How to Tell a Story When Public Speaking

a speaker who anticipates counterarguments and then addresses or rebuts them is delivering a(n) This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How to Tell a Story When Public Speaking. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Were gonna talk about how to tell stories in a presentation and joining me me is my youtube friend kit pang. So lets get into it rock music. This is our first time meeting.
This channel is all about giving you the communication and leadership tools you need to make an impact. And today. Our guest is kit pang from boston speaks.
Well be talking about how to tell stories in a presentation. But first kit can you tell us a little bit about your channel alex first of all thank you so much for having me on your channel your channel is one of my favorites. When it comes to communication.
Improving ones speaking. So my channel boston speaks is all about helping individuals like yourself improve your public. Speaking to advance your career success kit.
Why dont you tell us why you think stories are so important. When were standing up and presenting well sure alex storytelling is one of the most powerful state of the art technologies that im gonna say you can use in todays society. We no longer live in the survival of the fittest.
Its whoever can get the ideas across in the meeting at home is successful at the end of the day and storytelling is so important because its memorable. Its persuasive and its human you see as human beings. We are the only species to tell stories and this is what research have found when you wrap your facts or information around a good story.
It is actually 22 times more memorable and when you tell stories three things happen to your brain it releases dopamine cortisol and oxytocin dopamine is the feel good hormone. Just like if you go on social media and people are pressing like all of the time. When you hear.
A good story. Dopamine gets released. It also releases.
Something called. Oxytocin. Oxytocin is basically in a nutshell.
They say. Instead of giving. Cupid.
An arrow to shoot let cupid release some oxytocin. So oxytocin is basically that relationship bonding love hormone.

a speaker who anticipates counterarguments and then addresses or rebuts them is delivering a(n)-0
a speaker who anticipates counterarguments and then addresses or rebuts them is delivering a(n)-0

So when you tell a good story. People just cant help. But just trust you more and they wanna bond and build relationships with you thats why this research that have also said that storytelling will make you more attractive and third is something called cortisol cortisol is actually a stress hormone and that is good because whenever you want to get information across you have to make your information.
The most important thing on your audience mind right now. So actually when you release a good amount of healthy stress. People say wow.
This is actually really important why i really have to pay attention to it just like netflix if you watch any netflix shows you would not want to do work you just wanna finish that one hour episode. Because its got your attention. Its hard maybecause.
Theres some stress thats happening in the episode. And you wanna keep on finishing. It so alex you shared with me a story earlier about a bad customer experience.
I would love if you could just share that with your audience right now sure ill tell that story this past fall. I had a great experience renting a house on vacation. With my family and i wanted to give the property owner a five star review.
It was a new property and i wanted to be one of the first customers to leave a great review. But the online system. We were using did not allow me to leave a review in an easy way at all this system is set up so it sends a one time email to you and if you miss that email.
You really cant leave a review and im 99 sure i never received it because i was on the look out for it and i was checking my spam folder every day. Nothing so i asked the actual property owner. What should i do and she said yeah.
This system is really clunky so i got online and i was chatting with a customer service person about it im not saying it was airbnb. But it was one of those kinds of companies and i was chatting with them for over 20 minutes. And he was not able to provide me another way to submit a review.
The chat got a little heated got a little emotional. And i really wanted to do right by this property owner. But in the chat.
The customer service rep kept making it seem like i was the one at fault somehow like i had messed this up really badly. But he finally admitted that he had no way to re send the email to send me a link or anything like that to allow me to post a review. I was polite.
But my point to the company was that customers should not have to fight their way through some system just to leave a review in the end unfortunately. I was not able to leave a review.

a speaker who anticipates counterarguments and then addresses or rebuts them is delivering a(n)-1
a speaker who anticipates counterarguments and then addresses or rebuts them is delivering a(n)-1

But i did contact the property owner directly and offered to give any kind of endorsement that i could that she might share on social media and use. However she wanted i still feel really badly for the property owner. She did everything 100 right.
I just couldnt provide a review. So thats my bad customer service story that i told you before kit so go ahead and break that down well alex thank you so much for that story. I love that story and i wanna break down that story and just tell everyone why that is a good story.
So when you tell stories. There are actually two types of stories. One is a recap story and one is a situational story.
What we wanna get into more is actually that situational story. Because its way more impactful. So what do i mean by recap versus situational.
If you wanna watch season three of stranger things. And you forgot season one and season two you might go on youtube and just watch a quick five minute ten minute recap video of what actually happened in season. One and season two usually you do not get emotionally involved because its a lot of bullet points just like for example some people tell recap stories like five years ago.
I did this three years ago and then boop boop boop boop boom. When you go into a situational story. Thats exactly what you did alex so.
I just wanna break that down first is start it with a time and a place even though lets say you dont have to say it out loud. We knew you entered a time and a place and then second you were describing what was happening around you and then third you were talking about your reactions to what was happening around you that is so important for example youre talking about well i had to check my spam folder or i had to talk to this person for 10 minutes 20 minutes online and as you are describing your reactions to it we get to visualize that in our minds. So when youre saying you wanna check the spam folder.
I can even see you going into the gmail your email. And you go into the spam folder or youre going into that chatting online. I can see a pop up that little pop up on the website.
Youre just chatting with that person even though its not the real thing that happened its more powerful for the audience because we can visualize. It a good story have all of these things every single time the time and the place youre describing whats happening and the reactions to the things thats happening so if you have other people in your story you can say he said this. She said that they were doing this and also the fourth thing is that the actions based off of how you were reacting to the events.
What did you do or did not do when it comes to storytelling in business. A lot of people feel like well i cant tell stories. Because whats the point well heres the thing.
Most of the time they dont know how to connect the lesson or the point to the audience and making it important for the audience. So lets say alex you have that great story you can take so many lessons from that story your next step now to make this a really impressive story is then to connect the dots for your audience for example.

a speaker who anticipates counterarguments and then addresses or rebuts them is delivering a(n)-2
a speaker who anticipates counterarguments and then addresses or rebuts them is delivering a(n)-2

The next thing you could say is therefore. Because i had such a bad customer experience. The next time.
We do things we have to make sure that we all are on the same page for example or everyone gets clear communication or whatever the lesson that you got from your story. But you have to connect the dots for your audience or else. The audience wont be able to say hmm.
How does that story match with why were here today. So to really make your story to the next level. Tell your experience your situational experience that you went through and then magically you want to wrap everything up with a sentence or two and say thats why its important for you the audience today or the lessons that ive tooked away and heres what you need to know about it that makes sense to me kit and what do you say to people when they say they dont have any good stories to tell a lot of people ask me i dont have stories kit.
What can i do to tell better stories or how can i find stories. If you ever have that thought the first thing you have to realize is that stories are all around you im not sure about you. But have you ever bought new clothes or you got new shoes or you just bought a new car and then you start noticing that everyone has that new car or something similar that you got its the same exact thing with stories right now if you believe that you dont have stories youre not listening for them youre not looking for them.
Because every single day as human beings. We go through life experiences. Even when youre chatting with your friends or your mom or your colleges.
They will tell you so many stories and there are so many lessons from those stories. So the best thing that you can do if you want to become a better. Storyteller is first start telling stories dont care about how good they are how bad they are i had a client ask me he was like kit.
I wanna become a better storyteller and i asked him well are you telling stories right now and. He said no so the very first step. If you want to become a better storyteller believe you have stories no matter.
If the stories are good or bad just start telling them thanks for being on the channel and helping us out. Today great advice on stories well alex. I wanna say thank you so much for having me on your channel your channel is one of my favorite when it comes to communication and speaking skills so for the audience watching right now.
I would definitely say press subscribe. Because alex has great information to help you improve your communication skills well thank. You for that kit.
And i would like to return the favor and recommend that you check out kits channel. The best place to start is watching his video on the best hand gestures for public speaking. Its excellent.
Ill put links to that video in the description below and also you can check out his channel. Ill pin his comment to the top comment in that section and you can just click on his name. Itll take you right to his channel and be sure to say hello so thanks god bless and i will see you soon .

a speaker who anticipates counterarguments and then addresses or rebuts them is delivering a(n)-3
a speaker who anticipates counterarguments and then addresses or rebuts them is delivering a(n)-3

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