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Youtube team here im getting ready to hook up the switch on my air air compressor here. Now they have a plugin for it. And i got this old had a old plug in on it.
And i use the plug in i had a mate for this one so im using this one. Its im working with the 240 volt. So this could get dangerous.
So you got to be careful you can hurt yourself. So im just going to put it out there im not responsible if you do anything i do if you dont like the way. Im doing it dont do it im okay using wire that i know was unplugged from where it was unplugged.
It was a big piece of equipment and there wasnt anything there were it was just an older piece of equipment that they were replacing their work when they unplugged it so well put it that way thats why im going ahead and using that service. Theres just no reason for me to go out and buy new stuff now you need to decide what you want to do. But a couple things i dont need all four of these wires.
So im going to use hopefully. The white the green and the black and get rid of the red that way its hooked up the way normal house wiring is hooked up second of all i want to test. And make sure just for making sure that there is continuity from here to here.
This is one end of the wire. And this is the other end of the wire. And its rolled up in between anyhow and to do that i got my tester here.
And this one makes noise. So you can put it over here to this one. And it should when i touch them together make noise.
So i know im not using the red one. But well start with that one just to see where were at and there its going. Theres continuity.

how to check continuity in a long wire-0
how to check continuity in a long wire-0

Now we got white make sure youre not touching anything else to it okay little good there. Weve got green good there and black good there so now i know for sure. Theres other tests.
Im sure you could do to make sure how much electricity will flow through and all that im not going to do any of that im happy with from this end of the cord to this end of the cord. All of it is together theres no breaks in there or anything like that again you need to decide what you want to do. But what i am going to do is go ahead and cut these off clean and start with the fresh wires on the end.
And im just going to hook my plug up now. Ive done lots of things on wiring and hooking plugs up i mean you got ill just ill just say it lets see here i got to make sure. And im gonna have to double check this i believe this is ground and then you got white and black so neutral and power with 240.
You pretty much have power coming in and a ground going out that doesnt really technically go to neutral. You got twice the power going in. But im not going to get into all that thats just you got to figure all that stuff out for yourself right now.
Im just putting this plugin and this video was basically to show you how to check older wires. If you choose to use them for some reason to make sure that theyre still continuity. So theyre not broke you can do this with anything if you have a trailer wire that youre having problems with you can sit there and you can touch this end of it and then go you know how wherever you think it might be broken or go to the very end of it if youre getting continuity.
You got a different problem if its not making noise or continuity. And what i do i know these arent long enough. But what i always do i have a big long cable.
Its got a crimp on there gator clip on the end of it basically and ill clip that to one end and then bring my tester to the other end and and test it that way but anyway. If you got continuity you got a different problem if youre if its not making noise. You dont have continuity then start following it up say to where it might have got pinched or something like that and tested at that spot and sooner or later.
Well find out where that break is if you dont have continuity just a little tip and trick. I think well just call. It good there this is sam jack of all master.
None you all have a good one .

how to check continuity in a long wire-1
how to check continuity in a long wire-1

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