MOVING OUT at 19 | telling PARENTS \u0026 the URGE to be on your own.

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Whats up guys welcome back to my channel and she girl kindled beat. I im recording outside because i need to get some fresh air. Its beautiful here so today.
Were gonna be talking about the urge to move out at a young age you guys know im moving out my moms at 19 and im currently back now. But i did we got at 19 and i moved out for two years now i posted a video about it this video right here and im constantly getting questions about it so as you guys know i didnt move out at 19. And i moved out of my moms house for two years you know two years.
I did it on my own everything was fine. But i wanted to talk about that the urge that you get right before youre about to because that urge is real and thats when sometimes things can get a little messy okay when it comes like leaving your parents and not listening to your family. And only listening to yourself and taking that action because you want to move out so im gonna explain how i felt because im pretty sure that if youre wanting to move out is kind of similar.
But like i said. I was 19 or 18 years old and i on my own. Ive always been you know the person that likes to be in the room by theirselves.
I dont like to talk to people that much i love my alone time and im more so in summary. So i just love being on my own. I love being by myself yes.
Well yeah. When you have the urge to move out youre not listening to anything. And when i have my mind made up i had my mind made up so i just feel like it would be right for me.
I felt like i needed to be alone. I thought i could do this you know i got a job. Im getting paid pretty good and even if i was like i told you guys.
I was not getting paid enough to be able to sustain myself. But when i have on my set i went out i was im gonna do anything and my power to get get this apartment to be able to move out so thats what i was getting like two and three jobs not two and three getting one job and then i got another job just to meet that quota then i was blessed with a job to knock both of those out the thing and just get paid from that one job. But like i said when you are determined nobody can stop that when you know what you want nobody can get in the way no snow deadlines.
No setbacks. No cancellations no parents no family nobody stopping it so thats a hundred percent how i was going with this so yeah. I had it made up in my mind that i was moving out.
And that this would be good for me roommate or not so i initiated it i started looking and i told my parents that i was looking i let my family members know that i was looking friends and things like that and you know appreciate excitement from your friends.

how to tell your parents you re moving out-0
how to tell your parents you re moving out-0

And you get excitement from mmm not so much i know my family they werent relay. Oh. My gosh yeah youre moving out.
There. Im also like okay. Kendall are you sure about this you know its fine easy paying bills.
Its not fun to be you know on your own. I hope you can do this i really think you should stay home a little longer you know you need to be with your mom a little bit. Longer youre really young you kind of hear that a lot youre really young and once you get 18 yes youre young.
But you have the power to do anything that you want once youre. 18. Just about except for like drinking by murillos clearly because they raise the age of but when youre 18.
You can make decisions like that and thats when its time for you to figure out your life. Because you just got out of high school and youre just trying to find yourself so sometimes you have to do things no matter. What nobody else says just to see for yourself.
And just to learn for yourself hey. This is what i had to do to learn for myself. And i want to share with you guys so i started looking.
I told my parents or my family. This is what im working on im planning on moving out. And i would show them apartment from time to time.
But after a while i just didnt really like the feedback. I was getting back from others because im very stubborn and i dont like criticism or i dont like anybodys opinion. If its not what i want to hear thats very bad.
But im working on that im learning to accept. Other opinions that was me at 18 and 19. I didnt want to hear nothing if it wasnt going with my plan.
Which is moving so i would get annoyed when i wouldnt get the reaction.

how to tell your parents you re moving out-1
how to tell your parents you re moving out-1

I wanted so im like you know im not gonna talk to anybody else about it im not gonna update anybody else or move in dates move out dates this is just something that i want and im gonna work on and when its done then ill announce it because when im focused on something. And when im working start something i really want i like to announce it when its done because you know you have setbacks in the way. You have people that can try and d tearing you and doubt you to make you doubt yourself.
And then the plan dont go through so i just decided to wait till. It was officially time for me to move out like almost a day i might move out and im like okay knocking announce it now i can share it with other people if you like it or not this is what happened. This is what i did im moving out if youre happy with me or if youre not and some people are saying.
Oh dont burn bridges. I saw a few comments. People saying.
You really shouldnt act like that when it comes to your parents and when it comes to moving out. But what do you mean act right act like what toys your parents were eight. So you can make your own decisions and your parents should understand that you have to experience things to learn my parents understand thats why they sat back and they let me did what i was doing just to see for myself.
That okay you want to jump out there in the real world go ahead. And do it. So my parents sat back and just let me do what i did they werent trying to like force me to stay or like force me to do anything because youre youre you cant force a 18 year old to do anything honestly truly when they have the power to drive their car out and find you some places and drive their car inside means.
Lisas like i have the power to do it you really cant stop them. So that was it really like a thing. Our parents werent like oh youre not going to move out if you have the option and you want to i suggest you take the option if you want to and if you feel like you can really do it you take it you experience it experience moving out experience paying bills and see if thats something that you can do that you can sustain yourself and still live happy and still be free.
I got something up here its the day of moving out and that was it. But the thing was like my attitude towards my parents wasnt sour. It wasnt like oh i hate yall.
Im moving out no. I i mean that was a part of like me tired of being told. What to do and want to be on my own.
Thats a part of one that move out wanting to be on your own. So of course. I was getting tired up here my parents say this and of course.
I was getting tired of up here and saying that but that was me wanting to be on my own.

how to tell your parents you re moving out-2
how to tell your parents you re moving out-2

There was no eel eel taste my mouth without my parents saying. Oh i hate them i gotta get away from that im never gonna see them again. I dont need their help i hate my family girl no i love my family.
I cannot you know i never move far away from them. And i never went to college far with a bit like almost everything to me. So dont misconstrue in that video thinking that im saying.
Oh. If my parents i dont need them no baby. I need them parents i need them here in the moment.
I probably was like i dont care. Im leaving yall. You get on my nerves.
But i was never like oh i hate them f them im moving because of them im moving because i wanted to that was my reasoning. But this is real life you know some people may have that feeling of where they really do hate their parents aint really doing get away baby. Do what she want to do its all about you in this life.
Thats all about you anything that you want to do anything that you feel like you need to experience to be happy or to make yourself happy or to make yourself grow you do that dont care. What nobody gotta. Say dont consider anybodys feelings in that process.
Its about you thats whats wrong we always gonna worry about what somebody else thinks family or thoughts. If theres something you want you going out because we only have one life to live baby okay you better tell them kendall baby. But yeah.
Thats basically im singing and i did need help from my parents after i even moved out because i told yall. Not dont dont say okay. Im gonna move out.
I got on my own and then when you move out you need your parents help you pay rent and stuff and help you to buy groceries now baby. If you got to do that then dont move out move out when youre really ready like im not saying. When you got a little bit of money to pay rent.
Know when youll be good paying rent.

how to tell your parents you re moving out-3
how to tell your parents you re moving out-3

When youll be good fighting them groceries. When youll be good paying them extra fees. When youll be good dealing with car maintenance.
I happens out of nowhere. The tire a broken our broken door you need to have money. Plus.
Some to move out dont move out and you aint got no money because then youre gonna need your parents and if you had that eel wheel tourist on my oath to get my parents but dont need it then baby who gonna help you when youre gonna need help you gonna need help youre gonna need help at some point in time. So dont ever have that attitude tourists. Anybody that you think would help you especially family because there was a time when i needed help and as much as i hate asking for help like i never used to come on my mask.
Hey. I need a little extra for hey mom. I need 50 for this no baby.
Ive been period. I can make more money so it was one time where my my bank money was frozen. This was a lot of little spiders customers my bank money was frozen.
I had no access to any of my money and i had rent to pay the next day or the next weekend. So i had to buckle down. And i had to ask my mom hey please could you please help me out could you and daddy please help me pay my rent and they did you know.
But you dont want to over exert that and you dont want to do that a lot and that only happened because i literally couldnt access our money and i paid them right back. But its just like you dont want to burn bridges with family because youre gonna youre gonna need help at some times. Especially if youre young so yeah.
Thats just what i wanted to say about this i didnt want people to get the wrong idea of moving out at a young age because it is its really not like people say. Its not that easy i mean. Its not that easy.
But it wasnt that hard its common sense. You know you got this place you have bills to pay at the first at a month. If theres something extra you want to the apartment you gotta pay like its just common sense.
So i wouldnt say. It was hard you just gotta have that cash thats it this one yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching dont forget to smash that like button and be sure to subscribe and check out my moving out video.
If you havent seen it i have a lot of videos about moving out at 19 if this is your first video for kindle knees. Yeah see you guys in my next video bye beautiful music .

how to tell your parents you re moving out-4
how to tell your parents you re moving out-4

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