How to use the Dropper and Dispenser Minecraft

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To the. Nation. Dr.
Playstation. Nation. Here tacky has over little bits of.
Minecraft. 15. 15.
Pre release new cool stuff. And today. Were going to be talking a bit about these dispensers and the droppers.
So this would be a dropper and this would be a dispenser and this is part of the new minecraft 15. Of date and some of the other cool stuff is the hopper. The redstone block.
The solar are the daylight sensor soaring the comparator as well as the light and heavy pressure plate and actually quartz. Which you can find in another this is only one part of it you guys can check out some of my other videos from the series by clicking the annotation on the screen.

how to use a dropper in minecraft-0
how to use a dropper in minecraft-0

It will link to a show. Where you guys can see all the other cool stuff that i have done for this update. So far as well as other redstone tutorials for you know items orders automatic potion brewers.
All that cool stuff um also guys remember to check out my subscribers server. Its actually play squad craft net you guys can check that out use the code doctor psn to get 5 off for any of your packages. You might purchase on there as well as join me on my lets play so.
Thats something you guys can do and. But now that ive kind of said all that lets get right into it so this video. Were going to be talking to the dispenser and the dropper and some of the stuff you can do with them.
So the dispenser sorry. This is the dropper here the dropper can be crafted with just seven pieces of cobblestone as well as one piece of redstone. So its pretty simple the dispenser is the same thing except for a bow in the middle.
And you know when you step on when you power them step on their fresh plate. They will either drop something or dispense. Something and believe it or not there is a difference.
There so this is a bunch of droppers now. What the droppers will actually do is they will just drop something so in this case.

how to use a dropper in minecraft-1
how to use a dropper in minecraft-1

Its a potion of swiftness and a diamond sword. So by getting in there it should give me those items in my inventory. Like it just did i jump in there again itll give me more items from there now im gonna throw.
These back away as you guys can see the potion effect did not actually you know do anything to me it didnt you know splash on me like if i were to throw it. But now what it did do is it threw into my inventory. So thats useful for things like arrows.
If you want to give somebody arrows. So youre making an adventure map or redstone map. Or something you want to give somebody arrows.
You dont want to shoot them with an arrow a dropper or thing that you want to use same thing goes for splash potions and stuff like that now for these guys over here. The droppers. So ive set them up with a bunch of different armor.
Now if i jump in here you guys didnt see that anything actually hit in my inventory. But what did happen is i just got suited up with armor um. So you guys can kind of see that that has a pretty cool quality to it you dont have to worry about you know putting your armor on when you enter a map.
Anymore when youre giving it given it again you know you can use the dropper or sorry. The dispenser to actually throw potions at you so if i grab some milk here malc.

how to use a dropper in minecraft-2
how to use a dropper in minecraft-2

I can drink this and the potion effect will go away furthermore like i mentioned before with the draw with dispenser you can shoot arrows with it so if i just keep on going hitting this i can shoot arrows at. People and thats pretty much the uses of this now with 15. You can actually use comparators and make like auto turrets you can do a bunch of cool stuff with these dispensers and its definitely something thats valuable for map.
Makers. So its something that i suggest you guys check out kind of see what the cool uses of them are and yeah so anyway hopefully you guys did kind of enjoy this video. If you guys did remember to leave a like rating down below.
And i just put the armor on me again remember live a like rating down below and. Subscribe join. Nation if you already havent check out the.
Minecraft 15 show to see all. My. Other.
Minecraft 15. Or sorry minecraft. 15 videos in the minecraft 15.
Show. But anyways hopefully youd enjoy im the doctor and im a peace you .

how to use a dropper in minecraft-3
how to use a dropper in minecraft-3

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