Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare: Brutus in the Tragedy of Julius Caesar [English Literature]

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Friends. This is threes on julius caesar. One of the very famous tragedy.
By william william shakespeare. The historical playwright and this lesson is about brutus in the tragedy of this is presented by me palak sharma. Few things about me im an economics honors student.
A poet at heart a theatre geek. A mixture of keynes on shakespeare once youre done watching this lesson you know what you have to do the 3 rs in the s. Wait review recommends share the lessons has the link to my profile on an academy follow me right here now william shakespeares play the tragedy of julius caesar.
It is mainly based on the assassination of julius caesar. Now the character who was in charge of the assassination was ironically. Marcus brutus.
And he is a servant and a close friend to caesar. But what would cause a person to kill a close friend so after examining brutus his relationship to caesar his involvement in the conspiracy and his importance to the plot. The truth can be revealed now.
Marcus brutus was a servant and a friend to caesar. He had a very strong relationship with caesar. But a stronger relationship with rome and its people now brutus is very close to caesar in roman times.
The only way for someone to get close to a person of high rank is if he or she is close to him or horn. So in many points of the play brutus was talking and next to caesar. So brutus also loves caesar.
But fears his power and the early acts of the play brutus says. Two cases. What means the shouting.
I do fear the people do choose caesar for the king yet. I love him well as hes speaking to cases. He says this brutus loves caesar no doubt about it.
But would not allow him to climb bur upward. He then unto the ladder turns his back as the court says brutus would not allow caesar to rise to power. And then turn his back on to the people of rome.
Who are the ladder on what he is jumping to power. So after the assassination of caesar brutus talks to anthony about caesars death. And he says our hearts.
You see not they are pitiful and pity to the general wrong wrong room you just says that antony cannot. See the conspirators heart. Which are full of pity now again this shows how brutus loved caesar.
But cared for the life of rome and its people which were important. But this is the only decent reuters would conspire against caesar for brutus says to himself. I know no personal cause to spurn at him how that might change his nature of cesars relationship with brutus is also strong just allowing reuters to speak to caesar shows his respect for brutus.
See he feels that brutus is noble to him. And he does the right thing regardless of personal danger. So on the ids of march as caesar was assassinated jesus last linus at tu.
Brute. When brutus is killing him lines are at tu. Brute and then fall caesar this shows that caesar would not die.
Without ruta system. He wouldnt have succumbed to the stabbing of the rest of the people caesar realizes that they must be a noble reason for his assassination. If brutus was in it but this again shows how much caesar respects grutas brutus and caesar both respect each other but in different ways marcus brutus.
He also has a very important role to play in the conspiracy because against caesar. He was the backbone of the plan. According to cassius brutus his main purpose in the conspiracy was to ask legislature to macy and to act as an insurance policy the people will think since brutus is noble to caesar.
Then theres a good reason for caesars assassination. So brutus. He will also be the leader of the conspiracy for another insurance policy for the assassination.
So cases is the one who declares this that brutus shall lead the way and we will grace his heels with the most boldest and best hearts of rome. Again brutus leads. The way the people will think that the death of caesar wasnt such a bad thing brutus also declares to himself that his role in the conspiracy is to save.
Rome. He says to the people that if then that friend demand. Why brutus rose against caesar.
This is my answer not that i loved caesar less. But that i loved rome more so if brutus was not in the plot. The conspiracy would probably happen to work that all since brutus.
He was a very important part of it he added legitimacy to us and he loved rome more he decided to be a part of the conspiracy and if he hadnt loved rome more than caesar. He wouldnt have joined in the assassination of caesar. Now kisses and the rest of the conspirators would probably not have continued on without brutus.
So the assassination wouldnt have taken place because they would know it would have no insurance afterwards. The people would think that there was no reason for caesars death. And most likely they will they would behead.
The conspirators and also if brutus was not in the play the whole end of the play would have never occurred at all brutus would not have been there to lead the army or to kill himself like in this picture. You can see and cases will already be beheaded. So.
If you toss was not in the play the title would have absolutely absolutely no meaning there would have been no tragedy at all the mass. This brutus was a good friend to caesar. But not good enough he had moral values dealing with room and its people but brutus his value then made him join a conspiracy against caesar put together by cases brutus joined this mainly because he didnt want caesar to turn his back on rome.
So there would be a reasonable reason for killing caesar. But if judas wasnt in the play there would be no tragedy in the tragedy of julius caesar. So thats how important brutus was in this play and next lesson.
We will be having an analysis of the judy. Shes a play as a whole. How important the play is in the idea as it presents and how polity politics and ideas and ambitions can ruin or make up some people.
And this is all well be doing in the next lesson hope you like it thank you and ray shall you recommend share this lesson have a nice day .

who is the tragic hero in julius caesar essay-0
who is the tragic hero in julius caesar essay-0

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