LG Escape Plus, by Cricket Wireless, Unboxing and First Look

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So today. Were gonna take a look at the lg skate. Plus from cricket.
Cricket. Wireless and get into it check out the settings check out the features. The and as always with my unboxings.
I do not give prices and the specs will be at the end of the video. So stay young take a look let me know what you think take a look at the lg escape plus vibrant 54 5 inch hd plus display quad core processing 4g lte speed up to 32 gigs of internal storage 8 megapixel camera with led flash and hdr. 5.
Megapixel front camera with auto shot skip. It opened up and take a look in the device your sim card. Your little.
Three little books here thumbs in. Conditions all that good. Stuff charging.
Block and this looks like a 12. Amp. Charging block.
So not fast charge. And were gonna have micro usb charging on this and take a look at the actual device. Its silver and on first note it is a bit heavier than previous lg budget devices which is awesome because theyre really too light and very hard to hold on to but this one feels like its gonna have a better build to it the back is non removable.
It is very glossy. Okay youve got your power key microphone your rocker and this is going to have a google assistant button. Thats what that third one is right there below the volume rocker.
Youve got a bottom firing speaker. Your headphone. Jack microphone.
A micro usb charging point for it. And theres your sim slot. And the 8 megapixel rear camera.
Flash and your 5 megapixel front camera. And this is going to have a screen flash for the selfie mode and theres your little speaker were looking at some decent sized bezels there right when youre watching tv look this is why dont mind bezels usually gives you something to hold and you dont miss food your screen. When you do that so lets power it up get it set up okay so weve got your standard lg screen.

how to screenshot on lg escape 3-0
how to screenshot on lg escape 3-0

Theres going to be your google launcher and this is this cricut scoop business. So youve seen all the stuff. There.
Now. The google assistant launch is going to be right here. And there it is watching your google.
This isnt so thats kind of convenient lets go through the settings. Okay there are two different ways you can look at this were going to go through the easiest way in list view network. In internet.
And you can see wi fi calling is enabled on this phone. And it also is a hotspot capable connected devices. Nothing is connected then nfc is not enabled.
But there is now lg air drive sharing manage content with the computer. Wirelessly by under your lg account. So thats pretty cool your different sound options display.
The different ways you can customize your screen and your user experience your lock screen and other security measures. All these are security features and you do have a built in find my device that is not linked to google phaethon lot is not available on this phone and youll notice. There is no fingerprint scanner extension.
These are just kind of built in the abbe sketch knock on knock off press. The power key twice to open the camera. These are just some added features up and capture plus press.
Its the open capture plus press. The volume key up twice to open the capture. Plus.
When the screen is locked or off lets see what that does volume up twice. And there it is so thats pretty cool lets get back to what we were doing your open your camera volume down twice to open the camera. When the screen is locked or turned off open your google assistant talk to your google.
Assistant and show a visual snapshot press. The google assisting cue twice to see a snapshot of your day in the google assistant app. So thats kind of cool lgs added a few things ok so lets take a look at what all is preloaded into the lg escape plus.
Weve got the amazon shopping how do you recorder calculator calendar camera chrome clock contacts and docs you got your basic google stuff here its pretty standard facebook is preloaded on this one most devices now. It is youve got the lg game. Launcher and then really if youre in the game.
In that just helps to optimize your performance by shutting down on running apps.

how to screenshot on lg escape 3-1
how to screenshot on lg escape 3-1

Its pretty much just clears out the ram mobile services. If you find this in your device. This is what you do to take it out i go over this and every unboxing because this is a very harmful piece of bloatware turn off data usage.
Deny permissions and finally disable. It this will help to keep ads out of your phone. And it will help conserve data usage and seeing quickmemo setting sheets.
And took. It dont ever mess with that ive had people that mess with this dont mess with the same tool kevin smart cleaning smart world to scoop wallpaper youtube pretty standard stuff so now lets move right along to check the battery usage. Now.
This is probably the hardest unboxing. Ive ever tried to do it has taken me three days. Yall to do this unboxing.
Weve been so very busy. So. This phone has been powered on and set up.
And ive played with its up. I have used it a little in the last three days. And as you can see it comes with about 48 49 percent battery charge.
And its only down to 34. So thats pretty good really you can see here you know whats using everything. And honestly.
This is pretty good. This is this is pretty decent battery optimization here here is your storage accounts accessibility. Something you want to make sure you never ever ever turn on is your talkback make sure that is switched off it will drive you absolutely insane and make sure select to speak is off and switch access.
But if you do have a disability and you need to turn these things on this is where you would do that hearing. This is captions. This is nice shows closed captions and subtitles for videos.
Flash alerts. Which means your screen will flash. When youve got a call or a text alarm anything like that mute all phones and lower the volume on the receiver stereo audio except channel and the sound balance and there you go youve got your basic google app here and all the stuff you can do with it now if you curious how to restore your contacts.
Youve already put your google account and all youre gonna do there is just scroll down and hit restore contacts here youre gonna have where you can customize your keyboard your language your default keyboard now if you would like to add another keyboard you dont like the lg keyboard. You can always add g board safely it will not mess with your phone and their keyboards emoji keyboard the go keyboard touch pal. All those will definitely bring ads into your phone and affect the performance of your device.
Okay your physical keyboard is when you actually connect a keyboard to your phone.

how to screenshot on lg escape 3-2
how to screenshot on lg escape 3-2

Most people dont do that and restart and reset. Network settings reset. If youre getting your phones.
I can kind of weird. Its not keeping a good signal. Its think i got to get data signal good you know bad data speeds.
Something you can do is network settings. Reset. And it will reset the wi fi and the bluetooth settings for you.
And you just kind of refresh everything. So thats pretty handy in factory data reset as always before you factory reset your phone make sure you have removed all accounts from the device or google will so walk it up alright now lets take a look at the camera. Youre gonna get a few more camera features with this one.
Were gonna take a look at those in that mode. Flash jump cut. This is where youre going to be able to make little gibbies and it goes directly into youtube.
Live for all you youtubers out there you can in check change your color settings check that out is that not cool or what and itll change it this way give it kind of a black and white appearance and a negative. This is true like a line out like that and this is just more of a visit color and sepia sepia is nice and nice antique look see if we have no insult back thats your natural appearance. Theres settings you can turn your hdr on and off.
She said her with shutter where itll say cheese or something else you can use a qr scanner on here you can turn that on for you tag your location. Say youre on vacation. You see something cool on the side of the road.
You take a picture of it you can remember where you took that picture where you were and what you were doing you grid. Just helps you line it up for really and here youve got your different. Camera.
Options. 438. Megapixels 16.
By 9 with. 6. Megapixels 18 by.
9. 53 megapixels and 11. With.
6 megapixels.

how to screenshot on lg escape 3-3
how to screenshot on lg escape 3-3

And there is all your different resolution choices. Full vision. Which is already on full hd video.
And theres your choices for that youve got. 16. By 9 1920.
By 1080 18. By 9 1440 by 720 sixteen by nine 1280 by 720 and you can make you can set your timer. If you want to take like a family photo.
You prop it up on something or put it on a tripod and you want to take a picture of everybody. Including yourself. And there is your camera dont have anything to really take a picture of it check out selfie mode.
Its pretty clear you can edit. And see what the different editing options are pretty standard. Lets take a look auto edit.
An old west look kind of washes. It out palma everything is very dated their turn really turns up the reds and greens metro eiffel blush modena real vote oli bazaar alpaca and this do it like that thats really cool and of course youre going to have you know your crop and rotating all that good stuff right there memo that means you can make a caption on it i think theyre high or if you wanted to add a signature to your pictures you would do that their lens thing were gonna have everything on the screen because this is how we set it up now. If you want to change that this is where you would do that youre going to go to display home screen select home and these are going to be home and app drawer.
Lets take a look at that one alright everything is youve got some stuff on the screen not as much and then you got everything in an app drawer. Youre gonna find more stuff here next we have easy home and theres obviously a lot of older people that like that prefer this setting you have your app drawer down here so you can kind of keep your screen a little cleaner and then everything on it. Lets go back to this standard settings.
Everythings a little bigger with that one too and this is everything on the screen and theres your google launcher teenage boy goes blind enters the existing pringles white bread and french fries interesting you need those vegetables kids okay also to launch the google launcher you can disable the swipe and just use the button for the google assistant look at there all right. So there. It is the lg escape.
Plus from cricut. What you think about it i like it. I think.
Its going to be a really good addition to our budget line. All right so thanks. So much for watching.
Heres your spec list. While youre watching that click subscribe to the channel ring. The bell get all the notifications for the newest videos and as always have an awesome day.

how to screenshot on lg escape 3-4
how to screenshot on lg escape 3-4

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