In Focus: The Drug Testing Process

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20 years the ucla olympic analytical laboratory has been at the center of the fight fight against doping it is one of the worlds largest sports drug testing facilities 45000. Urine specimens a year they are sorted and studied with some of the strictest guidelines scientists must be meticulous and precise. And its that attention to detail that extends far beyond this lab in fact it starts.
Before the athlete even fills that cup. How that bottle gets filled might not surprise you. But the process just might shock.
You the second you cross the finish line. There is a person there with a with a you know a vest on that comes up it says you know drug testing or a drug tester or whatever. It might be they come up they notify you that youve been selected for drug testing.
You then sign a piece of paper and that person is then with you until you are into the drug testing room. You find another gentleman. Say hey okay.
Im ready to pee. They take you into a room you wash your hands with basically just water no soap and thats where it gets a little gnarly. I guess i have to pull my pants and my underwear down to past my knees you have to pull your shirt.
All the up to your armpits if youre wearing your swimsuit. Its got to go all the way down to your ankles your arms have to go up and you have to do a 360 in front of this person. Oh yeah.
Its all hanging out someone would crouch down and they would get to the level of where the urine would come out of you the drug test guy is standing right there and watching the whole thing. Hes watching you pee into a cup. So there are literally this close to your face.
While youre trying to tinkle the first time. I ever got drug tested no one told me that they had to watch at the same time.

how long does it take to get a drug test back-0
how long does it take to get a drug test back-0

I missed so you know im like standing there with this little cup in my hand. And this ladys just like standing there staring at me. And im like okay you can go now and shes like no i have to watch and i was like wow.
This is really awkward awkward. But essential. The united states anti doping agencys up close personal approach is part of its mission to preserve the integrity of competition and its policies extend beyond the playing field athletes must constantly inform the organization of their whereabouts.
We basically go online and we fill out a calendar and on that calendar. We have to tell them where were going to be every day. So that they can you know come in for an unannounced drug test we can knock out your door at any moment.
So you need to fill out this sheet and you need to tell us where youre going to be if you go on vacation. What hotel youre going to be at a phone. Number you can be reached at the hours youre going to be there so youre going to go to the mall.
And youre gonna be there for five hours you send them say hey im going to the mall for five hours. I wont be at my residence. We dont want you to go anywhere without us.
Knowing. Where youre at and while athletes. Know that an unannounced visit could be coming that knock at the door is never at the right time they always somehow schedule.
It especially now when im giving my son a bath or right. When i started to get him down for a night time and i was literally leaving the pool bag to get sid to school on a friday morning. And im like i have to go like i you get in there like what were coming with you i finally just said.
You know could you help me get him free could you help me get her ready for school. So i could try to give you a blood sample or a urine sample.

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how long does it take to get a drug test back-1

I need help getting my preschooler ready for school. It was great so they literally like fed her like ball and braided her hair. And she look really cute timing is key in sports.
Even in testing. You know ive just gotten out of shower. Just got done team taking my morning pee and you know im having my cup of coffee and they they show up and im like well guys you missed me by 10 minutes.
I wake up every morning and i usually even first up i look outside my window to see if theres any cars out there thats the first thing. I do i do i dont go to the bathroom. I dont do anything like that so first thing.
I do i see cars out there i walk out to the car to see who it is just in case. He was one time. I didnt walk out and i went to the bathroom.
I pee and i me knocked two minutes later and i was like he got to be kidding me and while drug tests have become second nature to athletes. Sometimes it can take forever after like a hot tournament like a final youre pretty dehydrated need to be there for a good two or three hours. I just couldnt do it and so finally the drug tester goes do you have any beer and im like are you sure you should be drinking beer cuz.
Like youre gonna have to drive home and she looks mean she goes know for you to drink the beer. So you can give a sample. So we can all go home.
So i was like sure so drank the beer about half an hour later gave the sample and there you go. I had a great nights sleep to help me pee a lot of the drug test individuals would turn water on and they said that the the sound of running water would make someone pee and it worked. But unfortunately now nearly 16 years later.
I still pee whenever. I hear the sound of running water.

how long does it take to get a drug test back-2
how long does it take to get a drug test back-2

Its not good what color do you want to do blue. While four time gold medalist. Janet evans may joke about the interruption of family.
Time. The concept was an idea she pushed for evan san. And the athletes commission of the world anti doping agency.
We sat in those meetings and were like theres no other way around it have to do out a competition testing. And its interesting being a bureaucrat which i was because we would be like oh. This is a great this is great like they get us knock on the door at any time.
And they can just go on the athletes can go online. And like login. And they have their cell phones and it all made sense to me right.
But now that ive actually one of those athletes of living and im like okay see what if you like this is awful. But you know its not that bad and theres very respectful and it is what it is so im all for clean sport. And ill give as many samples as they need.
But no its its just a part of the process and while part of the process might be uncomfortable the overall process is something athletes not only understand. But support we are probably some of the cleanest athletes in the world and well put it on the line anytime. Anyplace.
I love it when drug testers come because it lets me know that they value me as an athlete and they just want to make sure that their best people are 100. Clean and you can show that to the world i do think that it is an invasion of privacy when youre drug tested absolutely that being said know what youre getting into when you sign up to be an olympian. Its kind of like going through.
I guess you could say the security line at the airports. You know its a pain. Its intrusive.
But at the same time its its kind of what it is its what you need to do to maintain the integrity of the sport or to make sure that we have you know that we can fly safe you know thats just the life that we live as being in especially an elite olympic athlete you .

how long does it take to get a drug test back-3
how long does it take to get a drug test back-3

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