Michael Knight: Tad Martin on All My Children \u0026 Dr. Neville on The Young and the Restless!

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Becoming a daytime soap heartthrob is not something every actor can do but michael knight knight certainly did just that with his four years and emmy award winning portrayal of martin on all my children hi. Michael hey. How are you good to see you you know youre welcome.
Youre welcome nice to have you here this telling you you pay for yours you kiss. Good. You know yeah you did four years of practice.
Youre also you were a cat on that show no real real bad. I just want i was looking at the clip. It was wonderful thats a first ive seen a marcin about three years she actually was one of them i think one of the reasons.
I did so well on the show. Because she was such a wonderful actress to work with she was really one of daytimes bad ladies for a while she was right there up there under a susan lucci. It helps too doesnt it when youre surrounded by good people oh.
She was wonderful yeah. I started i started with her shes not in santa barbara and i did with dorothy lyman. Who played opal and kim delaney.
I was really surrounded by a really great entourage of people in entourage. But this ensemble cast. Well talk more about all my children.
But this film must be exciting to make her debut. Yeah yeah. Its wonderful.
Its wonderful. I had such a good time making that i was really the man i worked with who im actually travelling around the country with to promote it tom mclaughlin is just incredibly talented he written and directed at the picture. And hes done a lot of things yeah.
Hes worked a lot. Hes sort of a renaissance man of entertainment. Hes been everything he studied mime and he wrote for comedy for a while and hes done everything out balloons yeah used car life that i live life to is one of he just had a baby.
Hows that a real life angel. Yeah. I think nancy is his wife had something to do i read that they wanted a young kind of jimmy stewart.
Gary cooper character someone that that everyone would believe in environment must be they settled on ego no they got tad how weird somebody was on drugs when they were passing everything no he actually when i when i wasnt going up for a first when i first met tom. I asked him if theres anything i could look at to sort of get a feel for what he wanted in the film. And he said go rent.
Its a wonderful life and it was actually around christmas that i i did audition for the movie and for some reason within about two weeks. I saw its a wonderful life eight times. I think its like it was karma or something because i flew out to los angeles do the audition and it was the movie going out and movie going back to new york and i was i would be in a hotel room.
So i turn this thing on and i was starting to think its like a twilight zone episode. You ever thought of yourself that way though and that kind of company um. Its really flattering yeah.
Its its uh. I think its it was such a wonderful departure from the soap. Because i had such a good time playing the role of fatty is martin for four years.
Which was a real kind of sarcastic kind of i dont want to say it.

who is dr neville on the young and the restless-0
who is dr neville on the young and the restless-0

But sleazy person. Very soon he really was sometimes i wanted to kill him nobody was fun no but but to turn around and do this and do comedy. Without that kind of sarcastic vent to it i think was a was a really nice stretching the co star in this film emanuel i read the audition yeah they auditioned 5000.
Women they were they had tom i think it was so strange i think there are so many things about this movie that were sort of destined to fall into place. You know where he was i think he went to something like five countries. But all over the world trying to cast this this angel is looking at models and actresses and everything he was in paris and he was really feeling really dejected and he went into a movie you want to see my notice source over there.
And he was sitting there in the audience and and licked his face flashed up on the screen. And he was saying thats her thats her. I finally thought casting love affair.
It was it was bizarre and he when she actually when she first read this. But when she first heard about it i miss sort of related to her in french by her agent and she didnt want to do it cause. She didnt want we should do what she called a laser movie you know everybody in america.
Doesnt laser movie not star wars. And he finally he finally got on the phone and talked her about it and convinced her without reading the script to actually to do the film screen. And she it was it was a stretch for her because she doesnt talk movie.
Shes shes named when you saw him anandi source. You realized how lucky you were to have her as a coaster. Oh.
Shes wonderful. Id say i hadnt seen my notice source when i when i first met her and stuff him actually when she works shes uh. Shes very very quiet hes very subtle and it wasnt until actually i saw a full screening of the movie.
I actually saw that i mean theres a real character that you can sort of you know wrap your hands around. I dont know whether this is publicity. Because im never really sure or real.
But ive read that you knew from the time you were a little kid. That you want to be an actor yeah yeah. Theres nothing else they were why were you a good pretender.
I was i think i was a i was a closeted kid. I was split i had problems growing up i was i yeah id make leave plate playing pals until. I was 21 years old they were worried about me.
But i am i i started when i was 12. I dont know i just got i got stung really really early and that was that was it how did your family react with great panic. My father caustic.
What do you do for a living son. I said oh im an actor dad. But but it was a ive been very very lucky in my career.
I really cant complain i mean i was in i went to a conservatory in new york and about six months out of that i landed on my children. And i got cast and date with an angel 24 hours before i left the soap. So i mean ive been really lucky.
And you know leaving us open for years of itself is risky businesses. It is it sure is boy because i mean out there they they the audience loves you its very strange because the audience. I mean theres no no audience nationwide like a soap audience because everybody wants to find out whats goes on and they love you and boy once once youre youre youre in their hearts.
Youre there for good but in terms of the casting community in los angeles.

who is dr neville on the young and the restless-1
who is dr neville on the young and the restless-1

A lot of them dont watch the soap. So they have they have no knowledge of it which i guess in some ways is a plus because 15 years ago people used to think that if you did a soap your you werent terrible you were terrible and it was curse. But on the other hand when you walk away from the soap.
You have to prove yourself all over again. So is this a time where you might have some fear and trepidation because its wonderful to be on top of the mountain. But then you can fall off and slide off so easily.
Its its its more its more exciting right now. I mean. Its its ive got the movie looks wonderful.
I gotta say. I was so happy with it anyway first and when you first read the script. I could see what tom wanted.
But to actually see it translated on celluloid and i mean i saw screening last week. They send me its great its great its you know sort of a cross between disney and spielberg and you know in the wings that she wears joanne our producer was telling me i should ask you about that that its really if theyre real. We had we actually had four or five pairs of wings.
That all did different things and we first started with actually the scene that you just saw hit you saw my hair. What are they dont look at yourself. Im sorry.
Its just awake no. But no its real real. Sorry you got this things the screen sitting in front of me what a night.
No actually we did that the clip you just saw youve turned red. Im sorry watching the clip. You just saw was it was the first thing we did with the wings actually and it was we did that one day and we had to go back.
And do it all over again. Because things got messing up with him. We.
There was actually a guy sitting. They cut a hole under the couch. And theres a man behind her and she couldnt set up with me cuz they weigh like 50 pounds.
But shes this little french waddling around in her back. So we got this guy like hoisting her up. I know most little french girls follow the other way i probably didnt work the waiters guards.
I want to thank you for being here do you miss dad at all i miss i miss the people i work with there they were they were so wonderful and youre not ruining. Everyones to want to make sure that old friends are still doing okay and stuff and they are cuz. I turn into doing still a wonderful say hello to car me and everybody back there let me tell you the day with an angel opens november 20th.
And its great. And its a movie for everyone isnt it yeah. Its a wonderful holiday film.
It really is a feel good type of movies. I think anyone who was your fan should go and support this film invites five tickets you see it once. But thanks my hairs different realize.
It really i think you look terrific thank you thanks for being here. .

who is dr neville on the young and the restless-2
who is dr neville on the young and the restless-2

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