dont have a big frame. All well have is just two four sticks of short pvc and thats everything that will make this window. We will also need zip ties.
So the tools. We will need you will either need a saw to cut the pvc or they make these pretty cool pvc cutters and theyre a lot. Easier and theyre not that expensive.
But theyve just got a pull them apart and they actually ratchet and ratchet. It and it makes a nice straight cut and youre not trying to do that with the song so first thing. We want to do is the other thing.

how to hang christmas lights around windows-0
how to hang christmas lights around windows-0

Well need is a tape measure and marker. So the first thing we want to do is we want to measure our window. So were gonna go over here.
And were gonna measure our window and were at 52 and a half there this should be 52 and a half into there thanks its 53. Yeah. Thats 53 and are 36 inches wide.
So we have to remember that these elbows here so we just cant cut it at 36 inches. Because we got to put four elbows on they eat and about a half or inch. And a half so with that said we would rather cut these a little long if we need to we can trim them down later.
We dont want to cut them too short. Then we have another whole problem so the bottom or the side members 36 inches. So were gonna cut so loose here added inch all right let me see what you can do is just check it so were going to go to that black line.
We are at a half inch and when do that on it we are two inches. So it adds an inch and a half so well take off inch and a half 36 inches. So that will be two of them 36.
So we need to take all three inches. So were going to be 33 inches. So we need to at 33 inches.
I can hold it here 33 inches get our market out market day. We have to cut off the other one here. So that way i got a long enough to get there.

how to hang christmas lights around windows-1
how to hang christmas lights around windows-1

And i know another 33 inches. Here alright and i doesnt forgot this one so were gonna go back to measure it 53 inches. So we need one were gonna flip this over so we dont cut off the same side and we need to and now were going to cut it with our nifty dipti cutters.
Do you do real work really well you just put the blade right on where you want to cut it and we cut it there pull it open again put the blade right on the line. There were going to cut. It again those are our two pieces with the elbow together elbow together.
Were gonna go ahead and put these elbows on and what that will allow us to do is make sure that this frame is going to fit in that window. So were just gonna slide. It up there and slide it up there now we are actually a little short okay a whole lot of short so jason the measuring was not the best of measuring.
But what we can do is take a wedge or something in here or what i can do since i havent cut the other two i can make them a little longer and that will make that snug and we will stick this one okay so that works perfect camera here. But not cutting this i can slide that in there thats lie different in there. And you can see they are sticking out a little bit.
But theyre not able to come out the next thing. We want to do is this stuff is called c9 bulbs and it is spt you can get it in spt. One spt.
This is a thickness. I would get it in spt one all the links below are in the description. And this is how we can make our own chord.
So we can run this we can cut this cord anywhere. We want and we can cut. Were going to come out of this corner here and were gonna run up to the gutter here.

how to hang christmas lights around windows-2
how to hang christmas lights around windows-2

So that way we can get power off our lights from the top. So what i what were going to do is were going to take some zip ties here to make sure it works and were going to just tie this in here once we got all the way around the window. Were going to come up here and were gonna cut this wire and we will put so were gonna say so i always cut in the middle on the bulb you put them in the half.
Well just cut the middle right. There then we will take this email and well cap this wire off you just stick it down in there same way as we did making the stinking cord. You can check that video out at the end of this video of how to make extension cords and we just stick it over there and we cap this line.
All that way we dont have power to sit there all right so now we have all our lights on now we need to go back and cut all our zip ties all so it looks good all right so once we got all the zip ties off and were gonna run an extension cord and well come right up here our power up there so were going to start an extension cord. And its gonna go right here. And its going to come up here to there power and light.
So that way when all the lights come on all the lights come on so. What we need is we can i also showed how to do this before and how to make an extension cord. So ill just do it again.
So we need lamp cord. You can get fb t1. Or fb.
T2. And the little connectors here the vipre plug gilbert plug theres alcohol. Zip plugs theyre called all kinds of things all the descriptions are down here in the bottom.
And we can just put it on and we got to remember. Which way is electric flowing so our electric is coming from that side of the house and its coming along here. So we want to make sure that if its plugged.

how to hang christmas lights around windows-3
how to hang christmas lights around windows-3

The mail is not exposed. So that means we want to put a female on our mainline and itll go male to another female so if something get them plugged. It always will unplug the power source you do not want these to be hot.
They do and they not are fun to have so the we can put these inline. Theres a little tab right here that we broke off that i already broke off and we set it up on the line here and im gonna be right there so were gonna put it on here like so push it down on there flip it over enough i can reach it its good to be simple tow. Im not really something fatale but i get teased a lot about it and then were gonna slide it on there is were gonna go around and tie this on here right here like this so that way it cant come unplugged and were gonna plug it in and i know my powers off so im gonna bring it here see how long i need it im gonna try to begin yeah in my handy dandy pocket here.
I got another female make sure you can see this here. So we slide it on here put it in slide it down in the hole push it down on tail put our tab or our lock back on it the tab goes on the backside of it so it can slide over it and we slide it up on there and then i will plug it in im gonna kind of go behind this shutter right here so that way it kind of keeps it nice and tight and we cant see that cord all right so i want to show you what these look like at night around the windows or the width. When we install them theyre in the daytime and i wanted to just show you what they look like at nighttime and how well they look and like i said.
We didnt put no screws in there just sitting up in there in the season. We can pull them down and have no problem you can see how they look now this window over here to the right is a little bit brighter. Those are a different type of bulb and i will do an expert.
Explanation video here shortly of what the difference of the balls are so you can see here. The windows look great with the bulbs around them and like i said we did not put any screws in it youve seen how i did it rather. I did it with the pvc or the wood.
If you would like to check out those videos check out right here. We will show you how to put it up with either pvc or wood depending on which video. This is because im going to use this for both of them so please watch this video.
And thats an awesome way you can also do this with the door with the same way with the door. I hope the hickory nuts arent gonna hit me in the head on the way there. But hope you have a great day in things bye.

how to hang christmas lights around windows-4
how to hang christmas lights around windows-4

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