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In this video. Im going to show you how made these simple storage bins bins out of some scrap wood. We are in need of some more storage solutions.
The kids rooms in a bad way in my sons room. His legos are out of control. My daughter has tons of other toys dolls.
My little ponies and stuff so were trying to come up with a few more ways that they can have a place for everything so that stuff doesnt just end up all over the floor. I started out at the crosscut sled on my table. Saw.
I made sure to set up stops for each of the cuts since i plan to batch out six of these storage bins at the same time then i sanded for what seemed like forever next. I started laying out. Where i wanted the handles to be i just used a forstner.
Bit on the drill press to establish the two outside parts of the handle. And then connected them with a very unprecedented in the way when you needed to see what i was doing. Thats always a good idea next.
I used a rasp to clean up what the jig saw left is a very rough cut. And i added a slight round over to all of the handles. Then it was time for assembly.
I wont bore you by showing you all of them being assembled. It was the same thing just another five times. I used glue and brad nails and nothing else for these and that should be plenty strong for how these will be used music.
If you didnt know i have a podcast.

land of nod storage bin-0
land of nod storage bin-0

Its called we built a thing and drew fisher from fisher shop and mark chris from the gun. Clinton designs channel the three of us get together and we chat about making things being dads all kinds of stuff. Its a little bit different format.
So if you havent checked it out already please go do that if you have been listening give us some feedback let us know what you liked about it. And maybe. Even if you have topic suggestions for the future.
Okay now back to the project. I broke all of the sharp edges by hand and then i started taping them all off for pain. I wanted each of them to have a unique look so i took my time in this part of the creation sometimes i would just use tape.
But sometimes i would even use some printer paper to help cover a large area. I was able to use my medium spray shelter by home right for all of this it was awesome so i did three different things. Number.
One was using this color shot spray paint. Its a premium spray paint that i would compare to montana gold. They sent this to me to try out and i have to say.
I was pretty impressed the dry time was super fast and two coats. You did a very nice coverage. Number.
2. Was a resto. Liam spray.
This is one of their spray paints that you see a lot.

land of nod storage bin-1
land of nod storage bin-1

Its like four dollars a can it ended up looking really good. But the dry time took forever even in my temperature controlled shop music and im looking forward to trying this out and then using it on some larger projects. Its super simple.
Its basically just plug in and start spraying. They sent me this sprayer and i can honestly say im just looking for more things to spray with paint now i sprayed two types of acrylic paint in it and both worked great even without thinning the paint quick shout out to decoart for letting me try some of the metallic paint that they have this copper paint is from them. And it really impressed me with how smooth over finish.
I was able to get next i sprayed on a couple of coats of water based polyurethane using the home write sprayer again it worked great but be warned you need to turn down the volume. A bit from the acrylic paint setting for a really thin finish like this i ended up putting on slightly. Too much music.
A bunch of plywood laying around actually from quite a few years ago. When we build this house. So i decided to put together some small bins like this three for each of their rooms.
And i think they turned out great do you ever hold on the scraps. Like now do you and try to make projects out of them for some reason. I have a hard time throwing away a certain scrap.
So let me know below. What is a scrap wood thing that youve made that you just cant throw that material away. And you do end up making something out of it thanks for watching.
If you would hit that subscribe button and click the bill so youll be notified when i put up another video. Im gonna put up another couple videos for you to watch right here. If you havent seen them already thanks.
So much ill see you next time music. .

land of nod storage bin-2
land of nod storage bin-2

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