How To Request Review Copies Of Games In 7 Steps – How To Request Press Copies Of Games

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Whats going on guys im jake away from grown youtube dot com. Teaching teaching you how to be better and in this video. Im going to be you how to get review codes or how to request games for full review on your youtube channel.
And im gonna be sharing seven steps to get a game for review. So stay tuned. Its business card win iran is lasted far too long now.
I know a lot of you just want free games. I me aware that theres a lot of work that actually goes into this so. If you just think im just gonna get free games.
That is not the case. You actually need to do a comprehensive review and if you do a crappy review. That isnt very good.
Then you wont be able to continue that relationship and continue getting press games or press codes. Which basically is a game. Thats given to you for free for the purposes of you delivering some press for the publisher or the developer and being involved in that pr side of things so you need to remember that you actually need to be able to conduct a review and if you want me to make a video on how to do a review then leave a comment down below.
But im gonna get into the 7 steps that will get you a review code. So the first step you want to complete is to review games. You already have youve already purchased games.
And you already have games at your disposal. So you need to review those games you need to start creating a portfolio to show people that youre able to review games in the first place and you need to do that the easiest way to do that is to review games. That you already have now dont go out and purchase new games in order to review.
But if you are going to purchase again. Consider reviewing it but try and review the games that youve already purchased the games are already sitting there games. That youve sunk some hours into consider given that a nice in depth review to show publishers and game developers.

how to get review copies of games-0
how to get review copies of games-0

And the pr people that you are able to complete this task to a reasonable quality and you are worth sending a refusal to in the first place of course growing a youtube channel in your subscribership and your viewership helps out too so definitely check out the other videos in my youtube guides playlist to help you do that now step number two is to fill in your twitter. Bio. Now.
This is really really important a lot of people they do not clearly communicate what they do or who they are in that while i looked at someones twitter bio. I think it was yesterday or the day before and they had like seven acts of other companies that they were fully at marketing for and they said these are their sponsors and they had links to those im gonna make a video on affiliate marketing versus sponsorships as well cuz it seems like a lot of gaming youtubers especially are very confused as to what constitutes an actual sponsorship and what is an affiliate marketing program. So definitely make sure that you clearly communicate that you are youtube creator or youtuber that you put out videos or that you do live streams let that be known in your bio.
And also have a link to your youtube channel in your bio. Maybe in the website. You got a link to one of your videos as ive discussed before or a link to your channel.
Which i think a video would be better. But just make sure that it clearly communicates what you do and that your youtube are so that if someone was to look at your profile at a moments glance. Theyll clearly see what you do and what youre about and this is so important so do not skip over it because when my bio said that ours are author musician all that sauce yeah.
And it was very confusing and it was leaning in a bunch of different directions. It was much harder for me to request games for review. But now ive changed it and ive bought youtube or slash streamer at the beginning of my bio.
Ive had a much better success rate when it comes to requesting games. For review so it really matters step number three is create a pitch email template to send out to request games for review now this email should include your audience demographics. So the age of the gender.
The type of things that your audience is interested in and it should include your social numbers. So the numbers of followers and subscribers that you have across all the social platforms that you use as well as links to those social platforms. You want to show them that you can bring eyes to their product.
That is basically what youre doing that you want to show that you can deliver value you dont just want to be there begging for a free game and stay to the end of the video. Because ill be telling you how you can get a free review pitch email template for you to download step number four is to find the contact fields of the pr person managing. That games.

how to get review copies of games-1
how to get review copies of games-1

Campaign or the pr person working for the publisher or the community manager of that game or that publishers community manager. You want to get these contact details. So that you can contact an actual individual you dont want to be going through the forms or the contact forms on the publishers site or the site for the game.
Because chances are is going to be like an info type email. And its going to take forever for you to get response and it may not get to the actual place that you want it to get to you want to be able to contact the people that you need to contact and just get straight to them and have a conversation with them and the best way to do that is to find their contact. Details preferably their twitter.
Details and hopefully theyre active on twitter. Or their email. So those are the two things that you want to find the fifth step is to engage with them on twitter engage have a conversation with them reply to their tweet.
We tweet their tweets like their tweets dont do this in a fake way lie dont reply to tweets that you dont care about like make sure youre actually replying to things that you actually want to reply to and youre interacting tweets. They actually care about so it youre youre being real. And honest.
You dont want to be you know a fake sleazebag and try to scam them into sending you a game or everyone well. I actually engaging with them in a meaningful way will get them will get you on their radar. They may check out your profile and whatnot and then if you engage in one of their tweets.
And they reply to you thats a prime time for you to ask them if theyre sending now press copings for this game. That you want to review and this will get you much better results than just spamming their dms. Im asking them for a press copy or just asking them for a press coffee.
Without any engagement. First step. Number six is after youve engaged with them.
And you ask them if they are sending out press copies. Theyll likely tell you to either dm them or theyll ask you to email them. So after that you want to send them a dm or an email depending on what their preference of communication.

how to get review copies of games-2
how to get review copies of games-2

Is so if they ask for email send them that pitch email. If they ask for a dm. Then consolidate that pitch email into a twitter.
Dm and get them the relevant information that theyre asking for step. 7. Get yourself a review code is to complete the review in a timely manner.
You want to be known for being reliable and getting your review. Done as soon as you get that review calls you want to start working on the review and getting that done as soon as possible preferably within like a week or so if its open world game. Then it may take a lot longer than that.
But if its a straightforward story based game. Then you can generally get that done pretty quickly so focus on getting that review done so you can get that review back to the contact that you have and keep them updated on your journey with the review let them know how long its probably gonna take let them know if its gonna be done soon and keep them updated. So they know that you guys was working towards getting that review.
Done the reason you want to get it done in a timely manner is so you cant tinh you having. Repeat review codes from this person and continue that relationship so they know that if they think you were cold. Youre gonna get the review done as soon as possible of course.
If youre a smaller youtuber. Then its highly doubtful that youll be getting review college before the game is released so you wont be able to capitalize on that big burst of traffic that you would get if you were able to get a review out on the day of the release because those reviews are generally reserved for the bigger youtubers and the people who will get the most amount of eyes onto that game. So the reason to get the review done in a timely manner isnt for promotional purposes.
It isnt to get a bunch of views the way youll be getting a bunch of views on that is to get the right reviews for your channel. And to be using seo remember to use that but getting the review down as soon as possible and showing that youre capable and youre able to get out a quality review in a reasonable amount of time is going to really help your relationship for the future. Now of course you want to make sure that that review is quality.
You dont just want to quickly rush out a piece of you want the review to actually be good so make sure that the review is good. But get it out in a family man. Now i hope that this video helped you out before you guys go i just want to let you know that ive got a free review pitch email template for you guys to download linked in the description below so go into the description click on that this free review pitch email template will help you get games to review on your youtube channel so be sure to grab that as soon as possible.
Its been a cold winners too far too long so hoarders. If i shall we music. .

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how to get review copies of games-3

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