How to Test Your Soil pH – My Yard Needs Lime in the Worst Way

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To hort tube. My name is jim putnam and today. Im gonna be doing doing some ph testing in my yard.
A couple places in my turf and a places in beds around my house. I want to see what my ph is like here. See if i need to lime typically in my area the ph is very very low.
I limed here 20 years ago. When i moved into this house. One time i have not checked it since really have put a lot of time and energy into growing.
My business and not as much time as i should have here at my house. But im gonna start working on that and one of the first steps here is im gonna find out if i need to lime just this entire yard or if theres just some spaces that i need to lime in the yard. All im gonna need for this is a shovel you may only just need a trowel if your soil tends to be a little looser but definitely in my yard.
Ive got a lot of clay. Im gonna have to use the shovel for that hes the little thin trenching shovel work perfect. Ive got some cups that im gonna put the soil in im gonna collect four different samples.
Ive got my ph tester right here its also a moisture meter. Ive had it in a couple other videos. Ill link it in the description.
And i have some distilled water. You definitely want to use distilled water and not any kind of bottled water. Because typically they put some salts and things in those and theyre not ph balanced this distilled water will definitely have a ph of seven which is neutral.
I dont want the water to have any affect on the reading of my soil so with that said. Im gonna go around four different spots in my yard and collect some soil this is just a weedy space in my backyard. Im just gonna cut the turf off.
I dont want any organic material in this and i probably want to go down between four six inches. Thats about where the root zone for most plants is gonna be try to avoid rocks like that and put it in here and i need enough to cover the bottom of that ph tester. So im gonna go up maybe two thirds of this cup.
And like i said go down pretty deep here into that clay area you can see right here. It gets more just red clay. A little further down.
I have built up a little bit of topsoil from my weedy backyard and mulch and other spaces over the year. So not quite as much clay as it was but theres one of our samples. Sample number two is going to be in an area thats had mulch on it for the last twenty years has a tree growing over it nearby well take that top area off of it and go just below that and this is definitely heavier red clay right here and im gonna need to break that up to get that probe in it so im gonna go ahead and work on breaking that up a little bit right now before i put it in the cup.
Okay. There sample number two. Well have to break a few of those clumps up this will be the third spot here this areas had mulch on it for a very long time you can see just a very different soil here than some other areas in my yard.
Ive this has only been a mulch space ive never even planted in this area. But the soil is actually a much better shape make sure you try not to get any roots or sticks or anything in there. But theres a third sample.
Okay working on another turf area getting this organic material off the top and going under that you can see red clay. And it needs to be broken up some like that that should be good enough sample number four make sure you know where your samples. Came from you could put a piece of tape on here and write on it as you go ive kind of been careful to put mine in order as ive been digging them up.
So heres the four samples. It is best to take these samples. When its a little bit dry and its very dry in my area right now and then i am in control of the water thats in them.
So. What im going to do here is add some water to each of these and just let it soak in then ill mix it in. I did add a screwdriver to the youll need list or any kind of thing that you can mix the soil in pretty well that probably added too much water here.
I think its going to be okay.

how to tell if your lawn needs lime-0
how to tell if your lawn needs lime-0

Itll hold the probe up this clay parts are much harder to break up all right. Im gonna let these soak up this water just a little bit and firm up just a bit. I waited about ten minutes and most of the water has been soaked up by that dry soil.
I think enough for this probe to stand up in the middle of the cup. If youll notice the probe is right at seven right this minute which is neutral. I actually have to put this down into this covering these three metal bands right there just right to where theyre barely covered and we have to wait about 10 minutes.
And ill do that on each cup. So hopefully. The glare is not too bad that you can actually see how low the phs in my yard.
Its absolutely ridiculous. Its perfect blueberry soil and thats about it even as elyes and rhododendrons would probably like it a little bit higher than that its about 42. Right there somewhere around six.
Is probably. Where i would be much more comfortable growing a wider range of things in my yard. That would thrive and i can see this in my neighborhood.
There theres no lawns that look great this is way way too low for lawns especially because they are nitrogen hogs. And when the ph is this low. Its really hard for them to take up nitrogen.
So you can be fertilizing your lawn and not even have much success with it. If the ph is this low. So theres just a lot of issues down here and this land.
Im gonna test these other three now. I imagine im gonna get similar results well. I didnt think it could get much.
Worse but sample number two is in fact even lower at 38. Interestingly. The area that i said had a thick layer of mulch on it for the last 20 years.
Where i really havent done much the soil hasnt proved there over time and the ph has climbed a little. Bit but its still under five the last sample was also 42. I wanted to show you i put the probe just in a glass of distilled water.
And it is very very close to seven and thats what i was talking about if you use tap water. Itll definitely be lower than that on the scale and have more of an effect. I would like for that to have been right at seven.
So it probably has had a small impact on it. But it doesnt really matter. My soils are just absolutely.
Ridiculously acid. Whether that water had any effect on the measurement or not so if anything it was definitely pulling it up so definitely gonna be adding some lime so thats how you go about finding out whats your soil ph is and then once you have those numbers you can correct them from there. Im definitely liming this yard and im lining it from corner to corner people typically people will line their lawns or some spit.
Some small space. Im actually just going to take a spreader and go across this entire yard. Im going to shoot that in a separate video because i want to tell you how much lime.
Im using and why and the time of year. Im doing it and why and all those kinds of things i think it requires a separate video. When i put that video up ill link it in the description of this one thatll be in the next few days when that goes up.
I put up a video on recently about how ph affects plant health. Ill link that in the corner of this video. And in the description of this video.
If this video was helpful please hit the like button and subscribe to my channel for future videos also comment below with any questions you have about soil ph or liming thanks for watching music. .

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how to tell if your lawn needs lime-1

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