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How did then the dying on the cross play into the jews false understanding of of reality and add it there an inability to accept christ well they read the then once you have this approach and you have the human law model and whats the human model and you read like a lawyer then you go to the legal text and you look for what the legal text says is permissible or not permissible and if its in the text thats the law and we can interpret we have to apply it we want a strict constructionist. A constitutionalist okay. I cant think about it just apply it and so they read in the law anyone who im gonna hung on a tree is under gods curse thats what it says what do you think about the idea of someone hung on a tree being under the curse of god first off if the bible say it deuteronomy 21 23.
Says for anyone hung on a tree is under gods curse thats a quote in the niv version the next question is is it true notice it doesnt say and the seed of abraham hung on a cross on a tree is under the curse of god says anyone hung on a tree no no the curse of god so this mean that when people were being lynched on trees because of the color of their skin those being lynched or now under gods curse. The bible. Said it do we believe that these are awful quiet.
Do you believe that if some. If some bunch of racist white supremacists take a black man and hang him from a tree is the black man under a curse no guys he is not under a curse of god who would be under the curse of god theyre the ones killing him under gods curse. Yes.
Wendell. If you read the text deuteronomy 21 22 and 23. It says the land is cursed because of this happening.
Okay if something that put to death for a crime in the body as im gonna post. It is not to remain there overnight it must be buried the same day. Because a dead body hanging opposed rings goes curse on the land that thats in it again.
Youve reading an interpretation. The hebrew is wide open to interpretation. That is not the interpretation that the pharisees in christ.
They had nor the interpretation. That is recorded in the new testament. So that is a legitimate way to do it if you read several other versions.
Though again the niv version that i wrote hung is anyone for anyone hung up anyone hung on a tree is under gods curse. I think this is more of a natural law thing.

cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree meaning-0
cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree meaning-0

This is a curse there is a curse that is happening you know this is not normal. This is not natural. This is a bad thing you want to deal damage society.
Okay okay. Im not saying youre wrong. Im just pointing out that that is one of the it sounds completely different than this version and thats the way the hebrew works you can actually interpret it that way.
But were talking about this obstacle to the jews. Why did they prefer this interpretation than the one they could have interpreted it that way. But they didnt they personalize it very much why applause they had their own system of validation for the way for what they believe and they they really drove hard on their own validation.
Was jesus actually cursed by his father guys was he actually cursed by his father. Okay and the massing. The question is the deuteronomy text true the way.
Its written like that paul applies. It in galatians 3. 13.
Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law. By becoming a curse for us for it is written cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree does that clear it up for you well it should ill read it again heres what galatians 3. 13.
Says christ ridhima redeemed us from the curse of the law. By becoming a curse for us for it is written cursed is every one whos hung on a tree. What is paul saying is paul saying this is a curse of god or as paul saying.
This is a curse of the law. Theres no paul said.

cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree meaning-1
cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree meaning-1

Ill read it again christ redeemed us from the curse of the law. By becoming a curse for us for it is written then he quotes the the passage in these new testament writers that quoted. Very much like its in the old testament.
Cursed is every one whos hung on a tree. What kind of law do you understand gods law to be the lie that gods law function is no different than human law. Now and now puts us under that false law model the curse would be what would the curse be it would be broken rules requiring the ruling authority to inflict punishment and in this case kill or execute thats the curse you broke the rules.
And the curse is from the rule. Giver. He curses you for being a law breaker.
And he kills you thus under the imposed view the curse of be of god god inflicts his curse. When he is angry and uses his power to inflict death caught god personally inflicts the punishment in this model. Then god is against the person hanging on the tree.
Its his judgement of their execution in the design law model. Realize gods laws are the laws upon which reality is built in any deviation from these walls results in ruin. And death thus to break gods law results in a curse.
The curse that paul describes as the law of sin and death heres a two sentences out of a book called counsels to the church page 107. Oh that men and women would consider what is to be gained by transgressing gods law under any and every circumstance transgression is a dishonor to god and a curse to man. Why is transgression of gods law a curse to man.
Because god is now angry wrathful. He pronounces curses upon you hes the speaker of existence. He speaks things and it becomes so and so he pronounces a curse and thats why youre cursed or because his laws are the laws about reality or built and when you break them in harms you so what is the curse for smoking cigarettes is there a curse.
What is the curse for jabbing. A pencil in your eye.

cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree meaning-2
cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree meaning-2

What is the curse for cheating on your spouse and your spouse never finds out is there still a curse whats the curse seared conscience warped character guilt anxiety worry dread fear whats the curse for stealing from your employer. And not being caught is there still a curse so you cannot avoid when you understand the reality of how gods law works you can never avoid the damaging consequences from breaking the word curse has actual multiple meanings in the dictionary. And heres the meanings.
The expression of a wish that misfortune evil or doom befall. A person. The formula or charm intended to cause such misfortune on a person.
The act of reciting such a misfortune. Im going to curse that man this is what balaam was hired to do if you remember to put this type of a curse by reciting. Some formula and cursing them they profane oath a curse word an evil that has been invoked upon someone six the cause of evil misfortune or trouble.
Seven. Something accursed. Those are the definitions do you see how because the word.
It legitimately has different meanings that depending on your bias your understanding of reality and how it works prior to even reading the scripture. You will read into it whether this is something god is inflicting. Its its the expression of gods anger.
Its the formula god uses. It says. Its his his recitation of punishment.
Its his infliction thats how it is because thats how a rally works or you could read definition six. The cause of evil misfortune or trouble. And what is the cause.
What is the cause of evilness fortune to the smoker. Whats the cause of the evil and misfortune to the cheat and i have patients that come see my practice with very dysfunctional marriages and they and theyre doing things constantly to the other one thats hurtful negative means speech. Critical monitoring accusatory.
When theres been no cheating. No what but one part is constantly accusing the other one .

cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree meaning-3
cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree meaning-3

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