How To Waterski Part 2: Driving the Boat

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Is part two of our how to ski series on we are up north calm calm and were out on the lake. Today. Its not perfect out and thing about going waterskiing is that youre going to get wet anyways.
So even if the day is a perfect can get out their lungs. Its calm youre in good shape. So this is a mild chop.
Its not perfect theres a little bit of a breeze. But its still good enough to go skiing and its definitely good enough to learn how to ski. Which is what were trying to do this is going to be our fake skier to illustrate how we drive the boat thats what were going to learn right now so the first thing.
We do is turn the boat off and then we attach our rope to the back of the boat. Before you throw the rope in make sure that youve attached it onto the back okay to attach the rope handle take the loop underneath. Theres a little knob in the back flip that over and now that we have the rope tied on to the back of the boat for a throw it out into the water try to get it untangled and if youve tied it up correctly.
Youll just unravel as you throw the hands off. Okay. Now we have a rope in the water thats where our skier jumps in we toss a skier in and then at this point you can hand them the ski or wakeboard or if youve taken in themselves.
And theyve already got it otherwise. This is when you would toss it into them now the skiers in the water. Theyre clear of the back of the boat.
So that we dont catch them in the propeller safe to turn the ball on make sure that theyre clear make sure the rope is clear that the rope hasnt caught up or sinking under the propeller.

during what hours is it legal to tow a person on water skis behind a boat?-0
during what hours is it legal to tow a person on water skis behind a boat?-0

Theres my skier holding on to the rope at this point and clear of the boat now i can put it in gear skiers clear. Im going to put the boat in gear put it back in neutral the boat will start moving and itll continue moving even though its not in gear. And im going to let the person get to the end of the rope and hang on were going to say 1 2.
3. And then go and while this might seem a little elementary. This makes it a lot easier to get a new skier out of the water you have to look back and see when theyre prepared when theyre tilting one side or the other you want to see when they start to calm down.
And feel like theyre balanced. Youre going to wait for that to happen. And then youre going to say 1 2 3.
When you say 3 we put in gear go spear fell down. I cant believe it were gonna turn around and get our skier when we turn around you dont just stop in a hurry you you pull it back slowly to stop you dont want to just crank your throttle back everyone in the boat is going to fall forward. So you come around fast run fast.
They fall pulling down slowly and now i look behind us. See. Where they are okay so now.
Im going to come back to the skiers going to be on the right side of the boat. Always keep this gear on the right side. So you can see the person just you pull up next to the pulling up on our skier.
Were going to keep this here about five feet from the boat.

during what hours is it legal to tow a person on water skis behind a boat?-1
during what hours is it legal to tow a person on water skis behind a boat?-1

Say hey howd it go feel it good just relax dont swim to our let. The rope come to you save your energy alright. Its coming up behind you see it good im going to keep putting the boat in the neutral.
So that im not going too. Fast you see im still moving forward. The ropes still coming around and eventually the handle comes up right next to the person.
They dont need to waste any energy swimming and theyre right behind a so when the skier is actually skiing they should be communicating with the spot or the other person in the boat with yes. I want to go faster slow down go faster just a little bit and then they are able to tell the driver. How fast the person wants to go if you want to turn around as a skier.
Youve gotten to the end of a curb or you see a boat coming signal this way and that will tell the driver to turn around the driver. You dont want to look back. Which is something people like to do because youre actually going that way your responsibility is making sure that everything in front of you kara okay.
We have our skier behind us. Were ready to go and then as were going im going to call out the rpms and miles per hour. So that you can see how the wake is affected by the speed okay so were going to say one.
Two three see our wings for me were going about 10 miles an hour. But with 3000 rpm back about 25 miles hour and 27 over for you pretty good speed for a more talented wakeboarder or skier. Were going to slow it down and now were going to start to get a better way for wakeboarding now were going about 20 or 22 miles.
An hour now were going 2200 rpm.

during what hours is it legal to tow a person on water skis behind a boat?-2
during what hours is it legal to tow a person on water skis behind a boat?-2

Now youre rarely going to go over 25 miles. An hour and that would be for a good skier. If youre wakeboarding youre going to be starting.
It around 15 miles. An hour on the slow side and maybe up to about 20 miles. An hour for most people with a young kid a small kid maybe four years old you probably dont need to go much faster than 10 or 15 miles now.
Im going about 17 miles. An hour. Theres a decent weight for wakeboarding right there not great for waterskiing.
What im going to do now is im going to increase the trim. Im going to put the trim up up now put the trim up to about a quarter. We get a much bigger wait the boat starts to rock a little bit.
But this is a lot more enjoyable as a wakeboard put it down to about an eighth the both levels out and we still have a nice curve to our weight. So we have our rpms on one side and we have our miles per hour over here miles per hour are great but you dont always know how fast the boat is going to end up so you want to look at the rpms first and generally on most boats inboard outboard. Youre going to be looking at about 2500 rpm.
So between the two and three and then youll see once the boat has planed out how fast youre going at that rpm so you might be. Going 3000. Rpms at the start and then end up going 30 or 32 miles an hour.
Thats not what you want to do so youd rather go 2500 rpms.

during what hours is it legal to tow a person on water skis behind a boat?-3
during what hours is it legal to tow a person on water skis behind a boat?-3

Wait for the boat to plane out which might be a 22 or 23. Miles. An hour couple of good tips as the driver of the boat.
You need to know how fast youre going to go. And you also do want to see behind you so we use mirrors and this is just small mirror. You might already have for watching kids in the backseat and all you need to see is that the skier is up you dont need to be watching exactly what hes doing so this lets you know yeah.
The person is behind me. And theyre still up now. Were coming back our skier is done theyre finished drying or going.
Theyre going to usually take their ski off or signal advance make that point very slow right styling. Mark. We just turn them on drive.
Let me slide right next to them and theyll take off their gear. Maybe theyll pass the ski to the boat pull the skin dump the water out first low speed low back this thing. We do is pull the rope in and the best way to bring a rope in grab one end in your hand.
And then just start bringing it in or on the corner. As youre bringing it in if you twist it just a little bit it will fight that urge for it to turn itself up so if youre twisting. It be to your right.
I guess just here right on each pull itll straighten your rope out more and shouldnta to tangle up finish then tie it off by wrapping the end of the handle around a few times and youre good to go. .

during what hours is it legal to tow a person on water skis behind a boat?-4
during what hours is it legal to tow a person on water skis behind a boat?-4

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