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Nt spend your orbs. Much easier said than done obviously. Today was a great opportunity opportunity to do one of these videos once again because we happen to have a of banners that are ending relatively the same time one of which ending in a day.
So that means a new banners on the horizon in the discord. I asked a very simple question how many orbs do you currently possess and as you can tell from the results. The vast majority of you guys barely have any orbs.
Id say thats a good almost half of you well over half actually have less than like say 30 even 20. Damn dudes do you even watch my videos. So im gonna talk about how to save your orbs and i think one of the first tips is to know who your favorite character is if you know who your favorite character is that is clear enough motivation to save your orbs specifically for a banner for that character mine happens to be ike and due to my saving habits.
And what have you i somehow magically got five sword acts what did i do i merged them all together and i couldnt be happier. How insane is that so now im just gonna do one of these many changes that i have yet to complete. Which is actually a major source of orbs.
Other people have done already and utilize. I havent even done most of these yet. Which is funny.
But moving on to the next tip is to treat your orbs as though they were actual cash actual money actual currency wait you you say that you spend your money frivolously. The same way you do orbs and youre always bro son of a damn it bothers you you realize you just put my entire script in the garbage right no im just kidding. But yeah.
It may help at least some of you out there to kind of imagine that youre spending actual money like for example. Oh hey look a hectare. I dont really need to spend my orbs on that because i already have i dont know a bunch of other characters like oh.
You know having a nice cold bottle of coke would be nice. But id rather save that like dollar 50 for something down the line right so its good to have a clear goal in mind. Whether that may be a favorite character or a favorite series or something youre specifically looking for like maybe a hectare.
You know something maybe a skill.

fire emblem heroes how to get orbs-0
fire emblem heroes how to get orbs-0

You want like armored march. Amelia. Or trying to make a flier emblem and you dont have honoka.
And you missed some of her focuses. Maybe that would be your goal. And you would be saving orbs in anticipation of achieving said goal.
Another. Good reason to save your orbs is potential bad luck. A lot of us out.
There dont feel particularly lucky or feel. Like the orbs earth or the odds are stacked against us she freudian slip and whenever you do do a poll. You dont feel specially confident and you end up getting a whole bunch of garbage character sometimes and that even fit for fodder.
So saving orbs would be a very good strategy. So that way you can use them out all out once utilizing pity rates. If you dont get your five star in your first couple of polls.
This way youre also efficiently using orbs essentially using the buy four get one free system. Because it goes first one five. Then four four four and three and if you did it another way you would have wasted like five orbs essentially so efficiency another good reason or rather tip to save your orbs is the fact that very recently.
Weve actually been getting a lot of feathers. Lately so if youve got a good enough character thats four star or maybe one of these grand hero characters which all of them are pretty good supper but burcu hashtag sorry not sorry you could fill a role that youre missing like maybe good bow user and five star clarisse and then like do something with her and now youve got that role filled on your team just take any you know four star make them a five and suddenly theyre gonna be your new super star. Theres a lot of good four stars out there so thats also another reason.
Why you dont necessarily need to get five stars like male robin can be a good four star. If you use them correctly a lot of characters out there can be used very well and efficiently as a four star especially the grand hero battle units. They might be lacking a legendary weapon.
But you can still make up for that and the one or 2 stat points.

fire emblem heroes how to get orbs-1
fire emblem heroes how to get orbs-1

They otherwise would have had another tip is to have a plan. Its almost it almost seems like its the same thing as goal. But plan is more of the execution of said goal its your strategy.
Its the groundwork youre gonna lay down in order to achieve your goal so to have a plan would be something along the lines of i am going to roll on this banner. Until i get say a single five star that would be a of a plan or i personally i. Which is surprising.
I dont plan extremely well i my plan is to save up a huge amount of orbs and then spend them all on something that i want thats not terribly efficient. What would be more efficient. However is if i spent my orbs on the cyl banner and then once i got the focus units that i wanted i would stop pulling on those particular colors and then start fishing for the ones.
I have remaining which i ended up doing later on mmm pretty much out of necessity so that would be your plan. Its your plan of attack. If you go in without a plan chances are you might come back devastated.
Which happens often a lot of people i see in the comments in the discord or other social media. Usually will tell me a small story about how they went in with a bunch of orbs and ended up coming back with nothing they wanted long story short and also generalized keeping along with the tip of having a plan is to also set limits for example during the cyl bennett banner. I set a limit once i get all of the focus units.
I will stop and i ended up holding to that though it came pretty down to the wire. I almost didnt get lucena. So as part of my plan.
My limit was to get all of the cyl units a limit you set for yourself could be something also like im gonna pull on this banner until i get a five star and thats it or youre gonna pull until you get a certain color five star or maybe youre just fishing for fodder and youre youre gonna go in and youre like regardless of what i pull. Im just gonna do a full five star summon and see what i get from that and use that as fodder and then go no further or something like that limit is very useful to have especially. If you have the willpower to keep to it so lets see here another tip is to utilize your resources.
Youve seen it on a pretty major scale in a lot of my gameplay and such where ive shown how many heroes i have in my barracks. Theres that one point. I had maybe the downwards of 60.
I dont quite remember but every hero essentially has a purpose even if you cant use them in combat.

fire emblem heroes how to get orbs-2
fire emblem heroes how to get orbs-2

And as much as i like henry as the character him in heros got pretty shafted and hes pretty much not suitable for combat. Hes only good for fodder as love as i say it and i know theres henry fans that wont like this particular harsh truth. I mean you could try to force him into combat.
But he just doesnt really work with his odd bulk stats as a mage and his low attack. But hes generally used by the community as a whole the majority of people use him as fodder for skills. Maybe his five start tome or other stuff.
So utilizing your heroes to the utmost using their skills using their abilities. You know transferring the skills of maybe hero into another one. So you can use that hero to greater effect.
During your gameplay is one way to more readily use your resources. So you feel less compelled to maybe replace said units with shinier maybe better units than the ones. You currently have if you use your resources you can make do with what you already have albeit not the best units.
But you can do good for example. I dont necessarily have a great bow user taka me used to be king of the meta before skill inheritance. But now hes kind of above average cant really excel as far as bow.
Users are concerned the meta. The best characters are essentially the ones that can utilize quad builds such as setsuna and most notably bridey leah. I have obviously dont have a bride elia.
However through skill inheritance utilization of my resources. And a little bit of ingenuity. I gave clarice a fire sweep bow build and its a budget build.
Because i only have life and death and sword breaker. Ive been using her extremely great effect. And i have not regretted a single little bit of what i put into clarice not the feathers.
Not the five star fate not any of the other heroes or the time or the sp that i spent on clarice.

fire emblem heroes how to get orbs-3
fire emblem heroes how to get orbs-3

Shes been a phenomenal units in chai. I built her and i couldnt be happier with her honest learners could i possibly be happier with a brave bow bride delia maybe. But im actually satisfied with what i have right now ergo.
I dont necessarily need to go out looking for any better bow units. I dont have to but it would be nice if they came my way so it kind of makes it more of a luxury that i dont have the compulsion to summon so using compulsion as a springboard into the next tip. Which is to wait now this is going to become very important in the next banner.
Two that are about to be announced slash released. Which is why im doing this video. Today.
Because everything looks great when it first comes up all the units are great all the skills are good all the stats are amazing. Its like getting that new car smell everythings great its almost like its getting a new car or moving into a new house. You know you have that period of time.
Where you can record possible deficiencies. With said car or house and allow you to write it down. And then annotate that in files.
So that way you know its there and dont get charged for it or something you kind of know what im getting at right so thats there so you get out of that quote unquote honeymooning phase. Because when you get something you automatically see it as new and great when that might not necessarily be the case. Even when youre purchasing something like you know as pre owned.
You dont see any faults with it when youre first in it thats why they kind of call it honeymooning. I think if im using the right term. But you wait a couple days you let the the hype fade.
A little bit and then you take another look at the units. And see if theyre really worth the orbs. So hopefully all these tips that i kind of gathered up wrote down and talked about will help you guys in the coming days to essentially save your orbs and utilize them more efficiently.
If you liked what i had to put out like and subscribe and ill see you guys music you .

fire emblem heroes how to get orbs-4
fire emblem heroes how to get orbs-4

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