How to Unlock Flying in Legion – WoW Legion 7.2 Guide

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Guys whats up man cheese in here back with another video for you with with patch 72. Well finally be able to find the broken isles to do we need to get to achievements so in this video. Ill go over how to do just that to get your airborne as soon as possible keep in mind that this is pretty early on into the ptr.
So some stuff is still being tinkered with for the most part. Though this should get the live servers without any huge changes so to get flying you have to get the broken isles pathfinder achievements. Theyre split up into two parts parts 1.
2 part 1 you can do right. Now before 720. Launches.
So i recommend you knock it out to get a head start ill cover that soon but first i want to talk about part two since it was just added to the ptr and im sure its what most of you are interested in for this one. He had to have completed part 1 of the broken isles pathfinder treatment and the following 5 explored the broken shore defender of the broken isles legion fell commander and breaching the tomb explored the broken shores. Pretty self explanatory you just need to fully uncover the broken shore map.
Walking over all of the brown patches to get to the broken. Shore upon logging into the. Game at 72.
Khadgar should holler at you to come me to matt crassus landing in dalaran from there hell send you on a short 20 minute scenario. Where you once again uh solve. The broken shore and try to take back the island and after you complete that the broken shore will be unlocked for you allowing you to fully explore it for the defender of the broken isles you need to knock out those no legion assaults periodically one of the following four zones will get attacked by the burning legion and thats a sunnah vel shara high mountain and storm hime.
When it happens youll notice a great portal icon over the zone and upon entering it youll get a quest to complete four special assault world quests in the area. These are very similar to your normal world quests except that theyre just themed after the assaults go to this area and clear out demons go kill this big elite demon. And so on upon completing four world quests youll get a follow up quest at concludes with the three person scenario.

how to fly in the broken isles-0
how to fly in the broken isles-0

Where you take out the commander of the invasion. So for the defender of the broken isles achievement. You have to do it in each of these four zones right now on the ptr they pop up a few times a day cycling between the zones.
They last for a few hours. And theres a few hours of downtime between them so itll depend on your schedule. And when youre able to catch them.
But for most people you should be able to knock it out within a few days. Max next up is the legion cult commander for this one you have to earn exalted status with the new faction of seven point two the armies of leads in fall you want octus by unlocking the broken shore. Which i explained earlier this faction is a culmination of every other classes order hall campaign working together to defeat the legion in the tomb of sargeras levelling.
It is very similar to the other broken isles factions. The broken sure also has world quests and those give you rip with the armies of legion fall just like the other zones. Give you record every respective factions.
They are also adding an msc request for the armies of legion fall and im sure the kirin tor mst request will allow you to pick a legion file rep token and you of course have your class requests which you get from deliverance point. Which is the main hub of the broken shore. This leads into our next and final achievement for part 2.
And thats breaching the tomb for this one you have to complete the legion fall campaign. Much like the other zones. Theyre broken shor has its own set of story quests and its nothing too out of the ordinary go here click on that kill dad etcetera.
And you have some more time consuming ones such as complete 12 world quests on the broken shore or to defeat. The final boss of the new dungeon the cathedral of the eternal lane. Which you can queue for in the dungeon finder by the way to easily keep track of all of this in your quest log youll have a section in the legion fall campaign.

how to fly in the broken isles-1
how to fly in the broken isles-1

If you do get lost. However once its down well head. Ill be adding a link to the quest line in the description.
So you can get back on track. And thats it for the part 2 of the broken isles pathfinder. Itll be fairly time consuming.
And thats mainly due to the exalted ground with the armies of legion fall. I imagine itll be at least a couple of weeks after the patch hits before you start seeing people airborne so onto part 1. Which once again you can knock out now on live servers.
Much like part. 2. This achievement is split up into five sub achievements and youll probably have already completed most of it just by playing the game first up we have the broken isles explorer for this one you have to explore the five legion questing zones.
Just uncover all of the map and asuna belvira high mountain storm hime and serum our next is variety is the spice of life for this one you have to complete 100 different world quests once again you get this just by playing the game. But keep in mind that it says 100 different world quests completing the same one doesnt count you of course unlock world quests by hitting level 110. And completing the uniting.
The isles quest that you get from khadgar in dalaran. This just requires some reputation with some of the factions of the broken isles. Which brings me to the next achievement.
The broken isles diplomat. This one requires you to get revered with all six of the original factions of the broken isles the core for understand the wardens of asuna. The high mountain tribe of high mountain.

how to fly in the broken isles-2
how to fly in the broken isles-2

The dreamweavers of el sura the valor jar of storm hime and the nightfall enough serum are the only way to really level. These factions is by doing quests and world question. The zone that theyre tied to and its something youll generally have by the time you get to 100 different world quests achievement.
You get new world quests every 4 hours. So make sure youre knock them all out. And if you have to pick and choose go for the blue rale quests these give you more reps than the standard common level quests.
So put a focus on those if you can next up is the glorious campaign for this one you have to complete your class order whole campaign up until the point to where you get your third artifact relic. Slime. You start this chain.
Very early on in the leveling process and level 101 or so. And it requires you to complete objectives in the world complete order. Whole missions run dungeons and much more the only thing that will slow you down.
Really are the order halt mission parts. Since you cant make those go faster. Everything else.
Though you can grind out as fast as you want and the last achievement for part one is the lower master of legion. Where you have to complete all of the major storylines of legion. This is the one that people have the most trouble with because they lose track of where they are in the quest chains.
If this happens to you what i always recommend is using wellheads completion tool to get you back on track. Ill have a link to this in the description. But the way this works is that you load your character onto wow.

how to fly in the broken isles-3
how to fly in the broken isles-3

Head and itll give you a handy list of everything you need to complete for every part of the achievement. Not just the lore master just click on whatever a treatment youre missing and check out the comments from there because people usually have a detailed breakdown of all quests lead. Where and where theyre located if you lose track as of this video.
This only works for part 1 of the pathfinder achievement. But im sure itll be updated for part 2 soon and with that you should have completed the broken isles pathfinder parts 1 and 2 achievements and im like flying along with it this is an account wide achievement. So every single one of your characters will also be able to fly and if you switched main characters or something between parts 1 2.
You can complete them on separate characters since achievements or account wide. Now so you dont have to do any achievements over again. If you already knocked them out on one character and just like the draenor pathfinder.
You can even fly before level 110. Which will speed up the leveling process by a ton. If you want to level some outs.
So thats about it after you unlock flying. You should get a follow up question your order halt to unlock your class. Specific flying mount these are unique to each class and theyre pretty straightforward.
Its also low content and it takes you around 30 minutes depending on you class. If theres any interest in it i might end up making a whole. 72 miles.
Video that shows every month introduced in 72. Not just the class ones. It might be appropriate since some of you might be interested in the new mounts once you unlocked flying so let me know if you would like that or not thats all i have to say though.
I hope you find the video helpful like it. If you liked it and thanks for watching peace you .

how to fly in the broken isles-4
how to fly in the broken isles-4

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