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Now lets run through the central characters of the book first theres ralph. Ralph. Hes responsible.
Hes a reasonably intelligent and hes well socialized. He order and civilization. The other boys immediately recognize his leadership skills and he gradually becomes devastated by the events that take place on the island soon he becomes a target of the boys once they go wild.
Then theres jack jack has leadership abilities as well. But is more authoritarian and domineering. He competes with ralph.
More power is corrupted by the power. He attains over piggy piggy himself is pudgy. Hes nearsighted and hes plagued by asthma hes physically weak but mentally.
Hes very strong he does become a target of teasing and bullying and persecution. Hes probably the wisest of all the boys as well the most intelligent his glasses are a symbol of greater insight into what is happening on the island and her physically used start fires. Then theres simon.
Hes representative of the spiritual side of humanity kind considerate and template of and curious. He hopes to solve the mystery of the beast and his hallucinations seem to indicate a lot more about the darkness that surrounds the island manifesting in the role of the lord of the flies. Then theres roger.
He represents the savage cruelty of human nature the pursuit of pleasure by persecuting others he becomes a de facto executioner. The disciplinary dharm of jacks authoritarian rule sam and eric are actually two people who sort of act as one theyre twins. Theres a everyman among the chief characters willing to follow ralph.
An independent enough to criticize him privately theyre led by fear to move towards jacks idas events to progress and are eventually tortured into joining his side their followers. The ordinary people sort of like roger that make up society and the every leader must have in order to be a leader last theres the beast initially an object created in the boys imagination through fears and rumors the beast takes a physical form in the body of the dead parachutist and maybe in the form of the lord of the flies. The fear of the beast is so great that the boys are unwilling to fully observe it and cannot understand what it really is the nature of the beast is that lurking inherent evil inside each of the boys flawed hearts and inside all of us music.
. It was still good like i made the most out of it on the side. I also worked in a psychosis service.
So early intervention in psychosis service its main reason. I actually chose the mass of course because it provided a placement and i basically worked in that psychosis service for like a four year. But one day a week and that was really fascinating they didnt really know what to do with me.
It was kind of awkward. But i just decided to put myself out there and be really really engaged and lit. She just said bother everyone most of them were social workers.
So i just basically sat in their cars. And they drove to people houses to do home visits and i got to experience firsthand the i guess the ball was in in my life.

who is the antagonist in lord of the flies-0
who is the antagonist in lord of the flies-0

Like i was in a very protective. Very privileged bubble and here was the first time. I saw how other people you know in the same society.
Live. It really was very a ground experience and also very life changing experience. I think like going to those home visits to really understand the struggles that you know the same people born on earth.
You know some people get to live like you know nice lives and other people like dont like just like chance rebe. So during my masters degree. I worked with a professor and also her phd student.
We worked on a paper on mental health policies so looking at the accuracy and accessibility of evidence and mental health policy documents. So that point i found mental health policy. Really fascinating.
But spent the whole year. Whole next year on editing year for publication loads of frustration. But thats a different video that i can make around how to more my experience publishing.
A paper and then i graduated from my masters. Really happy i had around three to four months in the summer to really just decide what i wanted to do obviously you know knowing the doctorate course everyone wants to be a assistant psychologist. I got quite a few interviews but ever got through got rejected like more than 20 times.
Maybe started looking at support work and started looking at other options as well like working in a mental chatter. I was really really stuck in such a difficult time i also looked at research assistant job again i kept getting interviews. But kept failing at the interview stage one person in kings.
A professor. There saw some potential in me to be a researcher. So she invited me to do in a phd instead and i genuinely was so tempted to go on to that phd.
So. I was like talking and kind of designing project already and like that kind of like phd kind of mindset. I was quite like scared about it i dont think i was definitely ready for that so it kind of just tailed off naturally.
Because i just wasnt motivated to actually work because a phd student. At kings so come like august or something im literally at my last. Straw of like patience and you know confidence i go to an assistant psychologist interview in a private hospital and i got the job isaac over the moon there in october turned 18.
I started working in the inpatient psychiatric hospital for a woman in east london. It was most intense year ever. It wasnt a one year contract.
But it was just so intense that after a year. I felt that i need to move on i will make a different video on my experience working in patient psychiatric hospital.

who is the antagonist in lord of the flies-1
who is the antagonist in lord of the flies-1

But i basically worked in between a psychiatric intensive care unit and a low secure forensic pd. So precisely the sort of ward. And i learned so so so much honestly even though.
It was not a nature simply because actually i had way more responsibility than i shouldve as an ap. There wasnt a lot protection on it so i worked for a year and decided that my knowledge was saturating at that point. And there wasnt really anything new and things became a little bit repetitive and i knew that given you know my age and also my like stage of career.
I really should be trying to move on so i did quite a few into use in other ap. Jobs and again like its just bloody. Difficult.
So i decided hey like why not try pap and at that time my new supervisor also was a pap. But she was then a clinical psychologist. I was like hey like its an option so i interviewed for a pap post and i got it and i started training in october 2009.
Teen at the peter ap course itself was really interesting much more structured than working as an ap. And i definitely got a lot of clinical skills from it you can watch my other video on pap. If youre interested in that during my first year as an assistant psychologist.
I didnt think about the doctor at all cuz. I just simply knew that i didnt have enough experience to answer any questions or have any kind of fresco say me so i didnt think about anything like that but by the time. I started my pdp course.
I already knew that i would at least try and get familiar with the process. And i literally made the worst mistake ever dont follow me to do this i literally wrote the application read it like twice. Didnt send it to anyone.
So. I knew quite a few clinical psychologists out there didnt send it to anyone. And i just sent it i just sent it away so when i had dinner with my old clinical psychologist.
So the old head of psychology. And also my ex supervisor. Theyre both like flabbergasted theyre like aikka like no like youre so you know youre so such a promising candidate.
But thats just the wrong ways especially for your first one and i was like man like oh like ive really screwed up here. I got rejected from three university. So you see are kings and royal holloway.
But then i got an interview for oxford. Which is i thank god for oxford this year. There were around 700 applicants or 800.
Something like that so they choose 75 people to interview at that point coronavirus hit and i had my interview online. The interview itself went pretty good i stumbled on quite a few questions really badly.

who is the antagonist in lord of the flies-2
who is the antagonist in lord of the flies-2

But i felt that some of the questions i really did very well on so i got third reserved for oxford on my first try applying to the bathroom. They give 25 people accepted offer and then well like a proper offer and then 25 people they put on reserve. So people who are good enough to be accepted.
But like theyre just not enough face and then 25 people they reject so i was like third in the reserve. So i was quite far on top for some reason. My reserve was right for me it felt like im you know my abilities didnt match with being reserve.
If that makes sense i felt like if i got a straight offer. I would have massive impostor syndrome. So i actually getting on reserve list was like the best outcome actually because it felt like it matched.
My abilities. It was a very like nerve wracking three weeks. The preserve list kept shifting while like shift one every like maybe week or so or two weeks after three weeks.
I got a call from one of the clinical. Psychologists. And i accepted by oxford university.
For their doctorate program for clinical psychology. Which i was like i screamed. I was so happy.
But it was like lockdown so there was no one else i could celebrate with i was there with my apple spritz and i was just like you know being so happy. And it was so such a surreal experience that was may 2020. Right now.
Im still a trainee psychological well being practitioner. So im still working full time. This is where i am now i have not started my degree in to qualify as a clinical psychologist.
So yeah so it starts in september 28. And now its around june or something so im still working. I think im gonna take some time off for the coi starts.
If you want to follow my journey. Because obviously. It continues from here for another three years.
Please subscribe support. My instagram post a regularly about my reflections and my lessons in psychology and immense huff comment down below. Like my video share my videos stay tuned for my next video.
Which will be on my experience working in an inpatient psychiatric hospital in the uk. So see you next time bye music. .

who is the antagonist in lord of the flies-3
who is the antagonist in lord of the flies-3

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