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Guys emma and welcome back to another episode of family game night today. Werere gonna be playing whats your mouth throwdown edition. It says a hundred hilarious the head mouthpiece challenges.
It includes a hundred throw down cards. Forty two phrase cards six mouthpieces for noisemakers four threatens frost to throw down balls. One throw town dice and one timer.
Its sort of like the speak out game. We played but instead of guessing what the person saying you have to do a silly challenge right here this guys trying to drink through a straw and right here. This guys blowing on a noisemaker.
So in order to have a family game night. We need a family hey guys get over here. What was in that spaghetti.
So in case. You havent guessed this challenge is gonna be kids. Yeah okay so here are all the mouthpieces and also in your is mother stuff.
Were gonna need to plug this change. Okay dad saw some play all right weve got two separate decks. We got the phrases and we got the throw down each team will take turns picking a throw down card and the throw down card might.

watch yo mouth game walmart-0
watch yo mouth game walmart-0

Ask you to pick up a phrase card too on account of three both teams race to pick up their napkin with their stress. No second the players team that picks up their napkin in places. They carefully in their cup first wins.
Okay music music music this game. Should be called rules. Okay.
All right wow. That was really hard time to pick the next card all right i wanna pick okay both players draw a phrase card flip the timer and both players phone of friend on speakerphone saying the phrase on their card. The first player to get their friend to repeat their phrase before the time runs out wins.
Im gonna call my friend eileen if shes home it was bob bobbing for apples and barrels laughter yeah good job. Im gonna be saying okay okay okay mime like a mime you almost got it im im in mime. I mean come on okay.
So nobody. Won that one both teams failed so right now. Its just one card for these guys zero for us.
And its their turn to pay bottoms up still two cups with equal amounts of water and place one in front of each player with a straw fluff. The timer and both players race to drink as much as they can using the straw. The player that drinks the most when time runs out wins.

watch yo mouth game walmart-1
watch yo mouth game walmart-1

Okay so we need a feel that cups up equally you got to stick these in our mouths. And then try and drink timers right there no not ready not ready do i look ready to you flavor. I dont know if you can drink from a straw.
With your mouth open music music. Music music. Thats kind of like drowning.
Lets compare looks like jill got more. We didnt drink too much either of us. But jill that more than i do two more cards and you win okay.
It says insert mouthpiece on the count of three both players look deeply into each others eyes. The first players you get the other player to laugh. Blink or break.
Eye contact. Wins. Three two one stare down.
Ca. Nt see mom one looks like you smiling so yeah one time each ideal two to one each player tries to get someone to guess the secret word below by only giving hit. We cannot say the word you can only get hints the fastest time wind.

watch yo mouth game walmart-2
watch yo mouth game walmart-2

Okay joe hows her mouth. Shes ready to go guys at home right here. Shes gonna place a cup at one end of the table.
This will be the hole each player takes turns blowing their random ball from one end of the table to the hole each blow is one stroke. Straw optional the player that makes it to the hole with a fewest number of strokes. When we have two holes two cups.
The throw down ball okay so heres ball for you the ball for us. Each. Person is gonna take turns their ball.
Music. Applause music music. Music.
Music music. Each player. Chooses.
A nursery. Rhyme. Below.

watch yo mouth game walmart-3
watch yo mouth game walmart-3

With the noisemakers. And music music. Laughter music language.
You cant love to have notes of this do the rhythm london bridge is music impossible this thing. Only plays one note. How do you play a song with one note even without the mouthpiece you cannot play a song on this thing.
Yeah. This is like two notes maybe. Were looking at three notes music well the one i was thinking of is cleaned up clean up everybody clean up yeah got excited and broke no elbow came next thing.
I know this thing all right so hes blaming massey who broke to my piece. The replay will tell the truth it took him 51 seconds to get it where your sign language sign language sign language hello darkness my old friend ive come to talk with you again okay so this one is picture perfect each player holds a pen or pencil in their mouth. And draws one of the objects below no hands both players drop the same time the first player to get someone to guess their object so were gonna do this with markers.
I am cleaning the markers with water ready set go tingle the bottle what i got you cheated think that thats a wings thats a way yes. And its still dry cheese. No yes.
It happens okay here are the cards. I see four here how many do i see over there ah okay guys. I guess that was the game we lost it was very challenging and all the tones in it for discipline before we go off and steal some ice cream maybe set it leave a comment down below on what challenges you want to see next or just dings in general because we like your suggestions also am im gonna subscribe and hit the notification bell.
So you dont miss an upload thanks for watching see you guys next time music. .

watch yo mouth game walmart-4
watch yo mouth game walmart-4

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