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Guys so it is a girl pammy again from initial plz here today and i im going to show you guys how to curl really really short here like today you guys all should know by now if you guys follow me on my channel here i cut my hair a few months ago. And its so hard to style short here. I actually thought it was would be a lot easier than the length that i used to have before which is like down to my waist.
But its a lot harder youre very limited to hairstyles maybe. Thats just me the other day. I was playing around with hair looks.
And i actually used my con ear hot rollers. I was surprised because the length of my hair. Before wasnt long enough for me to even use hot rollers or curlers and it just didnt look right so im gonna retry that look for you guys today because i did have some requests to do that hair look so being that said.
Im going to be using some products for my hair. Today you guys all know that i dont like using hair products. But for the sake of the video.
I will be using this so sexy smooth straight and silky styling mist from victorias secret. So for using any heat. This is a heat protectant.
Its very good for hair protects that so it doesnt damage her here. I got this from my ipsy box way back. And i ive used it a few times and i just love the smell so for the sake of the video again im going to use this living proof nourishing styling cream for you guys just to style and kind of lock my curls for you so thats that and then youll just need like a brush.

hot curlers for short hair-0
hot curlers for short hair-0

This is the its the goody quick style brush that i will be using to just kind of brush. My curls nothing really fancy or anything i can actually tease with this too so its really nice and then of course. The come here curler that the hot rollers you guys are going to want to know what it is um.
These are the clippys that youll need if youre using to con your hot rollers. I got this for christmas two years ago. The rollers look like this and theyre just really nice.
Its got the on and off button. And its just one setting for the heat. So im going use about the size of this for my my curls today okay guys so this is my hair just out of the bed.
I didnt even wet my hair or anything the reason. Why i dont do it much is because i actually get more volume in my hair. So im just going to spritz a little bit on my hair.
Okay. And this is my hair volumize and its really like jacked up in the back. But thats okay because ill be curling my hair and this is how you get your volume.
If you dont want flat here dont wash you hear that morning if you want to style it so im going to start off with using the biggest hot roller here just going to take the front take a piece and im just going to take the hot rollers. This is my way of curling my hair. Everyone has a different way im just going to put that at the tip of my hair take my hair and roll it towards the back of my head.

hot curlers for short hair-1
hot curlers for short hair-1

So going that way and im just going to roll it backwards and then im going to take one of my clips and im just going to clip. It this actually takes practice girls so i dont expect you guys to actually know this right away still to this day. I dont know if im doing it correctly.
But this works for me so im going to stick it stick with it its really hot so be very careful next row. Im going to go back take the hair. Thats right behind it same concept.
Im going to take my bigger rolls towards the center of my head. And im just going to take the tip of my here roll it backwards and roll it towards the back of your head not towards the front and im just that girls its much easier if your here is not damped the hair is damned. Its going to be harder for your hair to actually give you the curls so i like it when its not damp because then your curls actually come out a lot faster.
So you dont have to let it sit for too long so because its gonna take a bigger one and im just doing it curling it towards away from my face. Ill show you guys again on this side. Youre just going to grab.
Im really bad at explaining so i just hope by you guys watching it helps. But i like to take this towards the end of my here twist it around and away from the face lock. It there.
So my hair is just all over i like my curls to be all over thats just me taking the big one again tip and away from my head and just lock. It there so girls if you have short hair this helps me a lot i use my rollers it just gives me a very nice luck and i look kind of funky right now. But thats okay because your end results will be amazing.

hot curlers for short hair-2
hot curlers for short hair-2

And you just really have to play around with your hair. So the tip turn it around and just twist and just go and take clip and clip. It almost done because i dont have much hair here so the ones that are peeking out here.
Im going to take a smaller one which is a medium size and curl. It here and hot roller and im just going to turn away and twist. Ill show you guys again on the other side so just clip.
It theyre taking the medium sized roller and then were going to take the here. Im going to put it under twist. The ends and roll it away from your head or face whatever you want to call it and just clip.
It and lock it right there and it doesnt have to be perfect because i like messy hairdos. I dont like it so perfect i just kind of like it whatever and then you guys all know from the back you guys probably cant tell. But the back actually has a little bit of hair sticking out so im just going to take the first top layer of my my short hair in the back.
And im just going to take a big one and you guys cant see this. But its so short that you can barely get to here to actually curl so im just going to take a little bit and curl that so thats about it. And its so messy and so fun.
I like the messy just kind of whatever look right now this works for me. And this is the way i curl my hair and get the looks that i want im going to wait for about a minute or two and im going to come back and take everything out for you guys and then well start from there guys im back so im going to take this off for you guys. And im just a little older that i started with me when everythings out like this just kind of play around with your here now we can comb.

hot curlers for short hair-3
hot curlers for short hair-3

It however you want it looks just kind of like crazy doesnt it okay isnt that funky guys oh. My god my hair is a total mess okay guys so this is the aftermath of having your hair curls with the hot rollers. I absolutely love my conure now.
Im just gonna take this brush and im going to take it kind of like the tip the crown with my here. Im just going to brush it up and im just going to give it a little volume by just brushing up and down up and down. So that gives me little bit more volume in the back.
Because it just looks kind of funny so play around with your here. And you will actually start realizing that your hair can do so much more than what you think it can use this living proof styling cream just about that much if thats a little bit too much but just going to like open up a little bit from the bottom and up so it gives you the volume that you want my hair ready has volume especially because i didnt wash my hair this morning. And i have an advantage along this i dont have to tease much because as you guys can already tell from beginning of the video.
I already had volume from bed here so this is going to actually give you more volume and more of a look to right here. So thats how you get the funky hairdo that pammi creeds different from my video last time. But this is my that this is the way i did it before and yeah.
So this is the finished look and for girls who have a very hard time styling your hair like i do. This is a great way of just curling right here with hot rollers. Its so easy and simple and fast.
I actually like hot rollers more than i do with a curling iron thats just my preference. But i hope this tutorial was very easy to follow as always dont forget to follow me on my channel here and dont forget to subscribe already bye guys. .

hot curlers for short hair-4
hot curlers for short hair-4

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