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Bienvenidos. A butterfly spanish. Me.
Llamo ana and in todays lesson youre going going to learn how to say sorry in spanish so in english you say ohm sorry sorry oh sorry so many ways of saying sorry well we do have many ways of saying. Sorry. We just use many words to say sorry and today youre going to learn those words.
I felt for ways to say sorry. And im going to explain how to use each one and which one is appropriate for what occasion and then were going to learn im going to give you a story. So you can kind of you know make sense of it.
And say like okay. I see how shes you how ana is using it so now i know and next time ill use it correctly and then im just gonna give you a tip about the pardon right. Which is a little bit different in spanish anyway.
I hope you stay with me and lets start. I decided to start with the most sad. The most serious way and then were going to go to the most common ways probably the ones you need the most especially.
If you were going away to an english spanish speaking country or if youre going you know anywhere that this is more the first one is more specific more serious a little bit sad. The rest are more common lets start why am i saying serious. Sad blah blah.
Say oh where am i going youre right youre going to teach me today. Stable whoa. Lo siento.
Sorry lo siento bruh nakara. Triste. Lo.
Lamento. Mimas. Sentido pesum.
A lo siento. I am sorry lo lamento. Me mas sentido pesa.
Me. Usually youre going to use either of these to express sorry for a loss for something really sad happened that wasnt your fault something that happened that makes people sad someone dies. A person dies.
An animal dies. Something to be sorry about that is not your fault. Lo siento lo lamento mimas sentido pesa.
Me mimas sentido pesa. Me. I am very sorry for your loss is going to be when someone dies.
Correcto. Now lets get to more things that are not sad or not so serious well a little bit serious still perd n. Perd n.
Could be equivalent to forgive me my apologies and sorry too so for example when when you use prayer dawn. Its going to be for example. I forgot to call my sister samuel vida.
Young marlee. Im here man. I forgot to call my sister then she called me and you know i started complaining about why didnt you call me.
You will never call. Me. Blah blah blah.
And i was like were done. I am sorry. Were done samuel vito.
Okay very good now other ways.

how to say im sorry in spanish-0
how to say im sorry in spanish-0

I can i can use. It is when i say for example. Something that is my fault.
Something that is like i am the cause of being sorry right i asked i told my sister bethan because its my fault. I forgot correcto now when i go to this on the subway and i stepped on it i step on someones foot happened to me very often because im a little bit clumsy. So i like upper dog bird on right muy bien.
Better dont im apologizing for doing a bad thing. No it wasnt intentional also i forgot to call my sister it was intentional. But its my fault right im taking the phone taking responsibility.
I was like better done for example. If i say ah but for example if i last time. I was at a coffee shop right and i have my backpack.
My backpack is very big visually so i go like movement back keep someone oh perd n. Perd n. Disculpe me right.
I said two words. I said perd n. And i say this scoop on me.
Why did i say that because i am really sorry was very careless of me to know that i had such a thing and i dont see people around. But dont disc lpame and i made my happy face like i am really sorry like oh. Perdon disc lpame.
These are all new to pro coop is not a pro cupids dont worry ok movie now perd name is its like perd n. But what im adding here. I am adding.
Myself i am. I am the objective. Forgive me.
Okay perd n. Is more general or bailed on is to offer an apology. Now.
When you say perd name is forgive me no youre making. It a little bit more personal right youre taking like right directly your fault. Its your fault.
Very good now were gonna go to this school pas and oh please school pammi gonna send toilet oh he was here perd name disculpa me or desculpa now thats very common thats super common why well because youre going to use that desculpa. Very often in fact. The actual when you are going to ask a question your your loss.
Imagine your loss. Youre in ah. Youre in france.
And youre lost. I probably need to speak french. Okay youre in venezuela and youre lost.
Oh dont get lost in venezuela might be very hard to get around this kulpa coma. Dont this tile ban you disculpa donde esta el ba o excuse me where is the washroom very polite desculpa hey oh youre walking on the street and you you have your map. But you cannot find that museum lets say disculpa sabes donde esta el museo the you know where the museum is disculpa sabes donde esta el museo muy bien entonces como dacia sy said this culpa donde esta la cocina where is the kitchen maybe youre in a new place you know where they saw you thats the this is the word la palabra that youre going to use before asking so youre polite.
If youre polite is nice disculpa now disculpa as you heard before i say this school. But when you stepped on someones foot on the subway. You can also say all this cool pan instead of perd n.
And thats why perd n. And desculpa overlap cause. Many like very often you can use either or i hear sometimes people say paired on i hear somethings people say desculpa.
I sometimes i fell down. And i sometimes i disculpa and usually just remember that pair done and disculpa. If youre going to use it to apologize for something that is generally your fault right you can use either or by and this is the thing you have to remember dns record arte test.
Oh if youre going to ask something to a local person youre going to say this.

how to say im sorry in spanish-1
how to say im sorry in spanish-1

Culpa. Donde tarara. Oh.
Donde. Bah. Blah blah.
Oh. Como yo alessandra. How do i get to the bus.
The bus. Stop. A la parada.
How do i get to the museum. Como ya goa tile. New sale do you understand youre not going to use perd n.
No is more appropriate and more common to say this culpa when youre asking a person when youre asking something to a person now if as i said kemal asya. Youre going to apologize or something. Its your fault remember.
Its your fault you can either. Say perd n. Or disculpa.
Now. If you want to make it a little bit more emphatic. More like taking a you are you can say the school.
Pam me. Oh perd name means. Forgive me.
Its you right youre taking. It personally very good less general. Lets move on now what im going to teach you now is how do a boy to apologize for something you did incorrectly or like you did wrong for example stepping on someones foot you can say instead of pedir.
The school pass instead of apologizing you can for example. If theres not enough space for you to go around right instead of just go up the squid path. The school party school by like kidding.
Everybody you can just say. Con permiso. Which means excuse me excuse me excuse me right its con permiso con permiso con permiso gracias con permiso gracias con permiso gracias very good instead of saying disculpa this culpa no see you youre changing youre changing the way youre going to act right so this is going to be excuse me right.
But if you without noticing you hit someone or you did something wrong you can say this culpa now if you forgot something you did something bad and you have to apologize youre going to say pardon or perd name muy bien. Now. There is a phrase.
There are two phrases. That says me peed your pail done. Which means for example that person apologized to me that person apologized to me or my video.
This school bus that person apologized to me is when you say someone did something bad to you when your mom is like poppy. Do disgust. You say see see see my video this cool path or my video perd n.
That person apologize to you very good so these are they the two phrases that are common you might like list listen to these phrases. Sometimes some people for example say id better dawn for example. When you say when someone says something non pleasant and you make like your eyes.
Eye. You roll your eyes like and that person notices that you kind of got it. And its not nice.
Its like oh yup it dawn like its like a common phrase. Oporto and hes like oh sorry. Like i didnt want to bother you know pop or dont have to make the face all up or the line.
Very good now for example lets lets uh.

how to say im sorry in spanish-2
how to say im sorry in spanish-2

Lets think of the story. Right so we can use all these words in one context. Now.
Imagine you are going your friend calls. You. And say hey my dog died.
And the funeral is going to be held in mexico city. And you live in maybe you live in in in texas. So then hes like oh.
My goodness. What do you say when you hear that person say. My dog died do you say perd n.
No because thats not your fault or did is it no. Its not youre probably very far you didnt even probably you loved that dog. But its not your fault.
So. You can say. Lo siento.
Lo lamento. You can also add. Lo.
Siento. Mucho. Mucho.
Ola. Lamento. Mucho.
Im very sorry. Ah now you can say me mustnt ido pesa me. Although that would be more for people but me you know i love dogs.
I used to have many dogs lo siento mucho thats what youre going to say your friend. But then you hang up the phone and youre like oh my god i cannot live my friend all along with the dog all dead and you say to your girlfriend huh your girlfriends name is adrianna adrianna. I need to go to the dogs funeral.
Because you know my friend loved that dog i love that dog you remember the dog you remember the dog yes so then adrianna say like you cannot go its my sisters sweet fifteenth. Nice in mexico say kinsey honest is the 15 keen sanyaas is like a big celebration. You cannot go what are you going to say to adriana you can say adriana parador but i have to go pero tengo que perd name i wont be present in the party cuz im gonna go and and and be with my friend and feel sorry for the dog okay and then okay you take the plane right you get on the plane you get to mexico city.
And you dont know how to get to the house right so then you leave the airport look. What is going on here firstly. You can say is its going to ask a question right where is this subway station.
Where is this de. But where is the bus stop where is this address how do i get to this address. How are you going to say it well to a person you see a poor mexican that goes like walks probably maybe.
A police officer over there or someone that you see okay i can ask that person there go say hey this school pay right this school pay or disculpa. Now. I forgot to say that this school pet or the school back to school pi is more informal this school play is more formal.
I usually say this school pi. But if you feel like oh. I dont know this person you can say it is school pay okay the difference is the egg and the ah okay.
Ah. A desculpa disculpe the school pay come on. Yeah.
Go. I studied x. Y.
On how do i get to this address.

how to say im sorry in spanish-3
how to say im sorry in spanish-3

In episode lock. Oh. Mira tamil metro sweet el metro baja.
10. Tells estaci n. Cambio de station battle otra station party and explains how do you get there right great now youre in the subway station in the in the and the train already and you stepped on someones foot.
Hard youre going to say. Oh oh. This culpa disculpa.
But remember and i told you how to avoid saying. That by saying con permiso. Con permiso gracias.
You have to add the thanks after companies compare me so gracias companies of classiest. Very very nice. Why because youre going to avoid your punching.
Everybody because 100 percent is going to be cramped. And you are going to avoid any disculpa to everybody okay then you can just say companies right now when you get to your friends house. Were you going to say.
Well. I say go. And say.
Lo siento. Lo lament. Very good well in that story.
I used all day uses. I am aware about these words. I hope you enjoyed the lesson.
I hope now youre going to use these words properly as i said. This is not carved in the stone especially between perd n. And desculpa sometimes you can use either or so dont worry too much about it.
But you have to worry is to remember that this culpa is more often used to ask something to more specific than prayer. Don and the rest you already know i hope you enjoyed my lesson. If you like my lessons subscribe to my channel.
Butterfly spanish and a some plus. A better day its a pleasure to see you and ill see you next class adios hey. I forgot samuel video.
I forgot this part very important part. I forgot pardon thats another way of kind of apologizing pardon. Me pardon in spanish.
We say that in a different way usually is related to what did you say like pardon me. And we say gabey he stay what did you say get the he stay. Its a puts up formal.
Why can he stay i didnt hear you katie houston. But an informal way of saying pardon like what were you saying what i would say my friend to my friends for examples like como huh kuma. Okay como.
Were often como okay you just may like coma. That means you didnt understand okay. Thats thats a lot what i forgot i also forgot to say what i put these tn.
Sad faces and he was because usually this is related to sad things. And this is usually related to a sad thing. But this is usually similar to this culpa and so it could be sad.
It could be just a question right like im neutral. And it could be a happy when you actually wanted to step on someones foot and compare me so its happy because its polite so thats why like thats the cause of my faces. That you wanna say.
Oh hi. Why did she put the faces. Okay.
Anyway. Thats why i forgot have a good day .

how to say im sorry in spanish-4
how to say im sorry in spanish-4

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