How To Read Friendship Bracelet Patterns ♥ Tutorial

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Music hi. Im cat and in this tutorial. I will show you how to to read a friendship bracelet pattern like this one with all of these little bubbles these funky looking arrows when i first got started making friendship bracelets.
I had no idea what any of this meant and it was very confusing so hopefully this video can answer. Some questions for those of you who are just getting started if youre not already subscribed to my channel hit the subscribe button below hit the notification bell next bits you get updates when i post new videos and be sure to post a comment below telling me what you think ok first things first. If youre watching this video.
Youre probably not super familiar with friendship bracelets. This is the pattern. Im using which i wouldnt necessarily call a beginner pattern.
You might want to do a candy stripe or a chevron before practicing this one. But i chose this pattern. Because it has forward backward backward forward and forward backward.
Not so i took a look at which strings. I would need it looks like i need two of this red two of this white and two of this blue now if i were just cutting single strings. I would cut them around 35 inches.
But because i have two of each. I know i can just tie a loop in my strength to start my bracelet so i actually only have one green one red and one white. But because i grabbed the center of the strings and tied a loop in the very center of each string.
I was able to cut my strings to 70 inches each so this is only three strings. I grabbed this the very middle of each of these strings tied this loop in it and that time starting. My bracelet.
So the three strings turns into six strings. Hopefully that makes sense so im going to click this up in my clipboard. Ive got a clipboard and since its metal.
Ive got this piece of paper on it so it wont cut through my strings. Because sometimes that happens now i use slightly different colors. But theyre basically the same so those are my six strings laid out in the same way that they appear in this friendship.
Bracelet pattern. And then you tie these strings together these circles. These little bubbles with arrows represent the knots.
The numbers on the sides here are each row. Now this is a 1 2 pattern. And what that means is that the strings on the far left and the far right are going to alternate being in the pattern.
So for this first row. You see where the two strings lead into a single bubble that means that those strings are paired. So these two are paired these two are pairs and these two are pairs.
But when you get down to the second row here youll see that these outer strings. Dont get into the mix. So this string.
And the string will be paired and this string. And this string will be paired. So ill show you a little bit more about that in a second if you havent watched my video on how to tie the four types of knots.
You should probably do that before you watch this video and that might actually solve some of your pattern.

how to read a friendship bracelet pattern-0
how to read a friendship bracelet pattern-0

Questions actually this first knot in this pattern is a backward knot and think of this as if you were just looking at it in the direction that you read so in english. We read from left to right abc cba. If the arrow is pointing opposite the direction that you read that means its a backward knot.
If its pointing in the direction. You read that means its a forward knot. So im just going to start slow with the backward and forward knots.
That we have in this first row. So since the red string and the white string are going to this first bubble and i can see its the backward knot. But the also another clue is that youll see the color of the string that is going to be the knot.
So because this is a backward knot. The stringers on the right is going to be the color of the knot. And youre going to be tying it over the red string.
Youre not going to see that red string at all if you know how to tie the knots. Youre already ahead of curve here but for this backward knot. Im going to make it backwards for im putting the red string on the bottom thats my base string and then im tying on with this white string.
And im going to take that white string underneath the red string and pull it through rooo. The loop on that for see what i did there its going through and then im going to pull that up and to the right. And thats half of one knot.
Okay. So youre not done time at first not yet you do the same thing twice for this backward knot. See.
Im making that floor. And im pulling it through the loop tying the white onto the red string. So that right there is your first knot and now that ive tied that knot my strings have switched place because when you tie this knot.
It redirects that white string. So now the white the right string is through now the white string is going to be on the left. And the red string is going to be on the right now.
I know that from this pattern. Ive got these two middle green strings and they are leading into the middle. Not this middle knot is a forward knot.
So remember how we did the backward knot. We basically made a four so forward knot is the same thing. Were going to office the direction.
So my bass string is in my right hand and my time string is in my left hand and basically making a four just like that so now the time string is going to go underneath that bass string and go through the loop of that four and pouring it up into the left. Im only halfway done with that knot now make another four pull that string through the loop and up into the left. And that is there not and then the strings switch places remember.
Because the strings switch places with forward and backward knots. So now just last knot. I can see that this white string goes into the knot and that knot is white and its a forward knot.
So i know that the string on the left is going to be tying on and thats making the knot. And then the string on the right is this red string. Thats going to be our bass string and basically making a four and youre tying the white string onto the red make that backwards four float through the loop and pull it up and select with the forward and backward knots.
You pull the string opposite in the direction of the arrow.

how to read a friendship bracelet pattern-1
how to read a friendship bracelet pattern-1

Otherwise things will get jumbled youre only halfway through the knot pull that white string through the loop and up into the left. And when youre done with that knot the strings will switch place so i hope that makes sense now we are moving on to the second row. You have these little numbers on the side.
This is the second row and remember this is a 1 2 pattern. So these outer strings were in for the first row. But for the second row.
Theyre out of commission so in this case. There are white strings. Were going to pull those white strings.
Option side and just forget about them for a minute. So now we see going into our second row of knots. Youve got this red string on the left this green string on the right then for the second knot.
Youve got a green string on the left. And a red string on the right so these lines here these are strings. Thats what these lines represent and then they go into the bubbles.
Which are the knots. So for the first knot. Which is this one on the left.
It is a backward knot. And it looks like that red string is the bass string and the green string is the string your tainan with so remember how this works you do your bass string pull tight and its a backward knot. And im going to make it backwards for music pull it through the loop pull up into the right because the arrow is pointing left you remember you pull in the opposite direction of the not do another and this looks a lot different when i do it quickly.
But im showing you these fours so that you know exactly how this knot is going pull it up into the left and now your strings of switch place. Again okay so weve done that knot. Now were going to do the knot on the right red string.
As the bass string green string is tying on this is a forward knot. Because this arrow is pointing forward in the direction. You read so those red string is my bass string green string.
Im trying on with and im pulling up into the left or stir. The loop up into left. And the string switch place.
And the strings will sort of naturally flop into the direction. That they are going to be in the next room. So ive cut the tape and completed a couple more rows off camera.
And this way. I can skip ahead to the fifth row to show you a backward forward and a forward backward. So the backward forward starts going in a backward direction.
But then that little line there changes direction and then it finishes going forward same thing with the forward backwards. It starts going the same direction of the forward not like this one. And then it goes this way and then it changes direction and ends.
Going the same direction as a back or not like that one. So you know what that means you pair up your strings. Again.
So its going to start just like a backwards knot.

how to read a friendship bracelet pattern-2
how to read a friendship bracelet pattern-2

Then youre halfway done with the knot. But what happens is you switch the direction that you tie on your green is still going to be the base string you still keep that one held tight because youre finishing it to look like a forward knot and remember which direction you need to pull for each knot. Because thats how you will finish pulling them.
Now youll notice that my strings. Did not switch place. When youre doing a forward knot or a backward knot.
Notice. How the red was on the left here and the white was on the right. When i did a backward knot.
Then after that the white was on the left. And the red was on the right lets see how with this backward forward started. When i finished it green was still the left and red was still on the right so as your backward and forward and your forward backward knots.
The strings will not switch places. But with your forward knots and backward knots. They do switch places now.
The mill knot is a simple one its just a forward knot. There you go your string switch places. And this one is a forward backward.
Because it starts like a forward knot and it ends like a backward not forward backward. So that is your red string and your green string. The green string is going to be the base string.
Did this whole thing so start it like a forward knot. Remember that or pull it through the loop and then finish it like a forward knot and make sure youre pulling in the correct direction and your strings. Did not switch place because it is a forward backward register on the left green is still on the right just like that and you just continue the exact same way and eventually they will all create this pattern.
There are other patterns. Where the knots will be pointed straight this way then go down. Then straight this way then go down straight.
This way and instead of having these bubbles. They will just have squares that is an alpha pattern. And thats a completely different ballgame this one.
If you want me to make a video on how to read alpha patterns. There post. A comment.
Below telling me please do an alpha pattern. I hope that clears it up for those of you who did not know how to read these before make sure you check out my video on how to do the four types of knots. And if youve never done a friendship bracelet before after you watch that not video be sure to go and watch a video on how to do a candy striped bracelet first one do a chevron bracelet then you work your way up to these slightly more complicated bracelets like this one this one only has six strings.
But youll see it has 20 rows. So its a bit of a commitment and i really like this one. So i think im going to finish it up and actually make it into a wrap bracelet thanks for watching.
If you enjoy this video want to see more tutorials like this one hit. The like button and subscribe follow me on social media at katrina city. And be sure to post a comment below telling me what you think music.

how to read a friendship bracelet pattern-3
how to read a friendship bracelet pattern-3

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