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s up guys welcome back to another episode of fantasy. Spartan and in todayss video. Im going to be teaching.
You how to use espn fantasy football right so the first thing youre going to do is click on the app. All right so once you load into the app. It should pop up on one of these screens.
And what youre gonna do is click on the football icon. And it should take you to this page right here. Okay.
So how this is gonna work is um. It depends on what youre looking to do if you want to join a public league which is just me and youre gonna join a league with completely random people that you dont know youre gonna click join public league right here and once you click on it its gonna give you the options of the number of teams you want to be in the league youre joining uh the scoring type i prefer points for reception ppr scoring. Which is the default right now and also the type of draft snake or auction.
And also when you would like the draft date for your league to be so you can decide the exact day as well as the time for that all right so if you want to do a practice draft you can actually click on here right here in blue letters. It says try a mock draft so you can click on this and itll take you to this right lobby right here and its going to let you choose between multiple different options of uh drafts. Um.
The main types of drafts are auction drafts and mock drafts. So it says here. The denver is a auction draft and the new orleans detroit.
And the other detroit yeah right here are regular drafts. So im just going to join one of these and ill show you guys how it works later. Once.
Oh. The draft is filled okay were going to join the next similar draft all right so its going to draft in one minute. Well come back to that in just a second all right uh in the meantime um its were gonna create im gonna teach you guys how to create a new league so just click on that create a new league button on the main main button right here okay so its gonna ask you to put a league name in so im gonna actually create a link so i can show you guys how it works so fantasy spartan put that in um.
You decide how many uh teams you want your leaks. This is kind of important so based off how many friends youre gonna have basically join your league you need to click on a certain number of these here uh you also get to decide to score them im just going to keep it on ppr. Ill put 10 because i feel like thats a good number all right create a league.
Okay so this is gonna this is where you can invite your friends to join your league youre gonna be able to send a text invite email invite uh copy invite link um all those options so um one thing. I will say if you are trying to join one of your friends leagues you cannot do that directly from the app. Youre gonna need to click on a link that they send you all right so whats gonna happen now is youre gonna be able to go to my team right here okay and youre gonna leak and then youre gonna have all these options on what you can do okay so league manager tools right here.
This is one thing. That only you will have no one else that you joined your leagues you have this option. Theyre gonna have every other option.
Though to change their uh team name whatever um etc. So um you can edit basic league settings. So you can actually increase and decrease exactly how many teams you want your league here.
Now. So thats pretty cool um. You can delete teams in the league uh.
Which theres theres no teams to delete right now can make this league viewable to the public. If you would like to do that as well alright um moving on you can edit when the draft happens the exact date. When you want to do that as well as the time that you would like your draft to take place all right you could edit the owners in the league.
So um as a right now im the only owner. But you can also invite owners here as well so that page that popped up earlier. You can just invite them from that same thing right there um.
You can also delete the league which i dont think im gonna need to do right now um actually im just gonna delete. It because theres no reason to have it. But for you thats a bad idea probably um.

how to set draft order in espn fantasy football-0
how to set draft order in espn fantasy football-0

So ill just delete it real quick yes all right so im gonna guys im gonna show you guys one of my teams actually right now that uh in my leagues and ill show you exactly how everything works so if you want to edit your lineup you can click edit line up that green button on your screen and uh you can move around who your starters are for that week. And on the right side. Theres a thing called projections and thats going to show you about how well espn thinks theyre going to do that week.
All right matchups is where youre going to be able to see whos playing that week. And if you swipe right on the black part you can see um. All of your friends matchups as well on the players icon.
Thats basically the players that are available not on a roster currently right now you can pretty much pick them up at any time you just need to click on their picture. And you can click add the green button right now. Im not going to do that right now just because theres no need to but if you didnt want to add an extra player you can do that all right on league.
Im going to show you guys now all these options so scoreboard. This is where youre going to see uh the score for everybody from the week currently standings is where youre going to see uh the standings from everybody during the week um final standings. This is the projections on where espn thinks everyones going to finish the end of the season as of right now the schedule youre going to get to see who youre playing for the rest of the season.
Its pretty cool and really nice to know who youre going to be playing throughout the season playoff bracket. Obviously everything is still to be decided the season has not taken place yet alright. Theres also a thing called the message board.
Where you can post a message and everybody in the entire league will be able to see that if you need to say something to the league in general recent activity. This is where youre gonna be able to see all the transactions that happened all the trades. Everyone added and dropped all right the waiver order.
This is where youre going to be able to see basically the order of who drafts uh not drafts. But like picks people up off the waiver. Where theres somebody a breakout star in a week.
That order is going to matter. The leak info. Theres a ton of stuff on here like the max number of quarterbacks and all the stuff uh.
If you want to scroll through this you can i feel like reading it right now um. And yeah. Thats pretty much all you do on the team um yeah hopefully that was able to help you guys out if you theres something else that i didnt see uh please let me know in the comments below.
Id be more than happy to answer any questions you guys have about that im gonna go back to my mock draft and show you guys how to draft a team real quick. Were a little bit late so uh lets see all right okay perfect. So were actually on the clock.
Right now so we get to make the draft choice. Im going to draft christian mccaffrey. The best player available so if you guys didnt see how that worked uh you can just click.
Its gonna say draft whenever its available so yeah i got christian mccaffrey uh right there um. Yeah. Uh so if you click q on a player.
That will add them to their to your queue. So um. Thats basically just the players that you want to draft later in the draft that makes it easy to be able to see exactly if theyre still available or not once it comes time to draft them.
So yeah. Thats pretty much it um. Thanks for watching guys be sure to subscribe down below.
And if you guys have any questions or anything i did not mention in this video. Please let me know and ill be more than happy to answer any questions that you guys may have if youre here for uh fantasy basketball fantasy baseball or fantasy hockey. It works pretty much the exact same way as the football does.
But if there is anything different or any questions you guys have just let me know in the comments. And yeah. See you guys in the next video do not forget to music subscribe.

how to set draft order in espn fantasy football-1
how to set draft order in espn fantasy football-1

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