How to set ignition timing 5.7 chevy vortec with snap on scan tool

how to set timing on 5.7 vortec This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How to set ignition timing 5.7 chevy vortec with snap on scan tool. Following along are instructions in the video below:
I put a distributor in this 99. Chevy tahoe. I believe these are 96 to to 99 on tahoes up to 98 on the pickups 3054 tech.
Im to show you how to set the timing for the scan tool. Im using a solo soldier snap on scan tool. I already knew this was bound to fail in these plastic distributors.
The gm makes a little tab broke off there while back its been hanging on by a thread all this time. But i set the timing on it once and i couldnt get it dead on zero. And i knew there was an issue there these distributors are notorious for the gears to wear out on them.
Now this one isnt so bad. It was about to fail. Its bad enough to work it and get it timed correctly you can see the silver color in the dark color.
Thats the teeth wearing out on this distributor.

how to set timing on 5.7 vortec-0
how to set timing on 5.7 vortec-0

And these bodies are all plastic. Theyre just junk for real. The new one.
I installed is all aluminum body on it you cant see it in there. Its all aluminum body so i think it in my last longer either way its new the gears new so thats the big thing first thing to do is get all your information in for your. Vehicle as you can see this is a 99 chevy tahoe for drive 57.
And want to go ahead and click. No air palm. Were going to engine data display.
I believe yeah and the evap egr data. This is what were looking forward to set the timing on this these distributors dont move much. But okay scroll the bottom youll see cmp right there its showing zero right.

how to set timing on 5.7 vortec-1
how to set timing on 5.7 vortec-1

What were looking for in a perfect world is for that to say zero. While this vehicle is running anything negative. 2 up to 2.
Its good to thats fine thats all inspect it start the vehicle and as you set this the idle speed has to be above a thousand rpm so ive got my distributor bolt already loose and im going to get under the hood and raise the auto with one hand and im going to turn to the distributor with the other hand. Ill set my scan tool over here. Where i can see it and as you can see right now cmp is at negative.
8. Idle by razor. Ive heard that river a little bit raise it again razza lucky guess that on 0zmv zero and from there you just shut your vehicle off tighten.
The distributor down to where it doesnt move and unhook your scan tool and youre finished. Thanks for watching grease monkey tv. Dont forget your go go juice.

how to set timing on 5.7 vortec-2
how to set timing on 5.7 vortec-2

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