How to Put Fun Sayings on Socks with Iron-On Vinyl or Cricut Infusible Ink

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Everybody my name is jennifer maker. Today. I am teaching you how to make awesome awesome and fun socks with sayings on the bottom of them like this on the maker show tell happy music so have you ever seen those socks with sayings on the bottom of them so.
When you put your feet up after a long day. They say things like if you can read this bring me coffee or bring me tacos. They are so cute and theyre perfect for wearing around the house especially this time of the year.
I myself am a great lover of socks. The only problem with these socks is that it can be hard to find just the right style and color and saying especially one thats not embarrassing. But when you can make your own sock sayings personalizeem.
However you want suddenly all options become available you can make socks about your favorite drinks tv shows movies books sport. Teams. Whatever you want and this is like whatever you want to do when you put your feet up and relax.
What do you do put that on a sock so the types of socks that youre going to prefer to wear and buy are going to determine how you make your sock sayings. If you buy mostly cotton socks youre going to want to use the iron on vinyl if you buy polyester socks youre better off with the flexible iron on vinyl like the cricut sportflex and if those polyester socks are also white or light colored like all of these you can use cricut infusible ink and between these three materials. Infusible ink is by far my favorite because it stretches right along with the sock and it is not coming off any time soon because it actually dyes the sock fibers rather than kind of slapping.
Some vinyl on it that said. If the sock is just meant to be worn once in a while any of these materials are probably fine. Its really up to you i have links to all of the socks that ive used here and the vinyl and the infusible ink in the video description.
If you would like to see what i used now in addition to the socks and the material. Youre going to need a way to cut your material like a cricut cutting machine. Youre also going to need a way to press that cut material onto your sock like a cricut easypress.
Youll also want some parchment paper or some cardstock. Oh and a lint roller is really useful too. Now.
Ive made 10 different sock designs that you can use freely everything from cats. Dogs and tacos to cozy sayings that will keep you warm during the. Winter and youll find them all over on my blog at jennifermakercom.

socks with sayings on them-0
socks with sayings on them-0

So let me show you where to find them. And then i will show you how to cut them out of your preferred material and get them onto your socks. So they stay to get started youre going to want to get my.
Sock. Saying designs you can get them at jennifermakercom. Look for the red bar at the top of the screen and hover over libraries and choose enter the library.
The library is where i keep all of my free files and designs. Theres lots of things here the easiest way to find what youre looking for is to search the page and i recommend you just search for sock and that will allow you to get what you want and here. That is right here you click that and it downloads to your screen.
And here is what the files look like after theyve downloaded. What were going to be paying attention to for this tutorial is the svg file. But youre welcome to use the other files.
If you need them step two prepare your sock design for cutting first measure your socks. So you know where your sayings can go. And what size you should make them to do this take a piece of white cardstock fold.
It in three lengthwise and insert it into the sock all the way to the toe. Make sure your socks bottom is centered so you can see the heel and the heel is in the center and then measure the space on the bottom of the sock with a ruler keep this paper in your sock for later dont take it out yet. Well go to cricut design.
Space and pick a design. So here we are in cricut design space on a new canvas. Were going to upload the svg design files that you downloaded thats where you click on upload and upload image and browse and youre going to locate the svg file that you downloaded and click open here are the 10 designs for you to choose from just click save then select it and then click insert images and they will now all appear on your canvas.
Lets make the canvas a little smaller so we can see everything maybe not quite that small so here are all 10 designs youre going to want to pick the ones that you want you probably dont want to make all 10. I mean maybe you do but you probably dont so youll want to click on ungroup and then you have control over each individual one and you can hide the ones that you dont want or delete. Them i would like to make the mermaid.
One and i want to show you how to make that one because its multiple layers and thats the hardest. One here so were going to hide everything else the easiest way i found to do that is to select everything that i dont want and group. It and then click the eye icon next to the group name and they get hidden.

socks with sayings on them-1
socks with sayings on them-1

Theyre still on my canvas. If i want them later. But for now.
I dont see them so here is our design. Now we want to make sure that its the right size. If you are making this for a little girls sock.
You might want it to be a little bit smaller than this but it depends on the size of your sock right if its for you its probably a good size right now lets make it about two inches. Im just using the resize handle here to click and drag it into position all right well this looks good to me. So lets click on make it cricut separates everything into these formats for our four colors.
Now theres two important things i want to do the first one that you cant miss is to mirror you need to mirror your design. So you toggle this button that says mirror here so that your writing is actually backwards on your screen. And its going to cut out that way.
But then thats going to allow you to put your design on the correct way so that we could actually read it so whenever you do either iron on vinyl or infusible ink. You must mirror it this is important now the second thing i want to show you is optional. But i think it saves a lot of time so right now we have these individual mats.
With these colors. It would be a lot faster. If we could just put all of these colors onto one mat and have it cut once dont you think i think so so i am going to actually move all of these images over to that black mat to do that you just click the three dots in the upper left corner of each of the images on each mat.
And choose move to another mat and then select the mat. You want it to go to and click confirm then you click and drag. It where you want it to go just like that so theres the hair.
Lets move the mermaid body over to that black mat. Ill put the mermaid body in the corner lower corner. And then well get the body and well move that over to the black mat.
Too and well put this one over on the side. But in the middle and everything is mirrored right so now i can put my different colors on the mat in these exact positions and it will cut all four colors at once for me. And it will be a huge time saver so lets click continue and thats basically all you have to do other than making sure you put your pieces of infusible ink or vinyl in the correct spots.

socks with sayings on them-2
socks with sayings on them-2

So youll want to just look. At your mat preview and you can hover over it over on the left and match up the locations on your mat preview to the locations on your mat itself. When youre placing your materials.
Step three cut out your sock design using a green standard. Grip mat place your chosen material on the cutting mat. If youre using iron on vinyl it goes shiny side down if youre using infusible ink.
It goes printed side up and be sure to select the proper cutting material in cricut design space load your fine point blade into your cricut machine and press. The flashing button to begin the cut note that i had to send my infusible ink transfer sheets back through for a second cut in order for them to weed easier to do this just press the c button. After your first cut finishes and be sure to press that button before you unload the mat.
If you do it before you unload the mat then it will cut on exactly the same lines if however you unload the mat and then reload the mat. Chances are very good. That your second cut will not be in the exact.
Same place step. Four weed your cut design be sure to carefully weed your design by removing the excess material around it if youre weeding iron on vinyl its helpful to use an weeding too and be patient if you are weeding infusible ink. Its recommended that you employ the cracking method to do this peel.
The cutting mat away from your cut design. Which is what i always recommend anyway then slightly bend and roll the cut paper. Until you hear a little cracking sound.
Which happens as the cuts separate. Dont worry if your design lifts off the liner. A little bit after you crack your cut design just take away the excess paper and youll be left with just your design on your liner.
Now to layer infusible ink. You want to actually remove the colored layers and put them all together onto one liner. Just like im doing with the mermaid here you cant press each individual layer separately after youve put them on because it will start to harm the ink.
Thats already there so you want to layer everything in advance. And then press everything as a whole. And its actually faster to do it that way anyways.

socks with sayings on them-3
socks with sayings on them-3

So it all works out step five position your sock on the pressing mat. With the folded piece of cardstock still in your sock position the sock with the sock bottom up and the heel closest to you so that your design is readable. When you can see a persons feet up.
It should be in the same orientation. As mine is here in this video step six place your design on your sock and press. Now cover your sock with parchment paper and preheat it for 15 seconds.
Be sure to also run a lint roller over the sock to remove any stray fuzz now place your sock saying design in the center of each of your socks cover again with the parchment paper and press. Again if youre using infusible ink press for 40 seconds at 385 degrees fahrenheit. If youre using iron on vinyl check the cricut heat guide to see exactly the temperature and pressing time for your material.
And your vinyl step. Seven let your personalized socks cool let your socks cool before trying to peel up the liner once cooled down from hot to warm. Carefully pull the liner and enjoy your cozy new socks.
So heres a sock with iron on vinyl and heres a sock with infusible ink so you can see how they stretch differently. And i think the infusible ink works a lot better for socks. But you use what you have i think in the end they all look really cute and these are going to make wonderful gifts this year.
And i think that you will enjoy them too now if you make the iron on vinyl socks youre going to want to mostly just lounge about in them or i think that the vinyl would eventually start to wear off with all of the walking about and the abrasion from the floor and your feet right now when you go to wash them. I suggest that you turn them inside out. And this will help keep them looking good for as long as possible if you make the infusible ink socks on the other hand you can do pretty much anything you want that you would normally do with socks.
That is and they should stay good for a really long time to come if you have any questions about how to make your own personalized socks. Let. Me know im happy to help just leave a question below this video or come on over to my cricut crafters group at jennifermakercom.
Cricutcrafters where youre going to find a whole lot of other crafters who are happy to help and for those of you who dont have a cricut cutting machine to cut your vinyl or infusible ink. Im giving one away right now you can enter for the chance to win your own cricut over at jennifermakercom. Cricutgiveaway and i think thats everything today tomorrow.
Ill be back to show you how to make window clings because when i asked yesterday. Whether i should make the socks or the window clings window clings had almost as many requests as this tutorial. So were making them tomorrow.
And remember i am always always interested in what you want to make if you can tell me what you want to make i can show you how to make it until next time this is jennifer maker. Reminding you to craft a life you love happy music. .

socks with sayings on them-4
socks with sayings on them-4

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