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Im so excited for you to try plexus. I am. Megan goth diamond ambassador ambassador with plexus worldwide.
The health and happiness company and today. Im going to with you how i coached people to start their plexus supplements. So i thought i would start off with a story and i will say first of all plexus has been one of the biggest health blessings in my life.
I worked with the natural path before i started plexus and she really gave me a perspective on supplementation and i thought that you would appreciate and that was she told me. She said. Megan unless you stay on a quality multivitamin high amounts of probiotics in a good quality omega.
She said. Yours your symptoms are going to end up returning and that was my perspective with starting plexus thats my perspective with supplementation and why its important. I was dealing with autoimmunity a lot of toxicity and one thing that my health journey has taught me is that when one thing is off on your body.
It can cause a snowball effect of health issues and so i really believe in replenishing. What is lost our environment is full of toxins our food supply isnt as healthy as you know as we want it to be a lot of times. We eat too much sugar and so replenishing and nourishment is so important in the healing root issues is the name of the game.
Core health is so important and thats really what plexus addresses. Its got health nutrient absorption. Reducing inflammation and glucose stabilization blood sugar balance.
Is so important. It has a lot of far reaching effects especially in hormone balance. So you know research.
That is so so exciting so fun. I did want to share really quick a couple of encouragement. So one of the things i always want to tell people that plexus is not a quick fix remember it takes 90 days for your cells to replenish and to rejuvenate and regenerate and so i encourage people to stay super super consistent for a good 90 days.
But if you can give it a 6 months. I dont give your body time to rebalance regroup. Reboot.
And remember. When youre dealing with health issues. Or just annoying symptoms.
Like it took a. While for you to you know accumulate. Those.
Health issues. And so its going to take time for those things to balance as your body nourishes itself and all those things as you absorb these good things so work with your sponsor. Give yourself time listen to your body.

how to take plexus slim for best results-0
how to take plexus slim for best results-0

Ask a lot of questions and stay consistent. Thats the one thing. I would really recommend is stay religiously consistent with your supplementation.
So that you can get the most out of it and remember healthy food choices exercise. All of those things are so important and they will help you have better success as you start your supplementation regimen. So a couple of things i wanted to go over you probably starting with the triplex combo.
Thats the most popular combination. I recommend to everyone and thats what i started with and so im gonna go over the triplex first and then well talk about a couple of other products. And so.
My recommendation is definitely to start slow you want to ease in anytime. You add in a lot of probiotics enzymes herbs. You want to give your body time to adjust to those so starting.
So is the name of the game. You probably started either with them. The microbiome slim or the hunger control.
Slim that came in your welcome pack. And the microbiome slim. Really deals with gut health and it has a lot of prebiotics.
Most of these have chromium that helps to regulate blood sugar and the micro. So the hunger control. Slim helps to helps you feel full helps to really curb.
Those crazy cravings. And so one thing that weve noticed is some some people need to even slower than a full pack. So if youre one of those people.
That has a lot of health issues. Or you just are super sensitive. Consider is starting with 1 4.
Or 1 2. A packet. If you dont tend to notice you know issues with starting new things go ahead.
And do the full packet make sure you drink it down. Within 30 minutes. You can mix it with 10 to 20 ounces of water.
If you need to add lemon go ahead. And do that i like my import of our ice. And remember even if youre not diabetic.

how to take plexus slim for best results-1
how to take plexus slim for best results-1

You will see wonderful things happen. A lot of people notice enough taking in their energy. That our sleep and reduced cravings.
Thats always a win so um. Its recommended to take slim 30 minutes before. But this is not medication so theyre supplements you can take them whenever it fits your lifestyle.
If you work a night shift maybe take them before your night shift time or you can take it midday. I take mine usually mid morning mid afternoon you can take two sometimes i take two if i need an extra boost of energy if im getting money in the afternoon. Ill do the hunger control.
Slim people that are truly diabetic. They have a lot of weight to lose or theyre really struggling with cravings. Those are the people that i recommend doing to but still you want to even slowly before you up to do alright.
So the next two things well talk about are the other parts of the triplex combo. Which is our bio cleanse and our pro bio five and bio claims. I call it the scrub and the sweeper and the pro bio five is the scrubber and these two things work together to help you detox your gi tract and when i say detox.
Im not meaning some sort of harsh cleanse. This is very gentle. But what happens is a lot of times.
Were not um. Were not feeding our gut with what we need and so theres an overgrowth of bad bacteria and so pro bio. 5.
Helps us see the gut with good bacteria. Theres for beneficial strains of bacteria. Plus a beneficial yeast and theres an antifungal so thats super cool.
Theres also an enzyme enzymes in here. Which help to get rid of the bound stuff so you dont want to just add and good. But you want to keep getting rid of the bad stuff.
So this is the scrubber. It also helps this thing the gut with good things. This isnt a sweeper that helps to sweep out anything that we dont want in there.
And really you should be eliminating one to three times a day and so that just helps that process along so these two arent together you want to be consistent with taking them. But i would recommend only three with one to two on both and if you struggle with constipation start with bio cleanse first if not you can go ahead and do the pro bio five. I will say a lot of us are magnesium deficient and so my outlines is a huge helper in light of you know things related to magnesium deficiency.
And it has one of the things that its helped me with is my restless legs especially during pregnancy. Its been a godsend. So i would say that theres also something called candida overgrowth.

how to take plexus slim for best results-2
how to take plexus slim for best results-2

And what that is is yeast overgrowth and they got and thirty two point forty percent of the population has that even though they might not know it. And so what what that does is a lot of times causes us to crave stuff. We shouldnt be eating.
It also develops a film on the inside of our intestine. So were were not absorbing nutrients from our food like we should and so these two things work together to help rid the gi tract of unnecessary things and really your mouth is so important its a root of so much and its also our second brain. Its if you havent researched the gut brain connection and how imperative good health is there research.
It youll be astounded. By what all relates back to the house and so the trunk. Collects combo is helping to regulate your blood sugar its.
Helping to rebalance your microbiome and your gut. And so that your tummy is happy and youre happy. So one thing that i will say really quick is ive been on the triplex three years strong and it has been a huge lesson to my health.
I feel 100 as a mom as a wife and so i personally i taste. I take my slim either mid morning mid afternoon. And i take these two at bedtime you can take them in between meals.
If you want or with a meal for promo five. But for me personally i work it just works the best for me at bedtime. I make sure and get it in my body and inconsistent with that i did work up to four of each for the first six months of my triplex.
I had a lot of issues that i had to deal with and i had to go slow. I experienced a lot of detox probably more than most people. But i stayed consistent and im so glad i did not quit in the middle of my journey.
Because my miracles happened a good six months into my triplex system. So i would encourage you to stick with it stay consistent. I do now do a maintenance dose of two to three depending on what i need what my body needs.
I will say that x factor is one of the things i added in super quickly after i started my triplex and this is what i recommend people starting with their triplex because a lot of times were not getting the nutrients from our food that we need or deficient maybe our gun isnt absorbing things like they should so getting our gut clean is important. But then adding in nutrients and this is a multivitamin multi mineral. It has an aloe blend that helps you absorb it also has polyphenols which helps to feed the good bacteria.
And its also a hormone balancer. Theres also the black currant and such a good stuff in here. So i highly recommend using this you can do this.
Twice a day um well to a day. I should say you can split it up. If you need to i personally take this and the mega x.
The plant based omega slim. In the morning and then i will do my pro bio. Inviting friends at bedtime.

how to take plexus slim for best results-3
how to take plexus slim for best results-3

So i will do also me new skincare. I love this my mom and i have been super. Impressed with what its done for our skin with just smoothing out the wrinkles and the signs of aging and its i what i love about plexus supplements is their combination products and theyre very simple.
Im not having to do six steps or anything like that theres just an am serum and a pm serum three pumps each fabulous. So i didnt want to mention that also the new product called lean is now here. And so its a plant based 100 vegetarian meal replacements shape.
My kids love it. And we have been using that for quick lunch or quick. Breakfasts.
Mixed with almond milk. In the blender. So a win.
There my children love the x factor vitamins. It is a probiotic in a multiplying vitamin combo. So thats super cool theres no sugar.
So were excited about that and i will say the one thing. I have been super consistent with my kids on is promeo v. Some of them take reduced doses of the triplex.
Theyve seen some really good positives with them with eczema and allergies and behavior issues. But pro bio v. Has literally kept my six kids healthy in the past three years.
I can count larry literally on probably one hand the amount of times. Weve been sick. Its been that helpful to get their gut healthy.
I will also highlight two other products really quick and on two vital biome. This is a morning probiotic that help i call it my chill pill. But it helps with feelings of anxiety and depression and just overall stress.
So really helping a senior. Gut with good healthy microbes. And then ease is even these nerve are soon.
Were helpful for anyone struggling with pain inflammation. I know its a big issue so a lot of times. Ill have people do loading doses of this so 2 to 3 capsules.
3 times a day and then they can back off to let more of a maintenance dose after they get on top of their pain. So my encouragement is as you start your plexus supplements get excited. Im super excited for you there is so much hope theres so much healing and body balance that happens as you start supplements supplementing your diet and i would encourage you to ease in drink your water ask a lot of questions and work with your sponsor i am super excited for you to start your journey bye guys .

how to take plexus slim for best results-4
how to take plexus slim for best results-4

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