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Playing hey everybody my names landyn from living with landyn and today. Imm going to take you on a tour of my recently renovated space. We have small guest house off of our garage.
That i really have been wanting to turn into something and i partnered with world market to bring you a really really cute little renovation. So if you have a small space. If youre working with a budget and youre wanting good quality furniture.
I think ive got the look for you so the first pieces. I started with were the sofa. I wanted to make sure i was anchoring the room went with this really cute they have a great selection of modern and international type pieces.
So i think mixing the two is so great thats one of my favorite things to do i dont think you need to stick necessarily with the same style. This is a little more modern the coffee table is also very modern with the marble and i love the brass so when i started with the sofa. It really just jumped out at me.
I love the style.

world market luxe sofa slipcover-0
world market luxe sofa slipcover-0

I like the lines in it and just exactly how it is and also i had to remember that this space is smaller. And so i needed to be mindful of getting something that didnt overpower the room. The next piece that i went to was the bed.
I thought ok id like to do something that has a little more of a contrast against the wall and carpet. So i went with this fabric covered headboard bed. Its in a charcoal gray.
I knew i was going to keep the bedding. Very light very neutral so i knew that would be a winner. I like to do something a little different on night stands.
I dont necessarily think they need to be matchy matchy in this case. They do match. But theyre actually small writing desks and they can even tuck a chair underneath.
I have two little stools underneath each one they give ample space for a bedside table.

world market luxe sofa slipcover-1
world market luxe sofa slipcover-1

I like to style each one of those i put a really cute little telescope lamp on each one. And some greenery maybe a little clock and a frame. But still leaving your guests plenty of room for their necessities phone and watch.
And all that good stuff then the next thing. I did was the desk. The desk was actually an exact match of a piece of furniture.
I already had in this space. So when i saw it in the store. I jumped up and down.
I was like yes so i went ahead and purchased that and also i got this rolling desk chair that looks a little more like a accent chair. But its on casters so it rolls right under the desk. Its actually very similar tone and fabric to the sofa.
So i thought ok im really doing good here.

world market luxe sofa slipcover-2
world market luxe sofa slipcover-2

Ive got my anchor pieces. Now its just time to layer and that brought me to the rug. Which had a little bit of gray and a little bit of gold in it but i thought it would really pull the brass tones and the gray from the bed.
So i was like done i like layering rugs. So i went ahead and put this one right on top of my carpet. Dont ever be afraid to do that and you only have the lamps on the nightstands.
So i thought im going to do a floor lamp. I really love this one super modern brass again i had this wall over here that i was like how can i soften this and make it a little bit of a seating area. But not anything to overpower the room.
So i actually purchased what is a dining bench for a dining room and i think its a great thing to do you could do it in your entry. I layered. It with a little bit of a faux fir.
A little hide there.

world market luxe sofa slipcover-3
world market luxe sofa slipcover-3

And some textured pillows added. A really cute round mirror. That was also textured so this little part of the room.
Im just in love with i just love how it turned out world market does a really great job of accessories as well taking global accents and things that feel like youve traveled the world and i love that about them so much most times. Your guests come from other places. So i think thats kind of fun for a guest space.
I did a little bit of a gallery wall over this piece of furniture and i love the way it turned out because i kept it very neutral. Very creamy mirroring the bed. How i did the layers of the creams and white.
There i did the same thing on the gallery wall so i think it really really pulled everything together so nicely. I just love this space. So much so much so i kind of want to just move in all together.
But i really hope you enjoyed the tour. It was so fun to do and thank you world market for allowing me to use your things and have fun in this space. Because im really really proud of it and i love the affordability and the quality that comes with the things at world market.
So it was a blast to do and i hope you love it as much as i do .

world market luxe sofa slipcover-4
world market luxe sofa slipcover-4

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