How to restrain a dog – good for clipping nails

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Guys what im gonna do in this video is show you guys how to to properly restrain or hold down a dog. I was actually going to show you in this video how to clip their nails. But jack over here doesnt like me holding his paw he doesnt like to sit.
Still if i kind of grab. It hes gonna kind of go crazy on me not too crazy. But he just doesnt like it so sometimes cutting the nail can be a two person thing.
I used to work at a vet hospital. And we used to have to hold down mini dogs while cutting the nails cuz lots of dogs wont just stand. There while youve grabbed their arm.
And then you know cut their nails. It can be a 5 minute process at least sometimes lots of dogs will just sit there so if you have to restrain the dog have the person thats gonna cut them not hold them. But someone else is gonna restrain them.
And what youre gonna do is youre gonna put them on their side youre gonna grab them around the neck here and grab this leg and then grab them from behind here now theyre fully restrained. He cant move and someone else could be working on his legs and cutting the nails cant really do this by myself. I could kind of work right here and cut some nails actually.
But actually i might be able to do it maybe ill try that on camera. I let go of his leg. And thats why hes almost getting up you want to hold his leg around his neck.
Here like this not hurting my dog. Hes just restrained. He cant move so if you wanna cut the nails or do some.
Other you know work on a dog. Whatever you may need to do this will restrain them without hurting them. He just cant move you got both of his bottom legs.
Here you cant put any pressure on the ground and then as you can see im moving his feet. Here someone else could be cutting his nails. So i just wanted to show you guys that its pretty simple just put one arm on the back of them and hold the bottom leg.

how to restrain a dog to clip its nails-0
how to restrain a dog to clip its nails-0

One arm on their neck. Not push them too hard i mean im barely putting any pressure. Im not even pressuring at all right now and you hold the bottom leg and they cant get up.
Hes kind of just like hey let me up. But not hurting him at all. So if someone else could be working on the nails.
So in a future video. When i have someone else over to help me ill show you guys how to trim the nails and for now. I just wanted to show you this so if anyone needs some help or anyone has kind of a hyper dog that doesnt let them hold them you can do this and they cant move.
And if you do have a dog that bites a lot jack used to be a little bit of a biter. But hes pretty calm now about biting. But hes still wouldnt let me just grab one leg and try to cut it the nails.
So if you do have a bitey dog you couldnt muzzle them. Then you dont have to worry about getting hurt yourself in any way. But as you can see jacks just fine with it i just cant do it myself so just a little video on how to restrain a dog.
If you need to cut the nails and well see you guys later what wasnt bad jack huh. Come on treat c with jack. If i was to come out i got a treat in his in his hand.
But if i was to just grab a leg. I tried there when i was gonna treat anyways ill just pretty much run away from me. Thats why theres restraining thing is good to do even if hes over here.
If i were to try to take one of his feet and start cutting he might let me. But hed probably move around too much actually i might be able to do it with him. But as you can see hes kind of it kind of moves a lot of it would be pretty hard to do it.
So yeah just wanted to show that to you guys so. See you guys later say. Bye jack interested in your toy.

how to restrain a dog to clip its nails-1
how to restrain a dog to clip its nails-1

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