How to straighten ”NATURAL” hair WITHOUT heat, blow drying OR flat ironing

how to straighten natural hair without heat This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How to straighten NATURAL hair WITHOUT heat, blow drying OR flat ironing. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Video is for my subscribers who dont put heat in your hair or minimally. Minimally. So you know most of my videos are about how to fight around your using a 450 degree temperature so not everybody uses a 450 degree temperature and not everybody flatirons your hair so so you want to make sure you do this one freshly co wash or shannond hair my hair is a light fluffy and airy and movie you know i want it to be weighed down with product.
So i would suggest if youre going to try this do it one freshly washed or a shampoo hair. Now. Everyones texture is different.
So i cant guarantee that it will work on every texture or it may youre not im saying. It may so you just got to give a shot during the deep conditioning process you want to make sure you finger detangle. Has been relieved as possible okay so in order to stretch your areas.
You really have to make sure you get all the kinks and knocks out detangle i spray on my apogee dareth agreement. You know spraying something on your hair is optional.

how to straighten natural hair without heat-0
how to straighten natural hair without heat-0

But to me it does give your hair more music finger detangle first so that is home to glide to your hair. You want to get your hair as smooth as possible should be no kinks or tangles while youre brushing your hair. You dont want this brushing can be kind of damaging to your hair.
Too so before you even get to that step when a finger detangle and smooth it get here smooth as possible it through my hair. Did take the day and i have to dry so if you want to try this technique give yourself a little extra time maybe on the weekends. Where you know its going to dry.
All the way i have done this many times and the worst thing that can happen is you wait girl excited to take your hair out and its damn music music music music your hair. Obviously is not going to get blown straight okay. Its just a wonderful stretching technique.
I have been doing this techniques for quite a while now i dont even realize that my hair remember back in the days. The rollers up my hair get much better results stretching my hair.

how to straighten natural hair without heat-1
how to straighten natural hair without heat-1

This day. Because your hair is pretty much mold it in the direction. You might go into you make sure you smooth your edges down pushed.
It all the way back make it smooth as possible like i said spray a little water or you know i mean just to just a little bit you dont want to make it wet the step by back bark on your head let it sit for about an hour and then take it off all of this should be a last move thats how you would manipulate your hair to get it straight. Okay were not going for bone straight over time your hair will get straighter and straighter number one were going to avoid blow drying. So thats like a great step to skip fall together and then number two going to use a lower temperature.
But because you have the work is already done i dont have to use the 450 degree temperatures. Because my hair is pretty much damn theyre straight you know that means i still use 450 degrees. Okay i love that counter good.
But i dont have to not all the time music whoa baby. I was not expecting that many comments okay i havent gone for a long time.

how to straighten natural hair without heat-2
how to straighten natural hair without heat-2

I thought half of you might have left huge drop significantly. If you havent been on youtube like that so i wasnt expecting a lot of comments. Im thinking fifty a hundred shucks i knocked that out in an hour you got i mean girl.
I was over here i was over here tighten my ass off haha and i didnt take into account that i have two channels. So i was getting traffic in both champions. So i was like damon and told these people that i was going to reply to all comments and im sorry yall.
I tried but thank you so much for the overwhelming amount of love i really appreciated girls special honey. I self love i felt wanted i did get me in so special. But i cannot apply to all those comments.
But i did read them all thats it i read them all i saw old friends met some new friends so again. Thank you kay. My bus much time on that but thank you thank you thank you make sure you come back.
Because each video will coincide with the previous video so kind of like following a little story. So you will get the whole fool just about and out eventually this entire series will lead to a flat earning video and a link check video music .

how to straighten natural hair without heat-3
how to straighten natural hair without heat-3

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