How To Use PkHex! (PkHex Tutorial w/ Cool Trainer Gavin)

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Is up cool kids. Im cool trina gavin welcome to a little tutorial on on how to use the pokemon editing app. I guess called pk hex now a of people have been asking me how i managed to get sweet sound onto my torchic.
I move that it normally cannot learn in one of our recent playthroughs are glowing garnet are shiny lock. Which plugs link to the playlist will be down below. So i figured you know instead of just you know were playing to a bunch of comments on youtube.
I figured i might as well make a tutorial why not so step one get on whatever web browser you use i happen to use firefox. Just search pk text. Just like that person that comes up should be something from project.
Pokemon right there click on the first link and pk hex is made by a guy that goes by cathodic s. Hes a gem real treasure to have in the community and all you need to do is just click download this file im not gonna do it because i already have it but i dont really think it matters that i actually just downloaded the new update today or like the most recent update. Well.
I just did the top one and it worked well for me. So yes go ahead click that and unzip. The file once you get it and then will see it on your desktop will pick up in just a second so once you get pk hex downloaded and unzipped onto your desktop.
Itll look something like this now. There will be a file that goes with it which ill show you quickly my file will open up. There you go so itll look like this itll say pick a hex core dll.
Just keep this in the same folder as pica x. What i do is i just i keep it and then make a shortcut to the desktop which youll see has this little arrow right here that means. Its a shortcut if you didnt know.
But we have pecan hex right here so all i got to do is open it up and itll look like this so. Now what do you do so. The example that im gonna give is doing this from sentra because thats you know the emulator that im playing on and glowing garnet and thats what a lot of people seem to be asking about so everything is gonna be in citra.
But everything should be about the same for pretty much any kind of pokemon game. Especially if youre emulating it alright so step one is youre gonna wanna open up citra. Which is i think its the only three ds emulator thats actually like functioning and working so what youre gonna want to do is this will work with any game.
You just right click and go to open save data location thatll open up this folder that has the main file in it this main is your save data. This has all your pokemon in your boxes.

how to use pkhex sun and moon-0
how to use pkhex sun and moon-0

How far you are in the game. What items you have in the game. So this works for adding items and things like that to so.
What youre going on to do is just drag this into pica x. And this right here shows everything in your game. So these are all the pokemon that i have in my box at least you know that box.
I think thats what box eight box 1. Everything my box 1. We can click on the party battle box tab and that takes you to my party.
So now you know you can view everything from ivys vs where you caught it things like that so if we want to edit this site. There right here. We go to right click then we go view that takes it and put all of its information in these tabs.
So main right here. You can change slightly to a sidra or seeking or whatever book on you wanted you can change its nickname its exp its level its nature held item anything you want is from this damn anything that is really just easily viewable you can change on the staff. The matt tab can change what game you caught it in where you caught it what kind of ball you caught it in what level.
You met it the system. Just this page is mostly used for legality things so its like you know this has the exclamation point because you cant normally catch a site there in las jungle at that level. So if youre trying to keep things legal pkx is also great for that because it will have a check mark here instead of an exclamation point.
So if youre trying to do this for you know a pokemon to use online. I dont recommend i always recommend you know using legal means because this is not legal. But this will tell you if your pokemon will appear legal or not so stats.
You know you can change the ivs the eevees it even tells you what kind of hidden power. It will have right here you can also change what attacks. It has this is this also can make it illegal.
Which is why it has the exclamation point next to fake out because every other move. So i third can normally learn. But fake out it cannot so it flags that as being illegal and then ot would just be all of your character information.
So your trainer. Name your trainer id.

how to use pkhex sun and moon-1
how to use pkhex sun and moon-1

I dont know whats and all what s id is dont mess with it though. Ive been told not to notice. But you can change its markings you can change its ribbons medals whatever so that if you when youre all done editing your pokemon you right click.
Where you want to put it. And just click set so for instance. If i wanted to make this tyrantrum the exact same as my cypher.
I would just right click the tyrantrum and click set and is now a siphon thats pretty much thats how you edit pokemon so for how i did it with torchic. All i did was say this side is my torchic. I just right clicking much of you went to attacks and then it even has a nice thing up here.
Where the moves in green are all legal for it to know and anything else is illegal so if i wanted to add sweet scent go to sweet scent and set now if you wanted to change how many items and things you have youre just right down. Here to items flowing items have been removed from the pouch mega ring make sense. So that was just something from the lets play dont worry about it you know right now you can wear in the medicine bag you can give yourself from 99 rare candies right here so we only have one.
But we could give myself you know change that right there just put 999 and click save when youre going to the game. You will have 999 of your candies or if you just wanted to give all just click. This is a number that it will give you just click give all and oh.
Ill give you a 995 or whatever count you put right here itll give you all of them. And you know i dont recommend doing this with especially in gen. 7.
With z crystals or key items. Because it can mess up some. Progress.
Things some you know coding things so i would recommend doing it with that but teams berries anything else go nuts. Honestly lets click cancel cuz. I dont want to mess up any of that and thats basically it those are the very basics to pk hex.
If you want to you know play around with it a little bit more you have any questions feel free to let me know down below alright. So its actually really quickly. I had to make a quick edit because its the next day and i realized i forgot to tell you how to save how to save all your changes.
So all you do is just go to file go to export sav export main itll open up this file just click save youll ask if you want to replace it which obviously you do and then dont worry about what any of that says. Its just like it saved it to that place.

how to use pkhex sun and moon-2
how to use pkhex sun and moon-2

And then youre all set. So sorry quick little cut might be i will say it does get a little trickier when youre trying to hack a game because i will take you through quickly how to do that as well so well just close this because i want to save that so if you go to where your pk hex is not the shortcut. But where your actual dot exe file is you know if you remember i had it as pk hacks at the beginning.
So change the key to an a then just open it up so. This is how you really hack pokemon. So say it lets you know open up dont lets open up our glowing garnet saved.
And it went out so this will be our data from our current. Lets play throw that in there and because we now have the ability spoilers. Im pretty bulk recorded so spoilers.
I have a rosalia later lets say i wanted to add this vulcanian right here. I wanted to make this volcanion. Normally volcanion.
Only ability is water absorb or if i want to give it adaptability. And i wanted to give it to 50 to max vs into every step. This is how you do it.
So i mentioned. Earlier that you could add 252 in every v.s that actually turned out to be a mistake.
I tried it and it didnt work there might be a way around that but if there is im not aware of it so basically all pk hacks. Does is let you change the ability thats all ive discovered and so for things like hackmans that works you can have a lot of fun with it but like i said if you are not if youre not using this on cetera or a game that you know will never like be connected to the internet go nuts. But if you are using it on like an actual console be very very careful.
I actually ended up back in yeah back in sun and moon. Not all chelan ultramoon back in sun and moon actually ended up getting banned because i miss jen something so they do nintendo is very liberal with banning things so just throwing that warning out there but thank you very much for watching hopefully you enjoyed it alain something is like i said if you have any questions let me know down below. And im out of here.
Thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed this video as much as i did please please please like and or subscribe follow me on twitter and twitch at cool offender gaff check out our second channel. Focus. Mainly on pokemon science.
Pokemon theories. Called pal university and until next time smile later music music you .

how to use pkhex sun and moon-3
how to use pkhex sun and moon-3

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