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Toys hit it fizzy my little pony is uh some sauce my little pony is is awesome sauce yeah welcome to the fizzy toy show check it out oh we a beautiful princess celeste yeah. Im a pedo surprise egg. Miss hands lets get to the surprises inside open it up open up hi.
Everyone welcome to the 50 toys show and welcome to our big. My little pony show we have princess celestia on our play doh surprise egg. So this egg is full of surprises and we have some mystery minis to open up before we even get to the egg.
Lets dig right in check out the box. We only need four more to complete our collection whoo. Im hoping its either princess.
Celestia cadence. Spike or princess. Luna.
Lets see who we got ah. It is princess luna. Ray.
She is a new on for collection of series three mystery minis look how pretty she is in purple. Shes all kinds of translucent down. Here look at her whoa of course.
Her cutie mark. Oh. She is awesome.
And shes a new one hey that was a great way to start lets dig into our other mystery. Mini alright. We dont want any duplicates and we have a lot already so we say fizzy with zeebo busybox and we have it feels like a big one lets see oh my goodness is well hello.
Princess celestia. Nice of you to show up to the show oh look at her she looks gorgeous. Oh.
I love all the colors and her mane and tail. Her awesome cutie mark look at her her crown. Oh.

my little pony egg surprise-0
my little pony egg surprise-0

My goodness. She is a gorgeous pony and here. She is and all purple a to glory look at that man whoohoo.
But sadly we have to take her off the egg to get to the rest of the surprises. Inside check it out it is jam packed full of surprises. You know how we opened these with a karate thats right with a karate minion chap.
One two three karate chop. That was like in slow motion all right lets just jump right in here and start with my little pony blind bag. Lets see what we got inside and we have boom thats a flash.
She loves watching the clouds whoa look how pretty she is i love her color. Shes like a green kind of teal blue color. She has her lightening bolts as a cutie mark and she takes off this guy check this out whoa stick impress on blink um.
Who do we have inside its rainbow dash. This is called a light up yazell yeah. Though so check this out whoa rainbow dash.
Youre looking so fancy you can peel this off and stick it right on your shirt. We take a break from my little pony and take a look at this unicorn. Oh series 4 whoo.
I hope we get a new one whoa. It is a new one for us oh. I love all the colors.
Its so colorful just like celestia. It is can can look at how awesome can can is a golden horn. A gold star.
So many colors in its mane. Oh. What a cool one lets go ahead with another mystery mini.
So we just need spike and princess cadance. Lets hope we get one of them all right it feels big it doesnt feel like a spike. Im hoping.

my little pony egg surprise-1
my little pony egg surprise-1

It is going to be a colorful little princess cadance. Looking. Good looking good.
Oh oh. My goodness look at her. Shes all in black.
And then she has her awesome colors whoa look how cool she is theres her cutie mark. Now. I did get a full case of these so im hoping nobody switched out any boxes and then we get spike.
Because that means. We will have a complete series three collection whoa all right it is time for some shopkins season. Four who will we get oh my goodness we got a new one well i spoke too soon actually we do not have a new one this is edgar eggcup and i thought we only had it in white.
But we do have it in pink. Oh. Its such a cute one though and from party time we have marty a party hat looking so festive uh.
Oh. I love his little hat check this out guys. I got a happy meal surprise and its an old surprise whoa.
Its princess celestia haha. How cool is that now i got her a couple months ago. And i forget what toy.
I was trying to collect at the time and when i opened it up i was surprised to see her because shes from last summer. So you can rainbow fire with these stickers thats so awesome now they only put two different colors in her mane and tail. Lets see the tail is pink and purple her mane is pink and blue they have her cutie mark her crown.
She looks pretty cute doesnt she alright time for something new that i just found at target. These are called crystal. Surprise babies and they look so cute.
Theres so many different ones you can get lets see who our first crystal. Surprise baby is oh my goodness. Its a little bit smaller than i was expecting but whoa the little locket almost looks like its real crystal look how they cut it these are super cute if you want to see more let me know in the comments down below.

my little pony egg surprise-2
my little pony egg surprise-2

It looks like locket made some cutie mark crusader friends. We have them rads candy dispenser. These are so much fun last time.
I opened one we got this one. It was the secret limited edition spike. So lets see we get this time.
I think you have fluttershy. I see pink and yellow. We do now its hard to pick.
But i think fluttershy maybe my favorite pony whatever ahh so to put the candy in you twist the hair heres the little hole heres our bag of candy and then you just pour it in and try not to spill them everywhere. And then you put the hair back on give it a good twist. And slaw candy.
Lets see that candy action. Again. Yeah.
Oh really really oh. We have a squishy pop. Feel.
Like i havent opened a squishy pop in forever. Lets see who we got im hoping for a pony not just a charm. The charms are cute.
But ponies are so much more fun is that yellow. I see again could it be another fluttershy. No it was orange and yellow whoa.
We have applejack this applejack is so cute look at her with your little cutie mark. And youll see she go squishy pop squishy pop squishy pop. So i just found this.
I was calling our little cristal surprise baby lock it because well theres a locket in it looks pink. It turns out the one we got is beans all right last. But not least.

my little pony egg surprise-3
my little pony egg surprise-3

We have our final mystery mini can we get spike visit was it boba zip pop come on spike. We need you here goes nothing. Oh.
It is by grey mike doesnt want to come out of the bag. Oh spike. Ive been waiting so long for you so our collection of series.
Three. My little ponies is complete. Hey.
Oh. Ive been really looking forward to getting spike. He is so adorable.
Miss annes put a fun my little pony show yes. It was busy whos your favorite today congested rcf course whos yours miss hands mine would be spike haha guys if you like my little pony and you enjoyed this video please give it up thumbs up in the end. Like you just dont care and if you havent already subscribe to scratchy scratchy scratchy fab.
Oh. I can show you my little pony and more cool toys. Ok bye bye.
What oh good well while you relax lets check out the shopkins ultimate beauty collection. rms and it didnt leak. But im anticipating that it would under heavy rain.
However its a nice little tent for the price. And it would be really great just individual quarters set up you could put two people in there comfortably. Its supposed to be six man thats if theyre youre not using utilizing that floor space for anything else.
But i would rather just keep these as individual quarters under the circumstances or maybe double up. But that would be the most people out try to stick into this thing maybe use one of those bunk beds cot bunk bed systems in here might work pretty good for a couple of people but other than that im not sure if theres anything else to add to this video. I know that when i tested the air conditioner in here.
If i dont have that ive got one of those single hose portable air conditioners. If i dont have part of that single hose air conditioner turned into a double hose itll start just collapsing the tent trying to suck air into it its pretty amazing to watch. I forgot to videotape it but its amazing to watch this tent the floor and everything just start just vacuum itself into the middle.
There alright lets see i think thats all for this little video. This is unit 13. Im out .

my little pony egg surprise-4
my little pony egg surprise-4

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