iPhone 4/4S Wallet Case – NutKase Review

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Guys whats up its are from a fine here another exclusive video today we were gonna be reviewing the nutcase genuine leather wallet case for the iphone 4 4s so basically why would you carry around your iphone and a wallet when you can carry your iphone in your wallet. Were going to be taking a look at these really cool pretty cost effective real leather wallets which you can get for 35 right now they only have the iphone 4 and 4s version so i am showing you it to you with the iphone 4 and 4s but hopefully they come out with the iphone 5 version later on and if they do ill try and get a review out for you if they let me alright. Lets get a review on and show you some of the cool features alright.
So heres the black nutcase wallet case. And its actually not as thick as you might think. Its around the same thickness of a regular wallet just a little bit thicker.
But if you take a look here. It does look pretty good. And it has protection from the angles on the side.
It has a strip of leather going across and on the bottom. Its got two leather pieces covering it to make sure it doesnt fall out and on the top. Its also got a leather piece covering to make it sure it doesnt fall out and this little band that wraps around it to make sure that it stays closed alright.
Lets take a look at what you can see on the inside. So if you wrap this around we open it up obviously youre not gonna have a itunes gift certificate here thats just because its basically a placeholder for um just your regular license or whatever you want to put. There.
You know obviously have some business cards up here let me just grab that yeah business cards right here. So whatever you want there two little slots for that and obviously the slot for your license. Now what you have here is on your iphone.
So when you open it up you can easily just tap the home button you on off button over here and the power button. Whatever excuse me and for over here.

wallet case for iphone 4-0
wallet case for iphone 4-0

You can easily toggle. The mute switch and the volume rocker. So thats pretty easy easily.
Accessible. Now as far as these speakers. Go as you can see down here.
The you speakers are do have little holes. So your being able to hear them as you can see now obviously not fully be able to hear them. But that also means that this area is uncovered so you can be charging.
While its in the case. Now this case also has a really really cool hidden feature. Were gonna show you in just a second alright so we have it open as you can see now.
There is this really cool hidden feature in here and i forgot to show you by the way you can also store your bills right in here obviously. Its the wallet functionality of it so forgot to show you that sorry about that but theres also this really cool feature. Where there are magnets down here at the bottom this part actually comes up what you could do is you take this bit over here.
Just also attached by a magnet just grab. It just like that and you stick this and one of these two whole areas. And what this will make is a stand for your iphone.
And there are two different settings. Obviously lower down angle and a higher up angle.

wallet case for iphone 4-1
wallet case for iphone 4-1

And what this will let you do is watch videos do whatever basically in a stand format works pretty well looks pretty good too overall. I think that the stand is definitely a plus because now you dont have to get an additional stand with this and its as easy as going like this because the the magnet snaps it back. Its as easy as going like this to close it and then youre done and that is the genuine leather wallet case for the iphone 4 and 4s the black version lets take a look at the red version all right so for the ladies.
Weve got a red version of this that you guys can check out and obviously you guys can get it as well. But im mainly probably for her ladies to put in their purses and all that stuff so you can use this it will probably fit pretty well its not that thick. It is actually thicker than the other one just because of the way that it is designed.
But it does most the same stuff. Except the one thing youll notice is instead of having a band wrap around it does have this little clip here that definitely makes it look a little better so if you guys want that kind of thing. Its also a little less extra stuff as you can see that the cord is sometimes dangling over here this one you just open it up and it stays just like that when youre using the phone itself.
Now. It is some nice good red leather. It looks pretty cool from all angles.
It is protected like we said again the same kind of deal. But it looks good too now as you can see you can put your license. Whatever here you can put up here your business cards and then obviously.
Theres the place for you to put your money right in here. And thats pretty much how this will work. And its obviously a really really good accessible way to be able to use every different functionality of your phone.
The only part of your phone that is with my tests harmed by this case that is the sound quality because it is being pushed through these two little holes. But other than that it works pretty well and obviously.

wallet case for iphone 4-2
wallet case for iphone 4-2

Its not fully impacted. Its just slightly impacted. But obviously.
Its not pushing up against it as closely so a lot of the sound does get out. But pretty much thats an easy fix you just turn the volume up a little bit higher and then youre good to go. But overall.
These cases are really good i definitely give it a five out of five star rating for the black one and for the red one a 45. Out of 5 star rating. Just because it is a little thicker than what you want and also it is pretty much just a little bit bulkier to overall.
So basically four point five and five and five star ratings are pretty good really great case highly recommend checking it out and as you guys know. This one also has the feature in the back years just pull this out and clip. It down just like that and it does have the stand feature.
So thats pretty cool easy putting away is just like that closing it and snapping everythings magnetic. It works pretty good weak magnets. So they dont harm.
The device obviously. And it works pretty good overall. How they recommend checking out the the red or black nut case.
The links are in the description below let me know what you think about these cases highly recommend checking them out. Theyre only 35 dollars each once again. Im a firm at fine.
Ill see you guys later bye. .

wallet case for iphone 4-3
wallet case for iphone 4-3

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