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Guys im at kroger grocery store and im just showing you guys some some of the valentines items that they have so they have stuffed animals on for. 639. Normally.
799. And they have these ones in the box. Theyre 1199 music these ones are so cute unlike.
The red one this little one with the pizza thats really cute this little hedgehog. I have a little pig in. The tutu these are so cute you have this unicorn at.
799. Nampally. 999.
This little elephant and they have this mailbox kit. 399. These are 6 39 folie shapes.
We have treat bags 239. Then their valentines are 3 19. They have pencils some head of tattoos.
These have finger puppets and theyre all 3 19. And i believe you get ranging from 27 to 32 in the pack depending on the ones you pick these shopkin ones are a really cute. We have a dispute little mailbox 3 19.
And over here they have cookie icing sprinkle lose place 159. Napkins or 59. I think this kit is 1039 and they have cookie cutters heart shaped and unicorn shape for 159.

giant valentines day stuffed animals-0
giant valentines day stuffed animals-0

They also carry on these little tins candles for three dollars and they have the bigger tuscany candles for 799. My valley time i love you cherie fudge then they have the wax melts they have these roses long. Stem theyre 3.
19. 3. 19 also at 799.
And over here guys they have some gift bags for 159 they have these little mugs the sock puppet puppet monkey 799 summer 10 39 these are 479 they also carry hair bows for 299. They have these hershey pot of gold box chocolates. These are 749.
These are right here my favorite always buy them these coconut mess by russell stover. These are really really good i dont see a price. Ill probably get a couple of those oh drop them over.
Here they have these little teddy. Bears these are 199. For the small ones.
Those stuffed animals to me. Then over here. They have a wall of an assortment of.
Candy its the ton of valentine. Candy. 299.
Whitmans they have a tongue. Russell stover ghirardelli. These whitman samplers these truffles.

giant valentines day stuffed animals-1
giant valentines day stuffed animals-1

I love. Lindor they hold a ton of candy options here this huge one is 299. It looks like theyre all on sale.
Ill just scan through really quickly and show you guys the stuff they have i think this one is really pretty thats 999. So yeah. Thats all im seeing that kroger for valentines thank you guys for watching.
And ill talk to you in my next video bye. uld probably need if you allow is makeup to make a cat face on your child and of course that can be as extreme looking or as simple as you would prefer like for your daughter or son to have on halloween. My daughter will be in a full on cat face painted makeup that if she can have because that is the only time we allow her to wear makeup.
And i will post a photo of her at the end so that you can see how we did it alright. So stick around to see what to do next alright. So were going to start by making the ears on the headband and i did forget to mention that youll probably need some scissors.
Some hot glue or superglue. If you dont have it im sure theres some other items you could use and if youre really fancy or have lots of time you could totally so this. But i dont have time for that and or do i have the supplies.
So the first thing that we will be doing is taking a piece of pipe cleaner and you just need to wrap it around im gonna wrap it a few times. So that it stays and then just make a cat ear make it as big or white or thin tall. However youd prefer to have this so im just going to start by doing it like this and i can adjust it if i need to im using to this and cut out without the width.
That i need to go across and then youre just going to take this and you could use a pen. If you want. But youre going to cut some triangles out so that they can be like the back piece of the ear.
So it youll want to size. It a little bit better than i did and im just showing you for now. Im gonna go back and redo this off camera.

giant valentines day stuffed animals-2
giant valentines day stuffed animals-2

And then ill show you the end the end result. So youre going to take a piece as like the filler of the ear. And then youre going to take.
And do pretty much the same thing you did here with the pink piece. So im just gonna cut the same size right now. But youll go back and make it slightly smaller okay so youre gonna take that and then youre gonna glue the pink piece to the inside of the black piece and then youre going to have it like this and youll glue it on to there youll do it for both sides and that will be the capped headband for the cat ears.
Im gonna go ahead and make mine and then ill come back on and show you how it looks and then we will get started on the tail okay so im back to show you the next step. This is how her cat ears came out now. I did have issues with the hot glue as you can see it kind of got messy here.
But im not too worried about it because at night. Youre really not gonna be able to see it so. Its not a huge deal i hot glued.
The hank onto the black felt. And then i hot glued. The black on to like this piece.
And like the pipe cleaner. So there are her cat ears. Now were going to work on the tutu part so what i did was i took the ribbon and i wrapped it around my daughters waist and of course.
This is going to be different for each child. Because there are different sizes. So this will go all the way from front to back and i tied to you can see i tried to knots on either side of the ribbon and this is just to indicate where i need to stop with the tulle and then i also gave about like 6 inches on both side.
Im sorry you could probably hear my kids in the background. Theyre home from school now. But i gave some extra ribbon lengths and that is so that you can tie it around their waist and then i cut off some of this so that you could see how to do the next step.

giant valentines day stuffed animals-3
giant valentines day stuffed animals-3

So you take this and you just you know gather it like this and you could do it about half way and then im going to just tie it around and im sure theres other ways to do it this is just how im doing it because im ive never done these before so if im doing it wrong or theres an easier way you could totally leave me a comment below and that way ill know for next time. But if not this is how im doing it. And you just keep going all the way around until you have it from each knot that youve tied so im gonna do that and then ill come back and show you how i did it and then we will do the next step.
Which is the tail. So i finished up the two two part and it was pretty easy you just tie it all around and once you put it on and tie. It around with your child youll just want to you know make these all go down.
So theyre not like sticking out. Like youre already here. So.
This is done and the next step is to get a wire hanger. Which i have here now i was going to show you this step. But my husband has the tool that i need to cut the wire hanger at work so basically what im gonna do is im gonna cut.
It here and here sorry out of the film there you cut it here in here and then youre going to shape this whole thing into wait a tail. Sorry you can hear regan coughing. There so youre gonna do it like you know like an s shape.
I guess and then youre going to take this fur and im planning on because once you cut it youre gonna have a pointed edge. And you really dont want that to become an issue with children you dont like harming them or poking them and the last thing you want is to have a you know four or five six year old complaining. And its poking them in the middle of the dark on halloween night.
Because thats just not gonna be fun. So im going to wrap a good amount around the pointed part and youre just gonna want to like super glue. It or hot glue.
It depending on what you have and you could probably even i might do this like tie. Its hard to see cuz its so so fluffy. But you im gonna tie.
It i think because theres so much that its im not gonna run out im gonna tie it around and im gonna glue it so it doesnt move and then you just keep wrapping it around your hanger and then you can shape. It a little bit better when its done and attached and then once you finish the hanger .

giant valentines day stuffed animals-4
giant valentines day stuffed animals-4

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