How To See TOTAL Playtime In Minecraft.

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A few weeks ago. I saw a video by phoenix sc way showed a program program where you can see how long youve been playing minecraft in general so just a specific world not just in a server. But everything even your home screen.
If you dont want to thats actually really smart to use log files because when you start minecraft. They start when you stopped minecraft. They stop right so you get an accurate time of how long youve been playing so i guess.
This is the moment of truth when i actually find out so. I guess automatic and then actually i think just run and there they go like theres never been a month when i havent played thats did that just skip 2017. I found my 20 17 logs yes.
I believe that i now have every single log that ive ever had with my know i still dont ok now i should have. 999 of my logs and the reason. Why im not saying.
A hundred percent is that some log files have the same name. Because log files are basically the date. And then just 1 2.
3. So some days. If i were to play minecraft on multiple computers on the same day then that wont really.
Work. So thats why im saying. 999.
Anyway. Lets run lets see what my actual play time is. Because thats gonna be a lot.
Its just so mental just seeing like hundreds of logs. Just fly past and just thinking that each one of those logs right each individual log was you pressing the play button in minecraft every single log is me pressing the play button that i just find mental. A hundred and fifty days.
I mean when i was actually looking on the reddit post. I see quite a lot of other people also with something like this right so. The thing is in some ways.
I can kavner that my answers sort of rights and there was no not special. But then again thats a lot of times a hundred and sixty days of my life have been spent in minecraft in the past four five years in the past five years and like 15 days right and its okay sophia save came right i understand.

how to check how many hours you have on minecraft-0
how to check how many hours you have on minecraft-0

But that maybe accounts for like id say maybe. Max. 20 days.
Some of that so thats a lot okay lets stop scanning and lets create a laughs. Okay thats how she go through this graph and maybe i can see some patterns which i recognize because okay. This is when i got minecraft right the 15th of january 2014.
Then spiked a little bit then i went down then some all day to 2014. Then actually near christmas. I played quite a lot then february.
I must have not played a lot then it kind of stays sort of eco except for than september against some holidays and then november. Interesting then it kind of goes seeming a little bit down in 2016. Actually i feel like i might be missing some log files from this section.
Here. Like i think thats the case. But then we go up here and then august thats a lot of hours.
We had hours and days thats twelve and a half days. So i must have been af getting for some time. But thats the summer holiday.
Which means that i could have theoretically played a lot like not that much but a lot so if you want to find out yourself how long hes been playing then go to the link in the description. Which will bring you to this reddit post and then click on this link right here. Which will download this and then you open this file.
If you leave it on automatic or just go to normal updated. Op minecraft folder or you can add like certain paths. If you have like custom directories.
And then you just press. One right you just press. One it will run through a room of me it took like about three four minutes.
If you do do this then make sure to write down below. How much time youve played in minecraft. I mean if you played bedrock edition.
And i think it may actually tell you how much time youve paid. But im not sure about that but hey just play java okay. .

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how to check how many hours you have on minecraft-1

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