Monster Hunter World | How to Farm Tempered Elder Dragon Investigations

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Yo. Whats going on guys. Erics here welcome back to another monster hunter hunter world video just a quick one today.
But i want to go over a good method you can use to farm tempered elder dragon investigations when you get to the endgame temple dragon investigations will form a core part of your endgame grind. Youll complete them for a chance at rare decorations and also rescue stones used to augment your weapons. But if youve done any investigations youll also know they have a finite number of uses before they expire now ideally in the process of completing any elder dragon investigations you have youll obtain some new ones to keep the cycle going but sometimes if youre unlucky you might find yourself in a situation where youre running low now.
When your request and you gather tempered monster footprints youre essentially filling up an invisible xp bar or when it maxes out. I youve gathered out tracks. Youll get a new investigation.
It wont always be for the monster that youre gathering tracks from. But thats essentially the process that goes on behind the scenes in addition to that breaking parts on the monster that youre fighting can also unlock additional investigations. But its the first part the gathering tracks that were interested in now in order to truly take advantage of this particular method you ideally going to want to have access to a tempered.
No gig ante investigation and the reason for that is because no you cant a leaves a lot of footprints when monsters move around they leave tracks and the more they move the more tracks they create.

how to get tempered elder dragon investigations-0
how to get tempered elder dragon investigations-0

However some monsters change areas before you even encounter them in turn spreading out the tracks a lot more some dont move around much tall. And as such the number of tracks. They leave are often quite limited.
This is where noga gamzee stands out when fighting him one of his research. He typically remains in area. 14.
Until you first engage him and then deal enough damage to cause him to leave the area and this this is valuable information since he moves around so much in area 14. What hes essentially doing is creating lots of footprints and tracks for you to gather and leaving them all in one place. So.
If you take advantage of this and dont engage him right away you can essentially set up area 14. So that it has a ton of tracks for you to gather from which will easily allow you to get two or three investigations per run as you can see in the gameplay on gathering over and over again from some of these piles. And that is not a bug on the contrary.
Its just that hes left so many tracks because hes been walking around for about five minutes that theyre overlapping.

how to get tempered elder dragon investigations-1
how to get tempered elder dragon investigations-1

So how does this all work well what you want to do is low into the tempered nagant investigation and start from the southwest camp. This is not the closest come to him. But thats precisely the point.
Were not in a rush to get there we want to delay a little bit. So he has time to walk around his room and generate more tracks. Now you could just sit there.
And do nothing for five minutes and then go and fly him. But if you want to make better use of your time you could run around gathering from the barrel deposits since they also give you points at the same time so if you follow this route were essentially gonna go and loop around gathering from all these deposits as a means to both earn points and pass time once you gather from the last one up here fly back to camp and wait we typically wait for the barrel deposits to respawn and you can track this on the mini map when the icon refills. It means theyre ready to go again.
Once theyre back. We usually run a second gathering loop by which time weve wasted. I say five or so minutes.
So now you can head towards area four team to begin fighting no gig on tea dont worry about gathering.

how to get tempered elder dragon investigations-2
how to get tempered elder dragon investigations-2

The tracks to begin with just fight him until he leaves the area then when he does then you can begin and gathering now since we waited so long before fighting him youll find that there are a ton of footprints and tracks here. Theyll all be overlapped. So you can gather multiple times from the same location.
And some of them arent marked either. So you just want to run around the room interacting anytime. Theres a circle prompt to gather one of the tracks and by the time.
Youve got enough of them you should have at least got two new investigations. Maybe three. If youre lucky now as mentioned at the beginning.
Theres no guarantee. But the investigations you get will be more no guarantee they could be for other monsters older or not. But there is a good chance that youll end up with at least one in the process.
And since youll likely have somewhere from say three to five tries on this investigation.

how to get tempered elder dragon investigations-3
how to get tempered elder dragon investigations-3

The no youre getting one if you do this form at the start of each one. Its a surefire way to keep your investigations topped up with good ones that way you can keep doing all of these for those all important decorations and stream stones. So in summary load into a tempered nagant investigation pass some time before engaging him.
Ideally do something useful like gathering barrels. So youre not just. Twiddling your thumbs.
Then fight him. And when he leaves pick up all the tracks. Its as simple as that hope you guys find this helpful of course.
If you have any questions by all means let me know the comments down below. But otherwise if you enjoyed the video a like would be super. Appreciated thanks for watching take it easy catch axe time music.

how to get tempered elder dragon investigations-4
how to get tempered elder dragon investigations-4

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