How To Wire Your Cable Internet and Satellite

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Friends in this video. Were gonna be talking about how you wire for internet internet satellite and cable. How we bring those services into your home.
So. This is last video. We plan for sort of our pre wired series.
Were gonna circle back and cover some additional topics. But this is the last one in the original set we wanted to cover so were gonna get right into it. The thing you need to understand is that the utility services cable satellite.
Internet companies theyre bringing their services to the edge of the home. But youve got to bring the services in to the home. And surprisingly theres a lot of builders who just dont realize that they need these cables run on the inside of the home theyre not trying to cheat you its not their fault.
Its just not on their radar. And nobodys talking to them and explaining this to them we landed a contract. The large production builder a few years back and the very first development.
We had to go back in and retrofit every single one of the homes that were built before we came on board. Because they didnt have any of these services run in the home at that time so something to be aware of whether youre wiring your home or somebodys wearing it for you just make sure that theyre planning to cover these items in your home. So.
The first one and i think the most important is your demarcation youll also hear it called demark for short this is a location next to your electrical meter. Whats gonna happen is your cable internet phone providers are gonna bring those services in from the curb or the side of the road right up to that electrical meter on the side of your home. And so you need the cables running from the inside of the home to come right to that same location.
So they can put a junction box. There and kind of connect whats coming from the street to whats going to the inside of the home. We call that the demarcation.
I seen here a lot of different ideas about the demarcation our standard. When we wire a home we use two cat six to coax and some kind of a low voltage power wire like an 18 2 or a 16 to quick fun fact if youre a nerd. Like me.
The demarcation came about because of at t. Way back when they owned sort of a monopoly on the phone lines. They owned the long distance stuff kind of the telephone lines and then they owned the last mile.
Which is where it comes into the neighborhood and into the home and then they own the wire and the phone on the inside of the home. So they own the entire run of phone line from beginning to end. And so they had a monopoly and after its manti trust suit.
They said ok 18t youve got to let go of everything on the inside of the home. And you can service stuff on the outside of the home and they needed to be able to distinguish.

how to get cable company to run cable to your house-0
how to get cable company to run cable to your house-0

Which company was which so they called it the demarcation point and everything on the outside of the home. They knew. It was a tea and everything on the inside of the home they knew was whoever youd contracted with for your phone.
Thats probably not perfect. But thats the gist of it thats where demarcation came from originally so back to the wire. And why we run.
These wires each company brings the wire into the home a little bit differently and they have different requirements. And this kind of covers the basis. So when people dont know what theyre getting for cable and internet.
This really future proof sit well its yet to fail us. If youre running fiber inside the home you certainly would add fiber with the demarcation. I would still run the two cat six two to coax in the low voltage power wire along with the fiber.
But thats something you definitely can do a lot of people ask us about this low voltage power wire some of the services out there offering fiber require an outlet at the side of the home. They either want it right there. The point of demarcation near the electrical meter or they want it just inside on like the garage wall.
They want an outlet to help them power the fibers. It comes into your home. And again a lot of builders.
And even electricians arent aware that the service providers have this requirement. So this is kind of a get out of jail free card. If youre bringing fiber into the home and you find out after the home is done that you need an outlet and the builder.
The electricians havent provided one most the time thats gonna cover you so that you can give the service providers. What they need to bring fiber into the home now really important. I highly recommend you contact your local service providers.
And ask them what their recommendations are for the demarcation. Sometimes theyll even provide a wire for you that you can run thats their proprietary wire. That they use for their internet or cable services.
Its always the best way to go if thats available. But if not this has not failed us. Yet okay number two is the satellite pre wire.
And again just like the demarcation. I highly recommend you talk to your local service providers. Each provider has different criteria.
But the standard for a satellite pre wire. When we wire home is for coax or for rg6.

how to get cable company to run cable to your house-1
how to get cable company to run cable to your house-1

Okay and then youll notice. I added an 18. What this is for is for cold climates.
Where youve got snow and you may have snow build up on that satellite and you need a way to get the snow off you can use that low voltage power wire to power a heater so that after a winter storm you can melt the snow off of the satellite. Without having to climb up onto the rooftop and still have coverage coming into your home. Now a lot of people ask us why we wire for satellite and theyll always reference the coax that were already running for the d mark.
Theres two reasons that we wire for satellite number one we dont want them to wrap your home and wrapping a home is when they take coax and they staple it around your house. You dont have wire run. Where you need it so rather than cutting holes in your sheetrock.
And doing a lot of damage on the inside of your home. They just staple coax around the side of your home. And up to the satellite location.
So thats the first reason that we pre wire for satellite. The second reason is that often times you demarcation youre only going to have one coax. I know im recommending running to coax.
But for example. I just talked one our design clients in miami. And hes buying a spec home.
Where theyve already run the demarcation and theres nothing. He can do to add wires to the demarcation and they only ran one coax and he happens to be getting cable internet. So theyre gonna use that coax for his cable internet.
And he also wants to bring satellite into the home well. Hes already used his coax so the way theyre gonna bring satellite into the home is theyre gonna staple coax in rap his home but if he adds a satellite pre wire then we can run wire out to a soffit location. Nearest his satellite.
You are gonna see about a two foot wrap the wire is gonna come out of the soffit. Its gonna wrap the soffit up on to the roof top right where the satellite goes. Thats gonna be a lot cleaner installation.
And its gonna work so even though. Were recommending running to coax oftentimes. You only have one coax at the demarcation and its not enough depending on the service providers youre using so thats the second reason that we recommend doing a satellite pre wire okay and then the third thing is satellite internet and i really only mentioned this just to make you aware of it.
Particularly. If youre the first home in the development. Theres a good chance youre not gonna have traditional internet services available for a few months.
Maybe even a year while youre waiting for development to finish and for those services to get pulled into the side of your home. So for that interim period.

how to get cable company to run cable to your house-2
how to get cable company to run cable to your house-2

You need another solution for internet and again just like a satellite pre wire. If youve not wired for satellite internet. Theyre just gonna wrap the side of your home.
Theyre pretty good at it theyre clean about it but theyre still gonna wrap the side of your home just like the other services. I recommend contacting your local satellite internet provider. But if you cant find answers i recommend running to cat6 for your satellite internet especially where its your internet and thats so critical.
I think its a good plan of action to double up that way if one of the wires is damaged. Youve got another cable you can use there to bring internet into the inside of your home. So these are the services that you might bring into your home and the wires.
We recommend for bringing them from the outside of the home to the inside of your home. A couple of extras just for you to be aware of people always ask us where these wires all run to inside of your home. Youre gonna have something called the low voltage can or a media panel.
Its a white cam. That looks a lot like your electrical breaker box. Only its white and theres a door that swings open all these cables from your demark your satellite pre wire your satellite internet.
Theyre all gonna run from the different locations on the outside of the home theyre all gonna come into that low voltage can and thats where were gonna finish and clean up those wires and make the connections to send them everywhere else in the home. Theres not really a right or a wrong on the location of that low voltage can typically youre gonna see in a mechanical closet. If were doing a media rack.
We do need to make some connections between the low voltage can of the media rack. So its always easiest if theyre in the same room. But it doesnt have to be the demarcation.
I mentioned has to go next to the electrical meter. Typically youre gonna have conduit of the electrical meter that runs out to the side of the road. So that the utility services can bring the wires through that conduit to the side of your home.
Thats where you want your demarcation cables to run. Sometimes you wont have the conduit. So youre just gonna place the wires near the electrical meter.
A good rule of thumb just for aesthetics. If youre standing looking at your home. We want the wires to be behind the electrical meter.
So that we cant see them and we cant see the junction boxes utility services are going to use when they come and make those connection points this hopefully that makes sense so thats it that covers the utility services that were trying to bring into the home hopefully. Thats been helpful answered. Some questions for you again this kind of finishes off our pre wired series.
We will come back and revisit. This with some additional information about how to pre wire your home you got any questions leave it in the comments below as always wed love it. If youd like subscribe and share this with your friends music.

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how to get cable company to run cable to your house-3

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