How to Remove Xbox on Windows 10

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Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another tutorial by me devon ursula today. I will show show you really quickly how to disable and completely honest all actually the xbox app your windows 10 machine so if youre like me you dont like xbox or you just dont want xbox on windows. 10 lets say you own like a playstation 4 or you are using another streaming or gaming platform like like the geforce or some something else that does the job of that so if you want to remove xbox is really really simple so first.
What you have to do is go to your windows and search powershell right here windows powershell. Its just a blue version of the terminal in my eyes. But this thing does a lot of magic actually so youre in windows powershell terminal.
What you do is you in terminal. You copy and paste this this code right here. Its just what it does is it literally just removes the xbox you cant uninstall xbox by clicking on install you have to actually have to put this so i will also provide this in the description.
But you just copy this boom. And then you just paste it in here boom and then its gone and then to check you can just search xbox. No its not there im the microsoft store.

how to uninstall xbox app windows 10 reddit-0
how to uninstall xbox app windows 10 reddit-0

Its shows that you have to get or install xbox so there you go old traces of xbox are gone. Except for in the settings. Youre still going to have this thing called gaming.
And unfortunately. This will just have to stay there because its built into windows itself. But uh you if you want you could uncheck.
These as well. If you dont want to completely remove xbox the xbox app. If you just want to remove the game dvr you just turn these off one by one by going to settings.
Ill show it again settings and then you go to gaming and then game dvr and then you turn them off one by one if you want to do that. But if you want to completely remove. It like i do lets go here and move it so thank you guys very much for watching this please dont forget to subscribe because i come up with a lot of new videos.
And if you have anything that you have trouble with please comment down below and i will make another video on it ask and you shall receive thank you guys very much stevan are so sign now .

how to uninstall xbox app windows 10 reddit-1
how to uninstall xbox app windows 10 reddit-1

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