Making A Special Shadow Box

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Everyone welcome back to the shop recently over the assemble design of ocala facebook page. Page. I got contacted by a young viewer by the name of ryan de lucky ryan had asked me if i would be willing to donate a badge case or a display case to him in order for him to display his grandfathers picture ribbon and badge from when his grandfather was with the fire department after talking with ryan for a while and getting to know him and everything i had absolutely no problem doing that and i came up with this shadow box now in return.
Ryan is a pretty creative little wood burner and he has kindly made a small plaque for me and he would burned the stallion that is in my logo. And heres a picture of that it came out really well now that picture was before he had put the coats of finish and everything on it it looks great so in turn basically were bartering. I got the plaque and hes getting the display case but let me take you through the steps of making this shadowbox.
Okay first let me show you whats going inside of this shadow box that im making for ryan. I picked up one of these small american flags that come on these little flag bowls and im going to be taking it off of the flagpole and properly folding the flag in its proper formation for a folded flag and well do that in just a minute and set this aside. The shadow box is going to have some label and some walnut.
The walnut is going to be the mainframe and the maple. Im going to use for an accent on the splines as well as for a trivet that im going to show you in just a minute. Im going to embed a trivet inside of some of this maple.
I also picked up some felt paper. Ive got some red and ive got some black and some quarter inch poster board for the backing for all of this. The felt will be adhered to that inside of the shadow box ryan is going to be displaying his grandfathers photo as well as a fire department badge thats in the shape of a belt clip and a ribbon that was his grandfathers so those are going to go in there along with that will be this trivet that i picked up fire department rivet and were going to embed this into some maple and make a nice maple frame around it and that will sit in there.
And i have this fire department clock and the clock is set at nine eleven in honor of the firefighters who lost their lives turn the 9 11. Try to i wanted to take a minute to show you another method that i use for straight edging. Some of our boards.
Now ninety percent of my boards that i get are rough sawn lumber and i have to plan them down and everything. And i dont have a jointer of the shop. I think ive you guys know that by now ive mentioned that quite a few times.
So i do a lot of workarounds and ill either do joining on my router table or on my table saw when the need arises. But when i get these boards and they have the rough edges on them. And i need a straight edge of reference edge to put up against my table saw fence you know to rip the other side.
So i can get a nice uniform board.

5 inch deep shadow box-0
5 inch deep shadow box-0

One thing that i like to do is i like to take a straight edge and this is an aluminum straight edge. Its a guide for you know like skill saws or what have you i can be picked up in a home store. And i dont know if you can see that but i have double sided tape on one side of it and what that allows me to do is on my board.
I can lay out what i need to take off so i get a nice uniform is and with that on there i have a flush trim bit with a bearing. This has two bearings on the top of double bearing. And i havent raised to where the bearing will run across this straight edge guide and simply i just run it through the rubber and im going to show you how thats done all right i got all the parts for the shadowbox cut.
And before i can glue anything together or finish processing. Them theyre cut to rough size right now. But what i need to do is i need to put a stop mortise in one of the side pieces for the firefighter clock to sit on and how im going to do that is with a palm router and im just going to cut out that mortise for the shelf to fit into all right now with that done all of my parts are ready to go ahead and be processed and were going to go to the table.
Saw were going to cut a rabbet on each of the sides of the box for the back of the box. Okay were going to start with the larger side of the frame. And what ive got is all of the pieces here i went ahead and sanded everything to 220 up to 220 and now what i want to do is i want to take the frame pieces.
Where the blast is going to sit and the sides of the box. And im going to glue them in this lc and im going to gain these up into a set of clamps and im going to do both of the sides at the same time and then also the top and bottom all right i got everything in clamps and glue it up and well give it a few minutes and then well go back and clean up some of that squeeze out and then well take it over to the table saw get the miters cut in and get the frame assembled and get that glued up then well start working on the interior of the shadowbox i like shadow boxes. I think theyre pretty cool you can do a lot of different things with them as a matter of fact.
Im getting ready to make another shadow box. Its going to be quite larger. And its going to display a t shirt one of the world of good war survivor t shirts to commemorate the first annual worldly divorce and um the thought i thought this would be a great project to show you guys on making a shadow box.
While im in the process of filming. The larger video project. Which is the walnut piano bench and as soon as i get that wrapped up ill get that video out to your videos out to you its a little bit longer more detailed series.
But i thought in the meantime. Id show you this neat little project making a shadow box show you the design. And okay.
With all of the pieces glue it up the way along with a little face brain glued on to the side frame of each piece.

5 inch deep shadow box-1
5 inch deep shadow box-1

Now. Im going to go over to the router table. And im going to take a round over bit and im going to round over this outer edge of this smaller piece of wood here because this is where the glass sits and i want it to round over into the glass of this shadow box.
Now you can also chamfer this so it chamfers into the glass. But im going to round over i got it to me. Its a little nice flower look so now that i have this piece rounded over here by passing it through the half inch roundover bit.
I want to go ahead over to the table saw. And where these two pieces are glued together. I want to remove this edge here at a 45 degree angle.
So the sides transition into that round over im going to pass the rest of the boards through the round over bit get all the edges rounded over such as this one. And well get ready to move over to the table saw its a little out of tune. But itll play okay now ive got it glued up.
And its going to take a little bit once it gets dry. Well get it out of these clamps get it cleaned up and then well start working on the inside okay guys what i did is i went ahead and cut some slots into all four corners of the box for these thin strips of maple to fit in and get glued in so well get those glued in and then well turn this thing over get the shelf put in here. The little floating shelf.
Thats going to come out for the clock to sit on and start working on the way. Were going to glaze. The glass in here.
So the glass doesnt move. But it will be removable in case of something happens to glass cracks or that needs to be replaced. What have you they will be able to remove it from there we can go ahead and put the back with the felt on it and get everything attached to the back thats going to get hot whew door.
However i set it up and well look at the setup here in just a minute. So what were going to do now is go ahead and get the splines glued in okay with those glue it into place. Well let that sit for a little bit get them trimmed up and then well start working on the inside as i keep saying eventually were going to get to the inside.
But seriously its almost done were going to glaze.

5 inch deep shadow box-2
5 inch deep shadow box-2

The glass in so. The glass will be able to be removed versus. You know cutting thats right.
Why didnt cut rabbets on the backside or anything for the glass to be gluten with the frame. I want the glass to be able to be removed in case something were to ever happen the grasp the glass crack during transportation. Whatever it can be removed and replaced with no problem so well get to work on that next.
I thought while the splines were drying. I would show you what im going to do with this trivet now. What i plan to do is taking this piece of maple and routing out a recess for this trivet to recess into sort of like an inlay and then well cut this down to size.
This board down the size and thinking about trimming it with some walnut trim. So lets get this recess. Cut in and get this trigger glued in here.
What im going to do ive already marked out. Where the outline for this trivet is and im just going to score and cut those fibers that i would while im rotting that way i dont have to worry about any type of chip out or anything like that all right everything all the splines are in and im in the process of cleaning this up what you want is did the effect this off so that doesnt blur is that the seam between the face frame and the side is virtually gone invisible. Ill show ya the sides that i havent started cleaning it it just transitions right into the other okay taking a look at where were at now the frame for the shadow box is all complete.
And its sanded and ready for its finish. Its going to get finished on the inside and the out. But before i put the finish on i want to go ahead and get my backer board sized.
My interior quarter inch foam board and my felt get it all sized and situated and then the glass and the glazing strips once i get everything how i know its going to fit right and do well. Then ill go ahead and take it apart finish everything completely and then do its final assembly at any lowes or any hardware store anything you can have them cut the glass for you to size and i went ahead and i had them cut the glass and i had them cut the glass about 1 8. Inch.
Shy on both the length and the width directions. And then i have my backer board piece and as you can see what ive done is ive taken my felt and ive glued it to the foam board just using a simple 3m. All purpose adhesive and then i took that foam board and adhered.
It to the backerboard.

5 inch deep shadow box-3
5 inch deep shadow box-3

The quarter inch backer board. And what i won is on the frame. The inside dimension is the size that my foam board is getting cut or got cut.
As well as the fill and on the outside dimension. Where this rabbit is is the dimensions for the backer. Board.
And that leaves a about of 3 8. Of an inch lip. All the way around so that way when this goes in and get screwed into place everything will fit nice and tight on the inside.
So thats done what i want to do now is the glass and if you recall on this box after we blew it everything together we cut off this 45 on all four pieces of the frame well taking those cut offs those little triangle diamond cut officer half a diamond triangle car. I went ahead and cut them into about 4 or 5 inch links and ive drilled a hole and countersunk it so this will sit flat in there. And what these pieces are going to do is theyre going to sit right in on this lip and theyre going to hold the glass down and then theyll get screwed into the sides here and itll act as a glazing strip to hold that glass in place.
So now. If you remember that trivet that i was making the frame for i thought i was going to recess. I cut a recess in there for the trip to sit on and i went ahead and edge banded.
It with some walnut and then again with another piece of maple to give it a nice decorative touch and then being trivet is going to be glue or epoxy right into that alright well everything is glued into place. I just got to glue in the little flag and i decided to put it down here towards the bottom. And that way you can have this whole upper area for this photo and the badges and everything so all we need to do is a little hot glue hold it there for about 20 seconds.
And it will be good to go there we go you all right everyone that wraps up the shadowbox now up here on the back part of the canvas. In this blank area. Ryan will be able to attach his grandfathers picture his ribbon and his grandfathers fire department badge and then this is ready to hang on the wall or he can set it up on a shelf or a nightstand or something a mantel.
But all in all i think it came out well i hope that ryan likes it and enjoys it and i hope you enjoyed the bill. I really enjoyed making it i thought it was pretty fun. And im glad you could join along with me be sure to check out my facebook.
Page at wwf ace book calm for slices simple design of ocala or stop by the website at wwwopmgov tribalprograms .

5 inch deep shadow box-4
5 inch deep shadow box-4

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