Mother in Law’s Mother’s day Card \u0026 Short Tutorial

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Everybody this is abuse crepin abby and im back with another project. All of of you guys are actually the origination of the project first so this is going be my mother and laws mothers day card and these are kind of her favorite colors and kind of the you know the color scheme and pellet. That i think she would like the best so im going to go with this one for my mother in law.
And then ill just choose a different color for my own mother. Which will be in a separate video. So this is just kind of some of the items.
Ive pulled together that im going to be using to create her card. So first of all i pulled just a couple different lindy sprays. This is the starburst tiffany lublu.
You guys know i use these all the time glitz spritz and cactus gold and then i pulled this other one from tattered angels. Its a little bit darker blue midnight blue. But i can water this down.
So i might want to use that as a contrast. These are just some of the flowers. I pulled from my stash combination of some from mon ami gabi and then a couple.
Ive purchased. Im off some different zibbet and online stores and the stamps. Im not sure im gonna if i want to use this one that says you know happy and then mothers day or if i wanti this one from close to my heart.
You know with that kind of a script. Theyll kind of depend on how the card turns out before i decide that and then the paper collection. Im going to be using as im trying and this kind of personal goal.
I always buy the websters pages warehouse box kits every time they have them and i have so many of them because i love the paper and the different items that come in the kits. But i really need to start using those items as well so im going to kind of challenge. Myself to try to create more projects using these instead of hoarding.
All my websters pages that stuff so this is from one of the collection kits this came in a box. Id like three or four different collection kits and this one is all about me papers and embellishments and so i really like the color palette. It goes really well with the inks in the art excuse me the sprays that i showed with you and i moment ago and these are the papers in the collection and obviously im not going to use them all theres something like bright red and i wont flip through all of it.
But this is just to kind of give you the general idea probably you know this kind of paper on it and then maybe some of this as the background. We shall see as time goes on into that and then the base of the card is going to be from this dcwv textured cardstock stack. One of the nutes from the neutral staff and then i want to use this template from the crafters workshop.
And im excited because i finally get to play with my new toy. Its tim holtz and marker spritzer and this is what the packaging looks like case you guys wanna and then watch also im going to have a separate video just on how i use this but and this is the really cool so im really excited to use this because i have the whole set of the distress markers and this just gives me another medium to use them. In a replication.
So pretty excited about that some of one get started. So i got to get two cards made today along with getting my room. Im kind of a reorganized so ill be back with the completed card.
Unless. I decide to turn the camera on when i use this on the stencil. Well see if i remember to do that this see this a few minutes.
So i thought i would go ahead and turn the camera on and share with you guys on the process of me. Using the marker spreads are with my stencil. So.
I already have the base of the card started and that means inked or anything. And im going to be doing a technique. A rollback technique with this but this to show you guys what the color palettes going to be from my distress markers.
I pulled out a couple colors that i thought would coordinate well with this and attested. I just you scribbled on a piece of scrap paper just to kind of make sure that it was going to look okay. So the ones.
Im going to use on is the shabby shutters and then im also going to be using the worn lipstick. So i have this a piece of scratch paper underneath here just to kind of catching it over spray and the idea. Whats going to happen how this is going to be revealed on the card is when i curl this these two pages these two of corners back.
Youre going to see this underneath. And so im going to be doing them stencil on this piece here and then im going to matt. The sentiment of happy mothers day.
So let me go ahead and get my stencil out. And i know this is cherry blossoms and it probably should be some kind of sort of traditional color. But you know im going to make it what i want because thats you know thats the fun part of it the crafting so you can see here.
Theres like you know the birds and some different luggage you can only see because the i took it out. But you can see theres like birds up here and then you know the actual cherry blossom. So i think im going to do is have just the edge of the bird kind of appear like that actually now im going to do this do more the tree since im going to be putting.
Im a sentiment you know in this area here. Id rather have more of the tree showing so this is the spritzer and thats what it looks like and then you just unscrew this a little bit here you can see the screw the tighter you squeeze it in you can see this group popping up more and you just loosen it up this a little bit like that and then you stick your marker. In and what you want to do is use the brush tip of your marker.
And then it just goes right inside. Here. And you actually hold up this way so let me do it this way and then you want this to go just towards on the very.
Where the nib of the pen let me zoom in here. So you can see what im doing sorry friend do this with one hand here. The student you want to put this on the nib.
Its on the very end of the air barrel. There and then just kind of you know gently squeeze the little screw at the top here is what im doing and its kind of hard because i you know still my fingers are still not back kind of percent from having hand surgery over this year. So its new not as difficult as it might be looking and then the pan is in there securely let me zoom back out actually leave it symptoms you can see.
And then just make sure i have my paper lined up square. I slightly have ocd you guys so i tend to repeat things. A couple times like triple checking that things are where theyre supposed to be which is kind of crazy because i do like to yeah.
I think when youre creative you just kind of go on a whim and do what you want and i do that as well. But sometimes im a little repetitive on things like that anyway more than any prior. One to know so here is im just going to go ahead and just kind of just with a gentle squeeze kind of start spritzing you can see that the marker is starting to go through through the stencil and the darker.
You know the maurice concentrated area of course you know then and more color. Youre going to get so. Im just going to kind of do this a little bit of pattern.
Im trying to kind of stay over the flowers. More and not so much over the leaves. So when i go back in with that field or scuze.
Me thats shabby shudders. Then um. You know i can do that i can have that accent and green in there this is actually pretty get there beforehand to be honest with you because i can certainly feel that pulling there so there is that i think im going to stop there maybe do a little bit it youre just going to get a little color.
And i have no idea. This is going to look so if this parts of the video. Then you guys.
I liked it if not that im going to take it out so im just going to enter this really quickly put in shabby shudders and again. Its using the brush tip is what you want to use and then im going to do this over here off camera just real quick because you guys already saw me do it once its a little bit easier for me to hold it if i do it like that okay and then also just another tip. You dont want to squeeze.
This the screw so tight that this nut your nib is pressing against the air nozzle because thatll ruin your brush tip. So im just going to put my hands back down. Kind of go over with the chevy shutters here and go over the leaves.
Part and if i get some of the green onto the pink. I think thats completely fine because just some more contrast and yeah. This is pretty fun.
I was really excited to give this a try when i saw tim holtz demoing. It at ch a i watched noel hymens and every year they have cj i always watch our videos because she does a fantastic job of showcasing whats new and whats coming up at a cj and she visits all the booths and the vendors and i think thats great because it really feels like youre there. Which is on my bucket list to 10 cj someday now since i have some branches in there i probably use a bit of brown.
I didnt pick one out beforehand. So it can be just a sec here look for my from frayed birla. I think im trying to push quitter real quick in just a second you guys.
Im going to check this and make sure just going to look okay not too brown. Thats gonna be too dark. Want that lets see whos sorry for that noise um lets use the yemenis.
This oldest one here this one looks great this is an old paper is that one because i dont want the brown to be too much i want it to be this kind of a accent. Because i dont really have a lot of brown going on on the project. So just screwing.
The next marker in here. So give me just a second all right so now im just going to go back over where the branches are and just kind of add a little bit of color. Theyre just on those lines and hopefully it shows up okay.
I see the ink kind of moving around on my stencil. So im hoping its not doing that underneath the stencil. But you know its like i said we shall see what it looks like here and im not worrying about too much on the bottom left corner because im going to be im pudding.
Yeah. Thats going to be underneath that coat paper and im going to go back over really quickly one more time with more of the pink. The worn lipstick.
I should say because i see a couple spots. I didnt get real dark concentrations. I really want to have that mark in there i need to put my marker.
Notice a little bit more very cool. So i dont know how many of you that have watched the video. If you guys have used this new tool yet or not but if you have you know leave me a comment and let me know what your thoughts are on it.
This is my first time to actually use it i was going to do a video of me using it the very first time. But i really need to get these cards going. And i wanted to play with it ive had it for a couple weeks to sit in my craft table.
Im like okay i need to get this else i can play with it so that is what im doing so ok. I think were good might be a few spots that arent totally discovered. But thats okay because kind of that fade look a little bit night like that all right so get my cat back on my pen real.
Quick. And then well go ahead and take the stencil off and see how it turned out so i just grabbed it over here and carefully lift up i think that is so freaking awesome. I love that that is so cool this is whats left in the stencil and you course can flip it over on a piece of paper which i will do because i dont like to waste my markers.
And that kind of thing. Im just get a piece of scratch paper here real quick let me just do a little quick press and actually okay. There thats that so now this is what it looks like looks really cool.
I think thats so pretty i love that im really going to be using this tool. A lot i think it turned out really awesome. So im go ahead and kind of dry that its a little bit my heat tool and then i go ahead and get back working on the card.
So ill be back. When i have everything put together for you guys seeing a little bit. And here is the completed mothers day card again this one thats for my mother in law.
And im really happy with how this turned out i think its really super cute kind of did that curled rollback paper on the corner and then i did add a few extra things that i didnt share with you guys in the first part of the video. But again thats the creative process so let me share this with you really quickly then ill get to the details of the card. So i end up using some of the silver pearls from queen and company on the corners and the sentiment and abusing was the happy mothers day which came from the close to my heart collection for the stamping.
I used archival ink in jet black and then for some of the trim. The lace is just a bit of lace that i have left over from another project. I didnt i dont remember who its from i used some lindy sprays on it to kind of you know make it match the colors of the card and then from the seasons bundle from three girl jam it comes with the summer sprinkles halloween harvest and christmas candy and what i did with this one is ended up using the im halloween harvest and im going to polish real quick because the mailman is coming to my door and hes going to knock.
And its going to make my dog barks. Oh give me just one second okay back sorry about that he was delivering some crafty goodies. So im really excited so ill be doing a video of that later and lets see each and the flowers.
I ended up using um from three different bunches actually actually for we take that back so i used these two i bought from the same zibbet store online. This is from mon ami gabi as well as these are for mon ami gabi. So i use a combination of those for flowers and then for the markers.
As you guys saw in the process video of how i did this densely underneath here again. Ill to share through really quickly. Im the worn lipstick old paper and then shabby shedders for the distress markers that i used and then for the sprays that i use the ones.
I shared in the first part of the video. But this ones a different one scintillating silver from the glitz spritz from lenny stamp. King.
And i also use the brush nickel is trying to find it i already put it back. But the brushed nickel. I ended up using this one on this larger on blue or flower right here.
And then for the ink around the edge of the papers fraid burlap distress ink and then for the actual card stock from websters pages the two pages i pulled out to use this is from brandon oneil and im trying to see what the collection is all about me its from that card kit. I shared with you guys and then the other one is the same one um. Its that youre beautiful.
Which is also from brandon oneills collection so those are the two pieces of card stock as well as the dcwv just kind of a silver grey card stock for the matting and i think that is everything i use oh and i used a couple leaves too and some spray. So some of these sprays and then i used im a couple of these leaves right here let me share the card up close here for you guys so i guess again just curl the paperback. Did some matting added some of the pearls in the corners.
Just to kind of you know ground the car a little bit and then just tied some of that lace around of course. I didnt wrap it all the way around cuz. Id be a waste because you wont see it so i just snipped it off and taped on the backside.
This is my little cluster of flowers and leaves and you can see that crinkle ribbon from three girl jam right. There the halloween harbors thats one of my favorites and then you can see i used the lindys scintillating silver over the entire front of the card. And some different color sprays and that i shared the first part of the video on the smaller flowers as well and then a pier have a little cluster of some leftover that bit of lace that id stained with some different earth cerise using that same but sprayed with some of the lindys and then this is another one of those bigger flowers and then i detect some of the pearls in there does the kind of thought look kind of pretty to do that.
And this wasnt quite so flat with just that stencil back there. Which is i think is turned out really cute you guys can see that there so that was a lot of fun to use my end. A little marker.
Mr. Or what does he call it. March or spritzer excuse.
Me for the first time. So. That was a lot of fun using an application and you guys can seal the dimension of course.
I love that this of course is not being put in the mail. My mother in law lives about 45 minutes away. But my husband works where she lives so hes going to be taking this to her else.
I never would have made it obviously this chunky because that would be crazy to male cuz. Id have to you know mel it as a flat rate instead of just a regular letter and then this is the inside just did some more of the same background paper in the matting leftover scraps from the front part of the project. Just added the last bit of that lace that i had and stained it use my tiny attacher.
I always do it in spots of three because i like that and then thats the car. So i think it turned out really super cute. I think my mother was really gonna love it and you guys how its going to look when i standing up and then from the sides of course.
I love that curl just kind of a fun dimension and kind of a fun way to create a different theme card for her so this one is my mother in law. So you guys stay tuned for my next video. Which is going to be about my moms card.
And i cant post these till after mothers day because they both watch and follow me on social media. And i dont want them to see the cards before theyre given. So this is going to be posted you know either monday or tuesday.
Because i have to wait for my husband to give his to his mom so anyway. And im going to go ahead and get started on my moms card now. So if you guys have any questions or anything or what is the longer process video.
Im using the little tool from tim holtz. The marker spritzer let me know leave me a comment or send me an email to scrapping abby at gmail com. Im more than happy to answer any questions or do another video.
If you guys would like so happy crafting and ill see you next time. .

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