Makeup Geek X KathleenLights Highlighter Palette | Info \u0026 Swatches

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Guys so todays video is a really exciting one im gonna be sharing sharing my makeup geek highlighting palette with you guys im gonna give you details about the palette that launches to day as you are watching this this video is pre recorded. But as youre watching this right now. I mean if you are watching it when i post.
It it is now available. I will have the link down below. I just wanted to quickly start off with that just in case you guys dont follow me on any social media and youre wondering about the launch date.
It is now today. Im gonna be sharing it with you guys and were gonna chat about it so for those who dont know makeup geek marlena if you follow marlena on youtube she has her own brand called makeup geek. Which im sure all of you guys know.
But makeup geek. Asked me to collab with them on a highlighter palette. And it is finally here and im so excited to share it with you today today what im filming this it is saturday on the 13th.
But you wont be watching this till august 17th and im recording this video. Because im leaving to la so im pre recording a couple of videos. So unfortunately.
I have a couple of missing pieces in this video. I have the palette with me. But its completely blank on the back the regular palette like once it goes for sale.
It will have the names on the back of the palette. But unfortunately mine doesnt and it wasnt gonna get here in time before i left. So this is what were working with also i dont have the box to show you guys.
Which im so sad about because the box is so cute. I will put up a picture here if i can even. Though.
I dont have like an actual picture of the box maybe i can go back in my text. Messages and see if i can pull up something. But the outside box is so cute and like foiled and so pretty i love it.
But i really wanted to get this video up today because today is when it launches. But dont worry because once i get the box. And once i get the palette with things on the back.
I will share them with you guys whether its on social media or here on youtube. But you can definitely keep up with me on snapchat twitter and instagram thats mainly where i post. All the information about michael abs and my launches.
So im sorry that this video isnt 100 planned professionally. But its me so and also there was a couple of questions. I got that i wanted to answer in this video.
Before you guys placed an order so that you guys knew the information before you purchased it you know what im saying okay so anyway marlina asked me to create a lighter palette. I was so excited cuz. I had no idea she was even coming out with highlights and shes coming out with a ton of different shades.
Not only just this palette. Shes coming out with like a ton of singles. So this is what the palette looks like its really really thin.
Really sleek so easy to travel with i really like the packaging. Its not bulky and it has like the magnetic closure really similar to the mani palette. If you guys purchased mannys eyeshadow palette in collaboration with makeup geek.
Its similar packaging. This is the packaging that she really likes to do her company and i totally agree with it i love it i love this art deco pattern makeup geek is very like modern with like an art deco twists and i had so much fun in the photo shoot. They did like a whole old like victorian kind of photo shoot with me it was kind of nerve wracking because i really dont like photo shoots at all theyre so scary.
But it was so much fun and i just really loved the people behind makeup geek. I think theyre a really great company because of the people that they are i have been watching marlena on youtube since she was filming on her webcam. I was in high school and marlena was one of the first beauty vloggers.
I watched like i think she was the first im pretty sure like i googled a naked palette makeup tutorial she popped up and then i subscribed her and its almost unbelievable to see me working with her its life is weird man lifes weird. Im drinking kombucha kombucha have you guys ever tried this supposedly really really great for you a little strong though a little strong okay so enough of my yapping. Im sorry so this is what the palette looks on the inside.
And it just comes with three highlights. These pens are very very big. Let me show you oh compare slam so.
This is what i would say a typical highlight looks like like mac.

makeup geek kathleenlights highlighter palette-0
makeup geek kathleenlights highlighter palette-0

I dont know i feel like theyre usually this sized. And this is a comparison to the size so theyre pretty big highlights are on the same size as this only theyre square. And you get a lot of product in this not exactly sure what the grams are or what but i think marlena went into detail in her video or is gonna go into detail in her video since im pre recording this know when her video will go up these are the colors.
I came up with a. I had a lot of questions about the formula. Though since marlena has never launched a highlight.
I got so many questions of what to expect of the formula and i got so many people thinking. I created the formula and i just wanted to clear that for a second i helped create the colors. I didnt help create the formula.
This is marlenas formula 100. And if you are curious so you have a reference its based off of her foiled shadow formula. I didnt create the formula that would have been cool but thats like a whole other ballgame thats like my own makeup line.
Maybe someday so these are the three colors. I came up with this one is kind of like a soft gold not a white gold or anything. Its up its very much a gold.
But its not like a yellow gold. Its a really nice soft gold. This is a pinky pearly champagne finish.
But definitely with a pink undertone and then this one is more of a bronze gold. I got so many questions about these colors. Why i chose these colors and i really take my subscribers.
And what they say into consideration. Ive been doing youtube since 2013. And i always hear my subscribers that have a deeper skin tone.
Say that they can never find highlights that work for them everything always looks too ashy like i always get that from subscribers with a deep skin tone. So i know that i wanted to create a color that was good for deep skin tones. And thats why i created this one i got so many people like oh.
My gosh that colors too dark. Why would you create a color like that but light skin is not the only skin color in the world. You know just because i have like fair skin.
Doesnt mean that im only going to create a color thats gonna work for me. Now. I know that a lot of you guys looked at this and those of you with like porcelain skin tones.
Were like oh those colors are too dark. I would never wear that and i understand these two colors work perfectly fine on my skin tone. Theyre not too dark.
And theres actually a friend of mine. Who works for makeup geek. Who uses the pink color.
All the time and she is very very fair and she says she loves it that it looks great on her it doesnt look too dark. So this one could be very versatile. If you pack it on a lot than yeah you can kind of see a pink a strong pink undertone.
But just dusting this on the tops of the cheekbones you more of a shine. More of like a reflective look than you do pink and then this gold one at the top is just like a beautiful soft gold color. I think it would work for a lot of different skin tones.
Because its pretty much gold and i feel like gold highlights look so good on so many people and another thing. A lot of people were concerned about is that they were surprised. There wasnt like a white shade in the palette.
Because you guys know my favorite colors to highlight with on my face or like the pearl white shades. But when i was creating this palette. I literally asked everyone in my life and i asked so many people like whats your favorite color to highlight with and no one told me like a pearly white.
Everyone was like gold gold champagne gold gold. It was always gold so i didnt want to be selfish and create like a white pearly. Shade that no one was gonna like and then i knew for a fact that i wanted a pink.
I loved pinky highlights maybe that part of me was a little selfish. I dont know if everyone loves the pinky tone highlights. But i love them im gonna havent even told.
You the names of that okay so im gonna tell you a little bit of a backstory.

makeup geek kathleenlights highlighter palette-1
makeup geek kathleenlights highlighter palette-1

I know that this video is long. But i just want it to be like a nice chatty video and i will have annotations down below. If you want to see specific things in the video.
So originally when i came up with the colors and the idea of this palette. A while back the name of the palette was actually going to be called light of the party or something along those lines. And then tart released.
Something that had almost the exact same name. And i was like ah de neat. I had to change the name so now its just like the kathleenlights highlighter palette.
Which i actually like now i feel like its more personal and i had completely different names for these highlights and then once we change the name of the palette. I thought it would be really cool to end the names of the colors in light. I know thats really cheesy and really corny.
But as my friend iris would say i like corny thats from the movie the holiday. I realized probably nobody would have gotten that but thats from the holiday. So i know that naming is really corny.
But i thought it was a fun play on words because i am kathleenlights and this is a highlighter palette. So i thought i was cute and this gold. One is named nightlight this pink.
One is called starlight and this bronzy gold. One is called sunlight and i got a couple of people asking me. If i copy the name starlight from the lorac highlight and to be honest.
I already mentioned this on snapchat. But i wasnt even thinking of the lorac highlights when i was naming these i didnt copy the name starlight. Its just what i thought of when i saw this little pinky color.
I have three different highlights from three different brands named moonstone like it happens guys and another thing quickly before i show you guys swatches and what it looks like there was a lot of people concerned about the price this retails for 39. And i hear you guys like trust. Me.
I am a youtuber before i am anything else i dont care. What anybody things like i hear you i understand that this is a pricy highlight palette. When there are other highlight palettes out on the market right now that are around the same price.
And you get more of them i completely understand where youre coming from like i am a makeup buyer as well like im just like you guys buying things online and just being addicted to make it forever as a youtuber. I was somebody who watched youtubers for those of you who dont want to purchase it i completely understand. This is the only price it could be and she went into detail in her video as to why it is that price.
But this is what it is and im sorry you guys are disappointed in that i love you guys no matter. What you know that so let me show you guys swatches of the palette. Im going to swatch them on my hand and then im going to apply like a couple of them to my face this first one is called night light like i said and its just a really pretty soft gold.
Please. I will say swatch a little bit darker and a little bit more intense on the skin and they do on the face. You know some highlights you just got to see it on the skin like on your face to get the real these highlights are like that because they look dark.
When you swatch them like oh. My gosh. Its going to be too dark for me.
But when you apply them to the tops of your cheekbones you get more of a pearly reflective finish. But nine light is just a really beautiful soft gold and it really looks nice when your face hits. The light like you can see the nice beaming gold so pretty.
But so soft at the same time. I would say that night light is the most wearable even if you dont like gold. Its not a super intense gold color and then this one in the middle is called starlight probably my favorite one swatch on the hand it looks super pink.
I was really worried that it was going to be too pink. But on the cheeks. Its exactly how i pictured it i would really recommend you going in with a light hand with starlight because it is in boots.
But the great thing about these highlights is that theyre very very multiple you can do like one layer and it looks very suitable for daytime. But if you put on like two or three layers of this you get a really intense highlight and then the last shade. Which is sunlight is such a pretty bronzy color.
This one is too dark for my skin tone. No matter how light of a hand. I use and one of my friends from makeup geek.

makeup geek kathleenlights highlighter palette-2
makeup geek kathleenlights highlighter palette-2

Me that they tried it on women in the office. That have like a deep skin tone and that it looks really beautiful and i also love to use this one as an eye shadow. This is what i have all over my lid today it looks really dark.
But only because i applied a really dark brown eyeshadow base underneath it was like a matte chocolate color. And then i went over top of it with the bronze shade. So thats why it looks kind of like a dark bronzy color.
But i love using this one as an eye shadow. So these are the three colors and im going to show you really quickly what they look like on the tops of the cheekbones because in the pants. They do look pretty dark.
Im going to show you starlight here in the middle man. I use the wayne goss number fourteen brush and im just going to lightly dust this on the tops of my cheekbones whenever i want like just a soft highlight with this color. I will use a brush like this thats bigger and fluffier and it just looks like so subtle subtle that i say settle and now.
Im going to go in with my real techniques. Setting brush. And just apply a little more.
So this is what the pinky one looks like you can see its not such a strong pink undertone and then just so you can see this one a little bit on top. This is my favorite way to wear. These highlights.
Honestly every time i use this palette. I never go in with one individually. I always mix the first two and thats how i go in with my highlight.
So im just going to add a night light on top of starlight. Then im going to take some of nightlight on my nose and on my nose. Again.
So. This is what both of those highlights. Look like layered on top of each other i will say because i got a lot a lot of questions and i know its difficult for you guys to make your decision.
Because youve never tried a makeup cake highlight before but this is like i said. Earlier based on her foiled formula. So its a very soild finish once you like layer the colors on at night time like in photos.
Its like bean. But i will say this is the type of highlight if you are someone who suffers from really bad texture on your face or on your skin. You will see it underneath this highlight.
I mean i know that highlights emphasize the skin because its a highlight. So all highlights pretty much emphasize just be weary of that i definitely wanted to mention that so i think thats pretty much it i cover the price of formula the colors and oh i will say this is limited edition. I cant believe i forgot to say that this is limited edition.
Its not like other things in the past that kind of linger. There for a while no once these are sold out they are sold out there is enough if you want it so dont worry about that. But it is limited edition like seriously so just keep that in mind.
But i think i covered everything thank you guys so so much for making my dreams. A reality for being my best friends my support system without you guys id be nowhere not only success wise. But like i feel in my soul like i know that sounds dramatic.
But you guys are my peeps you guys get me you guys are so sweet and so amazing i have really nice subscribers and you guys are always helping each other in the comments and i do i love you guys from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for everything youve given me. I hope that my channel has helped you in any way or has brought laughter to your life or just comfort to your life.
I hope that my channel has given you something because you guys have given me so much so yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I hope you guys enjoy this palette.
At lunch today. I since i am right now in la. When youre watching this im not home.
Im gonna take my laptop with me so i will link the website when the palette goes live i have no idea what time its gonna go live. But once youre watching this its already live so im going to try my best to be on point. With that while im in my hotel room.
Put. Yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching.
Thank you for everything. Please subscribe. If you havent already and i will see you in my next video bye.

makeup geek kathleenlights highlighter palette-3
makeup geek kathleenlights highlighter palette-3

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