MapleStory Second Blockbuster: Heroes of Maple – Act 4 Full Video (EN/ZHTW/VN Subtitles)

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The slumbering dragon island damien. What do you think youre doing barging in here. Here.
Like this arkarium arkarium. I found evidence of your betrayal. Damien.
The transcendental stone. A stone that dooms a transcendental beings power to perish if your goal wasnt betrayal. Then why were you trying to find this stone.
Do you really have that much free time arkarium. He entrusted you with a task. And you dare betray him get to the point.
So what give me the world tree hahaha. So thats your goal huh. Stealing my achievement you.
re a narrow minded person arkarium shut your mouth you insolent. Brat when. Did you i enchased.
It when i took you in hundreds of years ago. Crucial secrets are usually hidden until the last moment damien hmph. Youre dirty through and through shut your mouth.
How long. Did. You think id put up with your arrogant behavior.
Ah. Thats right now that i think about it there. Was another thing that i kept from you your mother was actually just an illusion.
Did you really think id keep a mere human under my custody for hundreds of years. An illu sion thats right and you were not the one that killed your mother that day that was all my work all that was your doing yes. I only took you in so that i could use you to bring your brother to ruin.
But a wolf is a wolf. You brothers are the same always posing a threat. But youve proven useful these last.
Few hundred years so no matter huhu that look on your face is certainly satisfying. I told you the truth as your last gift before you headed to your grave shouldnt you be more thankful then ill ask you my final question. Where is the world tree damien ha hahaha hahahaha.
Whats so funny. There is no world tree. I ate it up what didnt you say crucial secrets are usually hidden until the last moment.
I didnt look for the transcendental stone to betray the black mage. I looked for it because i was trying to become the transcendent being of life it. Cant be that power now.
Ill ask you my final question. How shall i kill you arkarium final act. The world tree the final battle meanwhile a city in another dimension mir master are you okay.
Evan yeah. Mir what about you are you hurt anywhere. No.
I meant are you okay with leaving abraxas in the river. It was for the best if we didnt want for anyone to get hurt anyways phantom eugh luminous. Im deeply ashamed mercedes sorry i should have stopped them but i got angry as well whats done is done if damien had planned it from the beginning then he would have eventually taken it its frustrating that it was taken so easily.
But we have to take back the transcendental stone eunwol. But damien has too big of a power. Now hed try to absorb the world trees power soon aran that sword with the odd aura would become stronger as well heres a story from when i caught a mouse back in my farm .
There was once a mouse that would steal grain however one day when the mouse ate too much he couldnt leave through the hole that. He originally came in through are you saying that damien will self destruct. He took a power that is far beyond his so.
Damien must be at an unstable state right now its our only chance to stop damien and take back the transcendental stone like luminous said. The transcendental stone is a dangerous substance. But the power of the transcendental stone is like double edged sword.
We can use it to fight against the black mage. We cant let damien use it for his own desires. Hes right as long as the stone is in maple world.

maplestory who is the tallest of the following 4-0
maplestory who is the tallest of the following 4-0

We cant let him use it so everyone agrees evan. Well follow you we have to move fast. When we arrive at the scene.
Well split up half will charge forward and the other half will watch their backs. You can choose two heroes to take with you youre not going to leave me behind are you i dont think my anger will subside unless i get a blow in him. Ive heard from the others.
It would have been better for me to be there i want to be with you in the battle in maple world let me repay for freuds trust. This will be the last battle that freud entrusted us with then lets head out to maple world. At the same time ereve neinheart.
Everyone listen up our goal is to minimize the damage on the residents of maple world. We dont know when the demons will attack as long as the alliance is protecting the residents do not let them take a single step cygnus soldiers yessir claudine neinheart. Ive been looking for you claudine because of the resistances cooperation.
The defending of the areas have become easier wait thats not important have you not heard athenas message the. Trees are rapidly drying out the trees . Its not just victoria island.
The whole life force of maple world is rapidly flowing to somewhere else neinheart. The demons have begun their attack. Theyve finally come do not be agitated the forces of the alliance are enough to take on the demon soldiers l look over.
There thats that giant tree. Is if thats adding on to the attack of the demons. Then we cant stop them with only our troops.
We have to change the plan increase the number of troops in victoria island henesys victoria island attacked by the demons alliance. Ms. Pierce.
Weve taken care of the demon forces stationed near the village with this itll be quiet for awhile. However the problem still remains our injuries are considerable the defense systems are destroyed if the attacks continue were definitely outnumbered if this continues our defenses wont last long athena pierce. This will all be solved.
When we take out the chief already evan and the heroes are heading towards the enemy general grid w. Wait. Evan our son evan if the chief is gone then the soldiers will collapse as well we have to hold out until.
Then no matter. What but ms. Pierce please look over there the evil aura from the world tree can the heroes really win against that kind of power .
Theyre the heroes that sealed away the black mage. A long time ago. They will succeed.
Im sure of it chief stan. Ill put in my efforts duey. Ill fight too camila me too thank you.
But the duty of the alliance is to protect the residents from harm. I cant let any more get caught in this fight. Please leave it up to me and the soldiers all right i will now please lead the others to safety.
Ms. Pierce is it really our son. Evan whos fighting alongside the heroes.
Yes. Youve raised a fine son. Ive told him multiple times that a caterpillar must eat mulberry leaves but he anna i its pine needles.
Dear evan hes already a proud hero of maple world i believe in him and pray for his success in battle this place is so the inside of the world tree is like this master look over there somethings shining looks like we can move up by stepping on it aran eunwol. Its the last battle. Im counting on you youre saying that now lead on evan.
Im counting on you too evan ill breathe fire with all of my might master. How far do we have to climb up uphills are such a pain mir. Youre flying walking is so much harder master.
Do you think the villagers will be alright. Theyll be fine. The alliance is protecting them after all lets hurry to the surface.
How tall is this tree. Its growing continuously. We have to stop damien before its too late everyone watch out enemies demon you.
Are commander. If you are still calling me by that title. Then you must also be a relic from the past are you going to get in our way.

maplestory who is the tallest of the following 4-1
maplestory who is the tallest of the following 4-1

No there isnt much time i do not want to waste my time in a place like this wait you must already know what the demons have done to maple world can never be forgiven. I am aware. But this is also our problem.
If this is to be stopped then it is my duty as a demon. Not yours wait our objective is to stop damien as well join forces with us. Im sorry.
But i cannot do that is it because youre both the same race it.s because hes my brother he.s gone master look over there maple world is if this continues.
The life force of maple world will be completely depleted. We have to hurry evan the ominous aura is getting stronger and stronger master. Im scared its okay mir.
Im here i feel a lot better when i step on these mushroom. Like things you cant hide. It and take it with you this time mir.
Then youre sure you dont have any in your pockets. Evan aran eunwol. I cant stop thinking about the demon warrior that we met earlier even at first glance.
He didnt seem weak to think that damien was his brother meanwhile the. Highest point of the world tree brother this is my fight. I thought i told you to stay out of it i have something i want to say to you damien.
I dont want to hear you telling me to stop anymore it.s about our ancestors you already know that our father was a pure blood. But you probably dont know anything other than that youre not the first one to try and take the power of a transcendental being for themselves damien our pure blood ancestors enforced impractical experiments to obtain the power of a transcendental being for hundreds of years.
This is the reason. Why masteria is the wasteland that it is today our father knew of the disaster. Those.
Experiments would bring and opposed them but. Was eventually isolated until his death . Do you understand damien the tragedies that our race.
Faced was because of our desire for excessive power. This is the reason for the desolation and ruin of masteria and our nomadic life due to the loss of our home damien. We cant let the tragedies of our race.
Continue on like this so stop it right now above all your body cant take much more of the power for hundreds of years. I lived with only one thought in mind. Now youre telling me to drop everything.
Im sorry damien. You were the one that bore all the scars. But i criticized you in the end i failed to save mom.
Its not your fault. Ill never hate you brother i. Dont hate you damien you.
Dont hate me yes. never hated you thats some pathetic brotherly love d.
Damien. . You wouldnt know the feeling of freedom.
I have right now. Brother i have full control of all the energy that flows in this world right in my hands trying to seize excessive power was the problem. No they had only one problem they failed to overcome their own boundaries master.
Weve arrived at the top. I can feel the evil energy lets go what happened here. Hes received a fatal wound.
Damien is corrupt enough to betray his own brother so youve came fools hey demon remember me ill pay back the debt from that time at the slumbering dragon island damien. What you did at the slumbering dragon island cant be forgiven. Youll pay for that right now.
Ill stop you no matter. What i swear it on afrien. Yeah.
No need for small talk. If you want to take me down speak with your weapons. Ill show you hell eugh give up damien.

maplestory who is the tallest of the following 4-2
maplestory who is the tallest of the following 4-2

Youve lost our allies are holding back the expansion of the world tree. Then the soldiers of the alliance will take care of the demon soldiers and join the rest you fools im. Not going to lose against someone like you .
Eugh that black mass is that must be damiens source of power. Ill take away his sword. Right now.
Evan wait. Somethings off master watch out its too late. Ill devour you dragon master ahhh kuhahahaha perfect as another host master master get ahold of yourself mir where am.
I im not sure. But it looks like weve been swallowed up by something master. Ahh yeah.
I remember something black swallowed me up looks like i messed up mir yeah maybe. But master look at the power. Thats surrounding us right.
Now isnt it great it looks like the power that damien used its full of endless hatred and resentment master lets accept this power. Then well be able to become powerful in an instant really. But then i could become someone thats not me i might be filled with resentment towards the world like damien.
Dont you want to be strong look at us. Were the weakest out of all the heroes if we accept this power. We dont have to hold them back.
Anymore you can even become a great magician thats even more powerful than freud more powerful than freud. And youll become big as afrien of course isnt it great master. Its great definitely great come on lets accept the power master hold my hand ster.
I think i heard something come on we just have to accept the power. We can become a real hero. A great magician that everyone will look up to a real great magician b.
Become a great magician master. I know i heard something master. What are you waiting for come on take my hand yeah take your hand.
If you dont wake up right now. Im going to eat you up ah i got it take my hand this this isnt what i want if im not myself. Then i dont care how strong the power is you want to be a hero thats hollow on the inside dont be stupid.
I might have been weak. But mir and i did a lot of things with sheer good will you how please send me back. If im delayed any longer.
Mir might really eat me up agh. Evan. You.
ve returned master that. Was close haha h how. Could this be i almost ate you up.
But master. What is that thing. Im not sure it was only for awhile.
But i lost consciousness and i almost got swallowed by that giant power that is an amalgam of vindictive spirits of our race. The ones who drove themselves to ruin while craving for endless power and the ones who paid the price and suffered until their death. The black mage that devil eventually led my brother back to the wrongful fate of our race your wounds.
Are too severe. You shouldnt talk anymore. If that thing isnt destroyed right now the tragedies will only repeat.
And my brothers pain will not end please move aside. But move aside. Please what are you trying to do your brother.
And i are already one you must already know that by destroying me your brother will die. As well damien finish. It youre my one and only brother no.
Im not the little brother that you once knew im sure that i once had memories precious to me. But even that has become faint. I cant even remember moms name or how she looked like i dont even regret betraying and attacking you no if anything i feel angry at myself for being too pathetic and weak to kill you so finish it while im still myself i lied to you that day when i saw you i already knew that you were at the point of no return.
Im sorry. Damien aaghh. There you are damien brother dont worry i took care of the bad guys they wont be bothering you anymore.

maplestory who is the tallest of the following 4-3
maplestory who is the tallest of the following 4-3

Im sorry brother. Do you think ill be strong as you someday you dont have to worry. Ill always be by your side come on damien.
Lets go home yeah. Damiens ambition crumbled to dust. But the life force of the destroyed land couldnt be restored and so.
The transcendental being of life had to come to a decision for maple world alicia as expected you did it once again. You were the ones who stopped the black mage as well damien took it too far this time. How long would it take to return the life force to the world well maybe a.
Thousand years . There wont be any life left on this world by then is there no other way miss world tree. There is one way right now my power is bound to a strange rock that means that i can separate my power and scatter them all over the world does that mean youll cease to exist.
It just means that ill be in a different place damien. He left his misfortune in this world in the most pitiful way possible please look over this world so. That.
The same misfortune does not strike this land again the world regained its vitality the world tree sacrificed herself like afrien dont blame yourself. It was because of you that we could stop damien with only minimal casualties. The life of the world tree permeates through everything in this world.
She did what she had to do for the balance of this world. You were the one that saved her from the darkness. Evan freud told.
Me that he was leaving the future up to us. We may not have any more miracles left of course this doesnt end until we finish off the black mage. The future depends on the battle starting now youre right.
Nothing is finished until we take care of the black mage. Yeah we have to see this to the end evan. Im always ready even if im forgotten again.
Ill always fight alongside you all thank you everyone the world tree was scattered in order to restore the worlds energy. New leaves sprouted on the dried land and rivers and sunlight were restored to its original state. And so the heroes journey was finally over few days later the relic abraxas neinheart.
Sir. It seems like there are no more demon soldiers left good work please take away the captives yessir lilin. This is a huge relic just like what ive heard lilin.
What are you doing here. I heard that there was an interesting relic. So i came is that so how are things at the slumbering dragon island everything is nearly taken care of the damage was minimized thanks to the heroes.
Its a good thing you werent hurt lilin hmph. So you say do you remember the day you left rien island. I waited for the heroes and you left to find the empress yes.
Its been a long time since then do you ever regret that decision i. Dont regret it but. I was wrong about one thing .
I thought that the heroes were only relics from the olden days. I didnt understand why anyone would wait for them. But the world still needs heroes even as time goes by that fact will never change master.
You look taller your wings seem bigger too mir good. I can go anywhere. Now where are we going next.
Anywheres fine how about traveling here. And there until the world needs us again like always huh yeah like always arkarium argh how could i be beaten by that brat hilla ah. Youre still alive i was lucky to have moved my life force over here in advance to think that he would drive me into a corner like this.
dont worry everything is going smoothly without. You whats that supposed to mean is there something i dont know about do you really think he didnt know what you were planning just. Think that you were punished for your envy this time .
O. Great. One.
The results. You wanted have been achieved. The transcendental being of time has been split imperfectly and the transcendental being of life has been scattered to the world what are.
Your next orders it is. Time then that means allow them to come here translated by maplf maplftumblrcom. .

maplestory who is the tallest of the following 4-4
maplestory who is the tallest of the following 4-4

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