How to Save a Four Leaf Clover

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Everyone repens the turtle here and today. Ill be showing you how to preserve preserve a four leaf clover in this video. Ill be going over two methods.
I have been using for quite some time now the first method is more cost intensive than the second. But if youre looking to preserve more than just a couple of dried leaves or a couple of clovers. It may be worth a try let me know in the comments.
How many four leaf clovers. You have found have you ever been able to find a five leaf clover for both methods. The clovers are prepared in the same fashion.
You want to take your fresh four leaf clover. Which hasnt started to wilt or yellow.

how to preserve a four leaf clover-0
how to preserve a four leaf clover-0

Yet and flatten it in an old non laminated book. It is imperative that you use a non laminated book. Because if you were to use a laminated one all of the pressed out water would just sit around the clover and it will begin to mold over when pressing them in the book start by pressing the leaves in the center.
Then position each leaflet in the exact form that you want to preserve it in after closing the book. It is very difficult to reorient the leaves so make sure you take your time as you can see my initial press flattened. The clovers completely and now they are ready to sit on the shelf for a week or so until all of the water in them can be drawn out i put rubber bands around my book so that they are under constant pressure once the clovers are dry you can proceed to either of the two methods.
I began this first method only in the past few months or so for a few reasons. Its much faster than the second method requires a lot less time when pressing a large number of clovers and produces much more reliable and well sealed clovers. This method uses a laminating machine.
All you need to do for it is take the completely dried clovers some laminating sheets. I like to use 3 mil laminating sheets and have a laminator.

how to preserve a four leaf clover-1
how to preserve a four leaf clover-1

If you dont get to sealing your clovers within the first couple of weeks theyll begin to rapidly discolor and you can see how many of my clovers are different shades. Because theyve been sitting in books for a very long time if you really wanted to you could just leave the clovers in the books. But i find that using either of these two methods are the best option because then the clovers are not nearly as fragile and you can keep them in your wallet.
The laminator. I am using is the amazon basics laminator. Which is not that expensive and is very reliable.
Ill leave links down in the video description to all of the products that i used in this video. Ive been saving all these clovers over the years and so i try to pack as many per sheet as possible now for method two i used this method for several years prior to the laminating method mainly because i only found a couple of clovers and did not store them in books for large expanses of time. It is also a bit less expensive than the laminating method.
But far more time consuming for this method you want to purchase the clearest packing tape you can find my go to for the last five years has been scotch ultra. Clear packing tape start by taking out your dried.

how to preserve a four leaf clover-2
how to preserve a four leaf clover-2

Clovers and setting down. A strip of tape. Sticky side up.
That is a bit larger than the clover itself. Ideally youd use scissors. But this box knife is all that i had available next youll want to trim off any of the excess stem from the clover and then carefully transfer it down onto the tape once on the tape.
Carefully tap down each leaflet and the stem. So that it makes solid contact with the tape be careful not to touch the tape itself as it will keep your fingerprint. There in the final product.
And nobody wants that now cut a second piece of tape and lay it sticky side down and onto the piece of tape that has the clover heres where you want to be super. Careful.

how to preserve a four leaf clover-3
how to preserve a four leaf clover-3

If you dont lay the tape down starting from one side and applying pressure as you set it down. There will most definitely be a lot of air bubbles in the final product. And these bubbles do not look the best once its down press on the pieces of tape out from the clover and try to move away any air bubbles that have formed after that cut it out.
However you like. But leave enough room around each side of the clover so that the tape does not get undone. When you have your finished product.
There are a couple of air bubbles in these two and they took a considerably longer amount of time to make. However. If you only have a couple of clovers.
It is more than worth your time and is much more practical than going out and getting a laminating machine let me know down in the comments. If you enjoyed this video or if it was helpful in preserving your interesting leaves feel free to leave a like comment and subscribe and as always travel on my fellow turtles. .

how to preserve a four leaf clover-4
how to preserve a four leaf clover-4

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