How to Tithe When Your broke

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When youre broke lets get into it music hey everyone welcome back to to my channel essence of the lease and today. Were gonna be talking about when youre broke yo. I just filmed us a bomb video like i was so proud of myself on this topic.
And of course. Like the devil just is going to do whatever it takes to not get me out like i literally like it literally just deleted. All the videos.
I filmed for the day. So as you can see like im a little bit defeated. But it is what it is were gonna keep pressing on so tithing like tithing to me is one of those things where i dont know about you but like sometimes like i could tired tired tired tired couch.
Ive tired like on point too and then just fall off or right. Im doing it im doing okay and then i start just throwing. I heres 20 heres 10 like you know like you know i know i know you guys including their before when it comes down to tithing so what ive been doing as a release to tithing that has completely transformed my financial gain.
And honestly just my life in general. And what ive been noticing every time. I tithe so the first little hack.
I got for you when it comes down to tithing when youre broke is to budget. Yall. I hope some of yall.
Personally who know me know like im really big on like budgeting now um. But when you budget you really do set aside money specifically for god and its only ten percent to be obedient thats all hes asking us to do its 10 percent. We spend more we spend more than 10 percent on fashion over every week.
Okay so we can spend ten percent on god so what ive been doing and its made just higher than completely easier for me is putting it in my butt now if you dont know what a budget is a budget basically is just any type of sheet of paper or a spreadsheet or or you know theres a ton of budgeting apps on your phone. Where you literally allocate all your money for the month and you tell it where to go right so like ps eng 70 to the done right you follow your budget week by week. So what ive been doing is number one and i actually learned this from a book dave.
David ramsey. Total total money makeover first create a budget after you create that budget follow it of course. But the thing that really has taken my tiny game up another level and like ensuring that i hit it every sunday.
Is tithing first tithing first so i literally put tithing on the top of my budget every week.

how to tithe when you are broke-0
how to tithe when you are broke-0

It is the first thing i do before i touch any bill before i swipe my card before i do buy groceries for my kids. It literally is the first thing i do and i actually learned from my pastor. He said one sunday when you tithe first it covers you literally and thats honestly what ive been experiencing.
I dont have to worry about bills. I have to worry about my children. I dont have to worry about things happening to me i have to worry about my mindset having peace just disruption in my home like he covers my entire life normally when i dont tithe.
Its literally just like this like your life is just like totally whats come by belated youre always living paycheck to paycheck like i dont know why she when i dont tire when i miss a sunday. Im literally scraping to make ends meet whenever i tithe okay. Theres always more than enough theres always more than enough.
Im making the same amount of money each and every every two weeks. What is the difference. Its the only thing im doing differently is im being obedient to god theres something theres something in your obedience.
He has you and the moment. You believe that and the moment. You just say you know what god ima jump jump.
Because he has you i literally time every sunday. Now and one thing has been thats been maybe making it easier if your church has this i highly recommend. My church does and this made tithing like super easy its heidi via phone.
So every morning every friday morning. I get paid every friday every friday morning. I open up that app and i send my church my tithe and im actually like thats it so i highly recommend tithing you be surprised right when youre just obedient over the small task that god gives you seriously since tithing.
I now know my what my gift is i know i know what im going how im going to get there. I now set goals for myself. I now crush goals for myself.
I now have a savings account. I now have some type of allowance that im using every week to fund my dreams like theres just so much that goes into tithing that i actually believe can change your life. The the moral of the story is be obedient listen to what hes saying just type just tithe okay and those two ways.
I mean listen if youre if youre making a paycheck right.

how to tithe when you are broke-1
how to tithe when you are broke-1

Now you can afford to tithe thats what im saying if you are giving your paycheck. Right now you can afford to tithe if youre getting some type of income you can afford to tithe if you dont believe me i promise. I will never steer you wrong okay.
If you dont believe me do it do an experiment for yourself take three to four sundays and just put god first first okay im not talking about paying your bills. I dont know as me i know about you but i used to pay all my bills make sure i covered me briona covered everything i needed to do by myself. Because im an independent woman lie lie lie and then i paid my tithe and nine times out of ten.
When you do it that way youre always going to come short youre always gonna make excuses right cuz. We turn up we be partying every like that on the weekends and then when it comes down to timing. Its like please i only got 10 and you ever say and you know you do it away.
You dont even end up having enough money to cover you like so i say that to say be obedient to god. Hes only requesting. 10.
How do you do that for me. Whats been helping tremendously like i dont even think. Thats ive been doing this so much now.
I dont even think about sizing like its a part of me. It wasnt a part of me two months ago. Okay so if i can help one person whos struggling with that whole balance of i want to be obedient and pay my tithe.
But i dont have enough money stop it you do have enough money because god bless you with that job lets keep it honey okay. So you have enough money you just dont want to. But i challenge you take the next 3 4.
Weeks time your 10 and throw a little bit extra. I just never dude a little extra like now. Oh my god ten extra dollars.
I got 20 extra bit like it im not attached to the financial thing anymore so definitely i want to encourage you to give your tire. Do that or some helpful. Tips is budgeting create a budget use cash.
When your budget and then put the line item of tithing.

how to tithe when you are broke-2
how to tithe when you are broke-2

All the way at the top meaning. Its the first thing you pay i dont even look at tithing as a bill because it just feels icky to say its a bill. But it is the most important and it will cover the rest of your finances.
I promise you just give it a try if you do end up trying definitely let me know in the comment box below how it went for you listen. Thats it definitely let me know how it went for you i prayed you have a blessed day. I pray that this sunday.
You are invigorating so just do what like i said and tithe just do it god got you that you dont even have to out to the point. Where you dont even have to convince anymore that guy got me at a point. Where you dont even have to tell me to have faith or to even you know how sometimes like you wanna have faith in sauna.
But just so afraid to have faith in that thing that you dont have faith in it or youd be like you know yeah im going to church. I have faith. But you know you dont have faith.
If you know youre a completely just scared like panic. Youre gonna back your head seriously thats what two months of tithing has done for me. I hope it blesses you i hope i could be a testimony of someone to just be obedient god has the world to give you literally.
But i think he just he just i i personally feel like how can he trust you with all his riches in the world. If you cant even give. 10.
If you cant even give 10. But you want all these things it starts with the little get good at doing the little just get good at being obedient and taking action. It will change your life.
So thank you so much for joining me today on this edition of essence of elese. As always definitely dont hesitate to like comment. Subscribe and again you can do it you can do it okay.
Theres this is not my chance youre landing on my video. Today. And i just hope youre blessed all right thanks for joining me take care.

how to tithe when you are broke-3
how to tithe when you are broke-3

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