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Lets start by getting something straight consensus is not about everyone having perfect agreement agreement thats beyond rare and for busy professionals just like you its often reasonable. What is reasonable is to think of consensus as meaningful agreement and its important without consensus you risk others viewing. You as too aggressive or arbitrary.
As a decision maker. Most people understand the importance of two way collaboration and consensus building. Having said that there can be an odd downside to consensus building first it takes time to build consensus any additional time spent working towards satisfying everyone and getting everybody on the same page is time spent not working on something else next.
Believe it or not if you always make prolonged and inclusive consensus building. Your approach. Some people will interpret that as a sign of weakness as if youre afraid to assert yourself and make the call finally dont forget the process of consensus building will always require compromise.
Which means you dont get some of what you want in the final decision so in many ways. Its about choosing when to build consensus to get the benefits while avoiding the risks. I just mentioned heres your quick guideline to remember you should err towards consensus building and away from fast autocratic decisions when you have ample time the decision has a really large impact on the team and when the teams buy in is particularly important for decision adoption under those conditions.
Seek consensus now let me help you with that as well. If you remember the two tips. Im about to share reaching agreement can be a lot easier first resist taking votes taking votes at times.
Feels like it will speed things up and it does but it causes real problems voting puts everyone immediately into adversarial camps camps that just publicly proclaimed their lack of agreement with others thats never a good mental place for a group to be so resist voting next. Consider adopting a decision to help you when youre at an impasse. Here are two classics.
The first is the 70 rule this rule states that if youre 70 bought in your all in and will support the majority position teams often use rules like this because good professionals. Know that 100 agreement almost never happens heres another great one. If you find someone objecting to the decision.
The majority are approaching ask them this question. What one thing would you change in order to make this decision. One you could clearly support this is a great tactic.
It makes the person focus less on objecting and more on improving the decision and puts you closer to consensus building consensus can be hard work. But if you choose correctly when to even try. And if you facilitate the discussion using the tips.
We discussed you have a good shot at making both timely and quality decisions. .

an individual who leads by trying to reach a consensus is a(n) _____ leader.-0
an individual who leads by trying to reach a consensus is a(n) _____ leader.-0

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