Munchkin Secure Grip Waterproof Diaper Changing Pad Review

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Friends to our channel. Where research world over for interesting unique products and gifts. I im alex i was together we are alex and my dachshund.
Liz today. We reviewing the munchkins secure grip waterproof diaper changing pad sighting day excellent product 2999. It could be yours.
5. Star rating. Feel like an auctioneer 184 reviews on target target boy.
We love target get into the features okay. So on the back.

munchkin contour foam changing pad-0
munchkin contour foam changing pad-0

Here. The part that would go on a dresser or changing table. Its got these nice blue grips.
So that this doesnt slide very easily. Its got a safety strap. So this comes around you can strap your child in there.
I thought that was super. Me one wrap it to the table. But its not like a dresser.
I can see its a child staying in there with that one strap you will go with it its got the contoured sides so thats kind of a nice feature to that if they are kind of rolling. They cant get too far.

munchkin contour foam changing pad-1
munchkin contour foam changing pad-1

Its easy to wipe surface. So im just gonna take this cover off here waterproof your white easy to clean. So then just a little added thing that we put on there because i dont know how comfortable you know sold separately sold separately.
So this is by cloud island. Actually well i know they have a lot of different ones. But this pretty much the changing pad can fit a lot of these different covers sold just but this was about 1499.
Sure okay and it cost yeah. But this also is waterproof on the inside here so its easy to clean and then its soft on the outer layer sure so not totally im sorry. But my wife likes to party yeah it looks pretty lets get into the pros.
I mean the contoured sides. Theyre not gonna roll off safety first.

munchkin contour foam changing pad-2
munchkin contour foam changing pad-2

Yeah. Weve never had a man in our baby roll off. Not that ive told you yet easy to clean waterproof um.
Its got the line of those safety features with a strap. The side the cover comes off easily you may want two of these just in case you know if youre washing you can do that you can wash these in the machine wash well actually you didnt write this down. But very portable i mean take it anywhere well its its lightweight portable portable and then you know whats comfortable its its a night its firm.
But its still its yeah. But it still would be you know comfortable nice mattress it fits. Most changing tables or dressers really we have a dresser that our sits on and its just like the perfect width for those smaller dressers you know i could see how you might want it a little smaller for a smaller baby.
But yeah were getting picky now yeah. And youre gonna get pickier.

munchkin contour foam changing pad-3
munchkin contour foam changing pad-3

With your one con here. Yeah. What and i i didnt notice this.
But some people tell that it smells bad at first like you like the mattress itself. And we never we never noticed that i think they deserved the five star rating. Yeah ive used this often were gonna continue to use it yep we use it sometimes even just not as like a changing table.
But we would just set them on it so that you know they were in one place. If they were kind of rolling a little bit more and yep well were getting ready or something just lay them on there with toys and its kind of what are we gonna rate it owe it to a strange. Were gonna give it a 10 10 out of 10.
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Give tastic that gifts yeah. Im working today thank you .

munchkin contour foam changing pad-4
munchkin contour foam changing pad-4

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