Little Damage Ice Cream \u0026 Downtown LA Vlog

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Guys. Whats up its brooke welcome to as indian vlog. Today is currently currently july 19th.
And its 10 56. And im doing some fun things so i thought i would take you guys with me. Im going to this new ice cream place called little damaged a pink with my friend for my friend bryces livestream for lively.
It was you dont know what lively is its the app thats like correlated with musically and im super excited and if i just take you guys with me and yeah. This is my outfit of the day. So im wearing this black brandy melville tube top.
But these are got an email and then i got these black guess ripped jeans with some irregular of black old school vans and i have on my jewelry. Its just aquarius jewelry for my zodiac sign. I have the hoops and all the regular bracelets and stuff and were about to leave so lets go so relieving now were going to go to starbucks and im super excited because like theres friends there that i havent seen and like not that long but like its felt long and i did something different with my makeup.
Today. And its pretty cool and i dont know if you can tell. But i can tell so were going to waste now music this drink is so good.
I didnt get a pink drink to them weird.

little damage ice cream los angeles-0
little damage ice cream los angeles-0

But its good its just coffee with hey lola and so then i recommend. But we are on our way. We are almost there were in downtown right now.
Which is all three ways. This is the best song ever how i feel by smooth. He drinks samwells literally the best song ever.
Its going to be my favorite song of all time for like ever and like i hope this is it so. If you have a listen to it its great audit ugh right can i do its to me like on it hi. We are here this place is cool.
Its like really without. Y.all.
Cream. And i think. That is that intel.

little damage ice cream los angeles-1
little damage ice cream los angeles-1

Yeah. I say yeah. I want a different picture this that is your music i scream to try it check instagram 1000.
My gosh oh weird im in strawberry now great payment photo booth criminal damage and no personally thank you i guess okay let me just gotta do this again. Look like you try to slap me in the vein music. This is not gonna work okay.
Thats super cute and were walking around her lily. I feel like im back in new york check out my new yorks log so plug. But walking where are we going where life is where life takes us okay.
Its all good yeah. Yeah yeah car now we just got finished with everything shout out. Surprised for letting me be a part of the ice cream.
I had so much fun the ice cream is actually so good so now were in the car. And i think were going to the mall. I dont know them teachers with me.
But if i get anything cool.

little damage ice cream los angeles-2
little damage ice cream los angeles-2

Ill show you guys for sure so little bit happening just parks. Because we ended up going to the fashion district. But look at the view from where were parked.
I literally love downtown la. So much how cool this is i feel like im in new york whoa hey guys now its a little bit later 28. And i just got some coke from brandy melville and i think we must go see.
But i thought i would just up with you guys and then come you guys in like flowers. So were going to go key and leslie was happening. Its currently 924 and so much later.
I know i had to talk to you guys in a while. But basically after the ice cream. We just went to downtown la and walked around and then we went to the mall and ate and stuff because i had to pick up some things.
But basically. Its the end of the day and im just going to edit this vlog and i have to do some birthday getting ready for a special someone. But thats basically it im going to fire everyone out for because i always forget to do al trailers.
But i hope you guys have an amazing day and thank you so much for watching make sure to like comment and subscribe and ill see you in the next one .

little damage ice cream los angeles-3
little damage ice cream los angeles-3

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