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Everybody. This is mr. Duncan in england.
How are you today are you ok. I i hope so are you happy i hope so welcome to the very first episode. My series of english teaching videos before i begin we will take a look at some of the common questions that often arise when talking about learning.
The english language and more importantly when learning it as a second language. So the first question must be why do we need to learn english of course. One of the reasons.
Why we need to be able to speak english. Nowadays is because the world is becoming smaller thanks to the internet and our developing global economy. More and more people are using english as a common way to communicate with each other so now it has become unavoidable that companies and large businesses will need to employ people who can speak more than their own native language.
That is where english comes in it is now widely considered as an international language of course learning. Anything is difficult and english is no exception. However there are ways to make the situation easier.
I have come up with my own list of general rules for learning english do you want to hear them do you want to know what they are okay. Lets take a look at them. One by one learning english takes time.
And patience it cannot be rushed try to relax and take it easy. The most important thing you need at the beginning is a good vocabulary for without words you have nothing to work with you must view english as a part of your body. Just as you would an arm or a leg.
It must become a part of your everyday.

who is the speaker in the first lesson-0
who is the speaker in the first lesson-0

Life daily practice is very important you must start with a strong foundation or base and slowly build on it day by day do not look at english as just another subject your attitude to english and the way you view. It will decide how well you progress just as we say in english. No pain no gain do not worry about making mistakes in fact.
The more mistakes you make the more you will learn from them just like learning to ride a bike sometimes you fall off so what do you do you get back on and try again the two most important words to remember. When learning english are practise and confidence practise english every day and be confident you will find that the more you use english the better your english will become and the more confident you become then the more you will want to use it make it a rule to tell yourself i can do it i can do it i can do it . Please remember my lessons are aimed at everyone so hopefully you will find something useful in each one.
Maybe you will find some of the words. I use very easy. But you will also see some words that are new to you remember my lessons are aimed at everyone even teachers are very welcome to join in learning english should be a fun experience.
And i hope with the help of my video lessons you will discover just how much fun it can be i hope youve enjoyed my first lesson. And that it has been useful to you this is mr. Duncan in england saying thanks for watching me introducing myself to you and until next time ta ta for now 8.
all of them right so when youre taking the career quiz. Its really finding what youre naturally good at does it mean that you shouldnt be cultivating the other personality types. Yeah okay once you figure out like like these personality types seem pretty straightforward and simple right like i think figuring out if youre like a people person or a data person like that might be much easier than figuring out what the heck youre going to do with that fact so how do students take that information or how do people take that information and then turn it into oh.
This is actually a career path. I want to pursue or how do they figure out which careers fit that yeah so on our actually platform you can take a career quiz. And it gives you a bunch of questions that you can figure out your personality.
Strings and then it asks you questions about your interests. Then it actually shows you your top three personality strengths and then all the careers and industries that match right and so when you press a career profile. Then you can watch a video of a real life person whos working in that career and our videos talk about like what was their motivation to going into that career.
We dont just talk about like whats needed and your skills or education.

who is the speaker in the first lesson-1
who is the speaker in the first lesson-1

And then once youre inspired by a persons individual stories. Then you can look at our career profiles. And it tells you exactly what you need to do like to pursue that career from major to how to get your first internship to you know how to network and then a bunch a list of resources of different organizations.
You can join professional associations. Thats something that you guys should look into there are professional associations for every single industry from advertising to architecture to film. And a lot of those organizations have free webinars.
They have lives facebook live streams and even networking events and i think in order to translate what your personality strengths are to careers. Is you need to start exploring whats out there so on our career quiz. You can actually take the quiz and it suggests different careers.
But were adding careers every single month. Because for instance like social media manager like that didnt even exist like what seven years ago. It wasnt right you need to just get yourself out there and start absorbing and learning.
Im just being exposing yourself to all these yeah even if youre like in high school or college or yeah. I do a meetup group is that the i think the more you know about yourself. And the more you know about whats out there it gives you a direction in your life.
You know youre gonna youre gonna make better decisions. Youre probably gonna save more money and time. And if we can share one idea with this video that makes me really excited you guys.
Its that you are who you are and you have all these talents and like whatever you think this is my career and this is like what im going to do. Its actually like almost a relief. I feel like great if we have a six personality types and we start with that there are so many ways that you guys can make a difference in the world and whatever you think that like one box that you can check off you know i think life is a series of opportunities and you have to listen to those opportunities.
And i know we were talking about this before the camera is even started or rolling.

who is the speaker in the first lesson-2
who is the speaker in the first lesson-2

But i think theres also this idea that oftentimes. I think you guys feel like you have to pick a career from all the careers that youve heard of right now and some careers that are going to be around after you graduate from college. Dont exist right now and we dont even know what they are were not sure really sure what those careers are gonna be and thats why i think this is so empowering that this is about learning yourself so that you know like what kind of a worker.
You want to be and what kind of a participant in our economy and in our world you want to be and then you know the rest can kind of follow as long as you keep an open ear. And youre exploring and one awesome way that you can do that is on gladio. Thank you so much for joining us michelle.
It was really awesome to have you like i said. Were gonna be interviewing more awesome. People we may even be interviewing someone running for president if you guys like this video.
And you light. Seeing conversation and having were voices on our channel. Tell us below in the comments and if you have more ideas on the kinds of information that you guys want as you navigate college admissions career and beyond post a comment below this video and let us know subscribe to our channel.
If you havent already to get more awesome tips you can find us on instagram on facebook. And on twitter. And michelle how can students find out more about gladio.
And all the resources. You offer. Yeah.
So our website is gladion org. You can take the career quiz. There and figure out your personality types and the careers that match them were also on youtube and instagram also you can always check out the best a ct and sat prep courses ever at super tutor tv comm if youre prepping for the sat or a ct.
Ill see you guys later thanks for watching take care. .

who is the speaker in the first lesson-3
who is the speaker in the first lesson-3

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